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“IF we’re not supposed to be ignorant of devil’s adversarial blueprints,” James Goll mused Wednesday night, “then we must have the capacity to access his plans!”

And most preferably, before they come to pass. The truth of this statement was in full demonstration during our prayer call. Warning! What follows is a strategic-level prophetic intelligence report, encompassing prayer targets that involve significant spiritual engagement.

James wisely counseled us on this. “Some battles you are called to the front lines,” he said. “Sometimes called to bless those called to the front lines. Sometimes not your battle. You need to discern what you need to pick up.”

Really wise advice. That said, fire up those jet engines, and lets roll!

Overview—Iraq and ISIS
The unfolding Iraq war itself is a boiling cauldron—and the Kurdish people are facing an existential threat.

In forming the nation of Iraq, it probably wasn’t wise for western powers to cram together ethnic groups who had never in history done well together. Obviously they still don’t get along. Sunni Iraqis, frustrated from being marginalized by then-president Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, essentially invited ISIS in to invade and take over their nation.

According to James, Shias dominate much of southern Iraq, Sunnis reside in the middle of the nation, and Kurds dominate the upper portion. Their ethnic population also spans southern Turkey as well as northern Iraq, northeastern Syria and northwestern Iran.

“Ethnic violence related around radical Islam is now targeting not just Jews but Kurds,” said James. This is perhaps due to their well-known aspirations to frame out their own nation out of the lands in which they dwell. Another reason is the vast resources they steward. Most of the Iraqi oil fields are in the Kurdish region, and are overseen by the Kurds.

James pointed out that the Kurdish land is essentially the land of Daniel and Esther—historically known as Babylon. We are dealing with the same geography, and more importantly the same demonic spirit at work when Daniel served, prayed and prophesied.

ISIS—Chemical Warfare Targeting the Kurds
News broke yesterday of chemical warfare being used by ISIS against the Kurds, just as James had prophesied seven years ago.

A tragic history is repeating itself. “Saddam used chemical weapons against Kurds,” James noted, “and at least 100,000 were killed! His way to keep nation together… he made the Kurds submit by force.”

It’s important to note Saddam’s former generals are among the architects of ISIS’ brutal takeover of Iraq. And they are still intent on driving the Kurds out of the oil fields that they control.

Watch Southern Turkey Now!
In standing for the Kurds, James felt it was also imperative to pray for Turkey, and especially the nation’s leader, Recep Edrogan. “Turkey now raising its head, turning from being basically one of the US’s moderate allies,” he said. “Turkey is getting fearful because of the Kurds.”

For this reason, Turkey is preventing the Kurds from crossing over into northern Iraq and fighting alongside the Kurdish Iraqis now engaged by ISIS. Moreover Turkey has refused US requests to set up an airbase in Turkey, and also has refused to give military assistance to the Kurds fighting ISIS.

“Turkey is going to react,” James felt prophetically. “It’s going to get violent” apart from divine intervention. “They are going to react like a mother chicken trying to keep her chickens under wing. There could be a volatile act coming out of Turkey, maybe a firebomb from plane, bomb released, releasing terror and fear.”

As of now, “ISIS coming up from south to take Kurdish cities, and Turkey persecuting Kurds from north,” said James.

ISIS Riots Spread Across Europe, Targeting Kurds
The open hostility against the Kurds, directed by Turkish President Edrogan, is catching fire in Europe as well.

“ISIS riots spreading across Europe as Islamists clash with Kurdish supporters in Germany,” declared headlines from the UK Independent. Hamburg has been besieged by riots countering the demonstrations by Kurds against ISIS. “These are the most violent riots since World War II,” James Goll noted, “fueled by radical muslims against the Kurdish population of Hamburg.”

And according to James, “This is going to get repeated.”

Stop, Curtail, or Mitigate Through Prayer
Another word of wisdom. “Some things you can stop, some things  you can curtail, and some things you cannot stop” through prayer, James noted on the call. “Some things the enemy tries to bring forth prematurely, and we need to hem in enemy to thwart his effort. But lets make sure we are not in any presumptive warfare.”

Prophetic Intel—ISIS Seaport Strategy
Perhaps the most astounding part of the call was a prophetic warning about ISIS seeking to overtake a seaport. Remember we are not to be ignorant of what James called “the devil’s adversarial blueprints.”

“Last Saturday I lingered with the Lord, paused, rested,” James said. “Rest is the incubation bed of revelation, for the Spirit of revelation. So Saturday I was lingering. And a whole new thing was coming to me—one of the next plots or ploys to watch out for in dealing with ISIS.”

According to James, “I saw something before it happens, and I do not want it to happen. Territories and cities were lighting up with fire, but this was a distraction for another plan. They want a seaport.”

In pursuit of this goal, James saw how ISIS was planning to sweep through Syria and even cut a swath through Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea. “I saw in this troop of enemy darkness, dark flags, dark hats, marching through Syria and cutting Lebanon in half. One of the reasons they want seaport in Med is that is part of ISIS’ next major plot or plan.”

While eyes on other hot spots, distraction take swath through middle syria and want to cut lebanon in half, get a seaport. Another city lit up to me.

Five Prayer Points for Mideast
1. Watch the Kurds and protect them in prayer. They are being targeted and persecuted similar to the Jews—in Iraq with ISIS, in Turkey with potentially violent state protectionism, and even in Western Europe through ISIS allies.

2. Turkey needs hemmed in, a release of God’s peace even to the President, so the state does not react out of violent protectionism over Kurdish issues. Pray for songs of deliverance that will minister to the President in the same manner David’s harp ministered to Saul.

3. Pray Iran does not try to take advantage of the turmoil in Iraq. Iran is potentially seeking to take over the entire southern third of Iraq, which is primarily Shiite.

4. ISIS Seaport—watch and pray over the warning that ISIS is seeking to deploy through Syria and divide the nation of Lebanon in pursuit of a seaport.

5. Holy Spirit highlighted Aleppo, Syria to James. Potentially an ISIS target? Kurds apparently are very populous in the region.

The Royal Decrees
Finally—here’s a word of encouragement. The Lord spoke to James that “The Royal Decrees will topple the crazy giants in the land… and crazy hope will reign!”

Watch and pray to receive God’s specific Throne Room decrees in this hour. Scrolls from heaven await your intercession. Please agree in prayer with James’ proclamation:

“I speak there will come forth from out of Davids Tent strategic time hour where there is going to be Royal Decrees are going to be released in Jesus’ Name, to shut doors of trauma and terror in Jesus’ Name. I speak wisdom, revelation, dreams. It’s the Royal Decrees that will defeat the giants in the land, and crazy hope will reign! I release Royal Decrees that will topple giants and release crazy hope in the land.”