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FIRST—PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! Postings today and tomorrow will give you great insight to accelerate your intercession. My request is that you diligently cover every aspect, beginning now. Today beginning at 11:30 am through tomorrow, President Trump and Amb. Sam Brownback are launching a tremendous global initiative on religious freedom at the United Nations. This is at the very same time we are preparing for potential war with Iran after the Shia muslim nation attacked rival Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of Sunni Islam. 

Religious freedom, religious war. Note that we are in the final week leading to Rosh Hashanah and the ten Days of Awe. Our friend Lori Perz will share more on that tomorrow. But now through the Days of Awe it is tradition to seek the face of God for a better verdict from the Throne for ourselves, and for our nation. Given the challenges we face, and the opportunities at our grasp, this ancient Hebrew tradition must become our imperative.

Blood Moon—Third Year of Cyrus
Lets begin with the emphasis the Lord gave our community at the beginning of the new year. January 21 marked the third anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. The midnight hour which initiated this new day was marked by an unprecedented blood moon in the sky over Washington DC. 

A blood moon. Amazingly, the eclipse became full at exactly 12:12am. 

And a scripture from Daniel previously emphasized by the Lord to us suddenly came to life. 

“In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel, who was named Belteshazzar; and the message was true and one of great conflict, but he understood the message and had an understanding of the vision” (Daniel 10:1).

We were preparing to share prophetically on the new year 2019 at Remnant Church when the Lord emphasized this passage to us. Jamie Jackson had arranged for us to stay at the home of a congregant—amazingly named Gabriel Speaks. Revelation poured forth. It was as if through the Book of Daniel, Gabriel literally began to speak. 

And our first priority became the emphasis on Daniel 10—chronicling the prayer movement which Daniel birthed during the third year of Cryus. Daniel’s 21 days of spiritual engagement saw the Prince of Persia restrained, and God’s angelic hosts released to catalyze breakthrough in many spheres, including a huge release of Throne Room revelation.

Since before the 2016 elections, Donald Trump has been prophesied as American Cyrus. God highlighted to Lance Wallnau and others Isaiah 45 for the 45th president. Like the biblical King Cyrus, God would take Trump by the hand and lead him. Nations would be subdued before him. The double doors would be opened. Israel and America would enter into an accelerated season of restoration.  “For the sake of Jacob My servant, and Israel My chosen one, I have also called you by your name; I have given you a title of honor though you have not known Me” (Isaiah 45:4).

The Cyrus Decree—Religious Freedom
President Trump today steps into the footprints of his biblical forefather Cyrus in a way he perhaps has not before. Of course, when Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel back in 2017, this process was accelerated dramatically. Because the Cyrus Decree, otherwise known as the Cyrus Edict or Cyrus Cylinder, decreed the restoration of the Jewish people from Persia back to their land as well as the restoration of the city of Jerusalem—including her walls and temple. 

But the restoration of Jerusalem under King Cyrus, and the repatriation of the Jewish people to Israel, was only part of a broader initiative articulated by the decree. At the core, it was the first prominent governmental decree on religious freedom. And it is exactly this human value President Trump will be focusing on as he addresses the nations today and tomorrow. 

“Cyrus’ declarations of tolerance, justice and religious freedom inspired philosophers and policymakers for centuries,” according to a Reuters article (click here to read). According to Neil MacGregor of the British Museum, quoted in the article, the Cyrus Decree “is a great statement about how a society thought about running itself. And to that extent it’s like the Magna Carta.” 

Trump at UN: Religious Freedom, Religious War
Of course, Cyrus ruled the Persian empire. Ancient Persia, modern Iran. Remember Shia Iran just blew up Saudi Arabia’s “crown jewel,” its processing facility for oil on a global basis. In light of this recent provocation of religious war from Shia Iran against predominantly Sunni Saudi Arabia and Sunni aligned nations, as well as Israel and America, it is absolutely profound that Trump is drawing on Cyrus’ legacy at this time. The “magna carta of religion” once trumpeted to humanity from Iran is being used as the global standard from which to invalidate the religious wars and persecutions of our time. 

Religious freedom, religious war. The battlefront to mitigate what could potentially become World War III is at the United Nations over the next few days. And America’s Cyrus now issuing a Cyrus Edict for our time. Nations and kingdoms are genuinely in the balance. Pray for the leaders of Iran. Please pray for President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Ambassador of Religious Freedom Sam Brownback, Pam Pryor and others.  

Please be fierce like Daniel. Together we can see the Prince of Persia restrained, and God’s freedom movement—including His movement of religious freedom—released.