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First—please join us Friday evening for a special prayer call! We travel to Israel Saturday, and we really want to connect and pray with the Lamplighter family before departing.

Thank you for praying for Washington DC, for the Lord to protect our Capitol against ISIS last night! Friends your prayer are being answered even today—with signs following. And the Lord just gave a visual display of His word to us about 2016—that a limited window is opening for a turnaround.

It’s been really foggy all day. Amidst the fog, the 14th Street Bridge was shut down for almost two hours this afternoon due to a suspicious package on the highway. Note that this bridge spans the Potomac River near the Pentagon.

News also broke today of suspicious people traversing the Pentagon on Sunday.

While I was writing this post, the sun suddenly broke through. The fog began to lift. And a rainbow formed before our eyes, right by the Pentagon! This rainbow completely spanned the bridge that had just been shut down.

Stunning! At ACPE, the prophetic leaders gathered had just prayed for angelic hosts to be released to protect and defend Washington DC. We prayed for God to establish His covenant with the land. We prayed for the opening of this “turnaround window!” And I know many of you were thundering the very same prayers during last night’s call.

And the Lord of hosts saw fit to show us a sign. Breakthrough! Awakening! Covenant!

All I can say is, you cannot make this stuff up. Amen!