Lamplighter Ministries mourns the passing of key prophetic voice John Paul Jackson yesterday. Jackson helped pioneer many aspects of prophetic expression such as dream interpretation and prophetic evangelism. Please continue praying for his wife, his family, and Streams.

We have been given a treasure trove of wisdom and prophetic insight this week! Thanks to all who joined last night’s call with Bonnie Jones. For those of you who missed the call, I recorded it for you to enjoy and glean from. Below are a few key points Bonnie made.

Shekinah Glory—we are entering a season where the Lord is restoring His Shekinah glory in His people. It’s time to shine! Bonnie mentioned that Bob often saw himself as “one of the old lamp lighters who lit the city lights each night.” This deeply touched the hearts of two junior Lamplighters! Bonnie emphasized that yielding to the Lord is far more important than striving to accomplish. Let Him move and accomplish His work with and through you!

God as Father—Bonnie mentioned how her husband Bob perceived a progressive unveiling of God’s majesty and character over the past century. Azusa Street set the pace with the outpouring of Holy Spirit. In this move, our emphasis was drawn to the person and power of Holy Spirit. In the 1960s and 70s, the Jesus movement shifted the primary emphasis to the Son. And in the ensuing outpouring, the “third wave,” we will see an emphasis on God as Father, drawing His sons and daughters back to Him in a massive harvest of souls. Bob felt this “third wave” actually began on “Thanksgivukkah” 2013.

Purifying the Prophetic—Bonnie shared that the prophetic ministry is now being purified by the Lord. “Our greatest test is the might of God,” she shared. That as displays of God’s glory and power increase, we must keep the focus on Him instead of attempting to claim His work for our glory, fame or fortune. Bonnie clearly warned from Micah how lying spirits were once imparted to prophets that seemed to confirm a king’s desires. We must pursue the true word of the Lord from a heart of intimacy and purity of motive!

Window for Obama to Turn—Bonnie felt strongly that God is opening for President Obama a final window of opportunity to turn to Him. There was a significant weight of authority on this. I sensed both the heart of Jesus for the President, and an urgency of consequences if this window was again rejected or neglected.

And lastly…

The Glory Train is coming! Bonnie noted the significance of the Glory Train journey being released on Valentines Day, the same day she, Rick Joyner, family and friends dedicated a train station as the new “Bob Jones Vision Center.” On the property of Heritage, no less!

We are grateful for all of your insights and prayers as this journey unfolds to all of us. And may it always be said, authentically and from the heart, No King but Jesus!