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RESOUNDING SCROLLS. What a name for a prayer project! I just think that’s something Ed Watts might come up with. Or Jamie Fitt. Or the ‘soul man’ of the prayer movement himself, James Nesbit. 

However… surprisingly, it was me.

Something changed in my life during the Crown & Throne tour. Worshiping the Lord for two weeks straight with Throne Room songs and sounds greatly expanded my heart, to the extent I’m really feeling the void. Especially now that my ears have stopped ringing…

Resounding a New Move of God
His new move is very much centered on new sounds and songs. Heaven’s scrolls are being perceived, and they are being resounded in the earth! This is governmental, in a Tabernacle of David kind of way. It literally shakes Heaven and earth. When you experience the substance, your spirit resounds within. 

Further, something just happens when breakthrough worshipers encounter the Lord together. We become connected, united. Joined somehow before the Throne to the extent we move as one.

Lamplighter family, we experience this on our calls each week. And fueled by your prayers, our team grew together and was crowned together. We overcame challenges. We celebrated each other’s victories. And I couldn’t be more prouder or pleased.

Glory Train—Next Phase Released
For Jolene and me, this tour marked the beginning of the next phase of the Glory Train journey. 

In 2016, we together received God’s turnaround for our nation. in 2017, the Lord made clear we were to focus on the restoration of His glory. This tour, retracing the steps of King David as he restored the Ark of the Covenant, bore witness to this work on a global level. 

Above: Bonnie Jones prophesies “Ichabod Erased.”

From Charlotte to Shiloh—Ichabod Erased!
Remember we personally began this tour with Bonnie Jones on March 11, the date to the day that her husband Bob Jones had perceived “Ichabod” would be rescinded from our nation and the glory of God would begin to be restored. It happened to be the first night of Purim. We launched that night from Charlotte to Israel for the tour. 

During the gathering with Bonnie, she shared prophetically that “Ichabod” had been erased, with “glory” written in its place. I knew immediately this was a verdict from Heaven’s Court. 

We were eager to “approach the bench” governmentally during our conference in Jerusalem—for our nation, for Israel, for the nations. But I was restrained by the Spirit from moving forward. Only when we journeyed to Shiloh, where the Ark of the Covenant originally rested and then was sent into captivity, did I feel released to decree this verdict governmentally.

Lamplighter family, we had just prayed into this verdict together hours earlier, in one of our most powerful weekly calls ever. Releasing for the first time the “Purim Verdict—from Ichabod to Governmental Glory”

Below: Jon & Jolene with team at Shiloh.

Receiving the Scrolls
Words of this verdict had began to form in my spirit as we flew to Israel on the first night of Purim. That’s when I first realized the Lord wanted it articulated. In other words, He was offering a scroll to record and resound. 

But like an out of focus picture, I couldn’t precisely perceive its contents. Only after praying in the Spirit for a while did the concepts and mandates come together with His clarity. And they expanded beyond what I ever could have imagined. 

I’m sharing this with you because the Lord wants to release His scrolls to you as well. Receiving them is a step of faith. Perceiving the contents requires constant interaction before the Throne, seeking and checking and rechecking. In a world of haste, we are required to wait on Him. Wait until His clarity comes.

Inquire. Contemplate. Every effort will be greatly multiplied as you pray in the Spirit until you sense God’s breakthrough. Note that it also helps greatly to have a top notch team contending with you and praying for you, like Bill and Marlene Brubaker and the Lamplighter family. James Goll too. We are grateful to take this journey with you!

Above: Shofar sounds at Tel Megiddo

Israel Tour—Eight Scrolls
The overarching assignment God called us to on the Crown and Throne tour was simply to bear witness to the restoration of His glory. So much occurred. I can’t wait to hear perspectives from Jamie, Ed, James and many of you on tonight’s call. Here are eight overarching “scrolls” we felt were released with governmental impact.

  1. The Crown & Throne movement was itself released at a higher level, and with greater union, from Jerusalem to the nations. Honor paved the way. The Spirit’s clear emphasis was governmental worship resounding Heaven’s scrolls. 
  2. Ichabod to glory—from Charlotte to Shiloh as shared above. Releasing a movement establishing “Thrones of Glory” in Israel, America and the nations.
  3. Crowning the Vav was released at the Zion Gate and the City of David. The Lord affirmed the release of His “Crowned Vav” movement to His people so supernaturally. We prayed for you—for the crowning of your covenant commitment with His glory and government!
  4. Turning of the Bride. At Mount Carmel, the Lord gave Jolene a vision of God turning the Bride towards His Son. Jamie Fitt really picked up on this, and the prophetic vision was spontaneously resounded by the team. Fire came as the altar stones connected for His glory! 
  5. Spontaneous Union—China and the US. Ed Watts led us to the Zion Gate, where he had driven in a “vav” two years previously. A delegation of Chinese believers had met him then, as was prophesied, and they together drove in the vav. Would you believe the same tour guide from two years previous “happened to be” leading a delegation of Chinese believers at the exact time we returned? Can’t make this up! East and west joined together to see God “crown the vav.” I believe this forerunning action is now greatly impacting our respective governments.
  6. Freedom for Syria. Our time of worship and declaration is still reverberating across the boundaries from Israel’s border with Syria.
  7. Drain the Swamp. Declaring governmentally over Washington DC from the place literally known as Armageddon. The view of the Jezreel Valley showed us the potential for harvest as the swamp is drained. Tel Megiddo will never be the same!
  8. The Apostolic Gospel comes full circle. This became clear during powerful worship at Caesarea, the ancient port where the Apostle Paul was imprisoned before being sent to Greece then Rome. James Nesbit drove a stake into the ground, welcoming Messiah’s return in honor to His covenant land. Setting the stage, by the way, for a significant governmental journey. Next year, from Rome to Jerusalem…

Above: Team at Mt. Olives, overlooking Temple Mount & Jerusalem

Resounding Heaven’s Scrolls
I believe our 100 day “Resounding Scrolls” prayer project has been ordered by God to build upon the release of this movement to our nation. It’s why the commissioning dream featured the Jezreel Valley juxtaposed with Washington DC. God called us to take the land.

So far we covered receiving God’s scrolls of real-time prophetic revelation. In a moment we’re going share a bit more on resounding them.

But lets keep first things first. Jesus is the Word of God. It’s important to note that the most consistent and impacting revelation comes when Jesus the Word magnifies His word from the Word. A scripture leaps off the page and resounds within your being. A verse you’ve read a thousand times suddenly explodes with meaning and becomes the answer to your biggest question. The scrolls resound!

So lets close with a scriptural example where the saints of God release real-time prophetic revelation by quite literally resounding their vision in the earth, with a new song. Revelation 5 gives the clearest view of the spontaneous symphony which even now resounds Heaven’s scrolls. It’s the very passage from which the Crown and Throne movement is derived.

And when he had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song, saying,

“Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation, 10 and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth” (Revelation 5:8-10).

Resounding scrolls. What a name for a prayer project…