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Turning Point for our Nation
Today is election day, and Lamplighter Ministries encourages you to go and vote your conscience! All indications point to a seismic shift in direction for the nation, perhaps even more substantive than the 2010 mid-term elections.

Many states are trending conservative—and it even seems that many mainstream media outlets are now trending conservative. Stories ignored in the not-too-distant past are being reported, including stories about media outlets who ignored their own reporters who made alleged ‘hit lists’ by reporting these stories.

Did you follow that?

Any way, today is certainly a turning point for our nation. Let us remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this age and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places (Eph. 6:12).

No Toleration for Pharaoh Thrones
One of the most emphatic statements that must be made is that seats of authority tied to idolatry and corruption, and empowering subjugation and injustice, cannot be tolerated BY ANY PARTY.

I hope you hear this. Because honestly both parties have proven more than capable of trending towards this end. For real.

Here at Lamplighter we like to call these seats of authority “Pharaoh thrones.” And our declaration remains that the thrones of this nation belong to Jesus, and those who will empower His governance of freedom here and in the nations. No King but Jesus!

That said, it is time to quarantine Pharaoh—in whatever structures Pharaoh can be found. It is time not only to deal with those occupying the seats of authority, but the illegitimate ties in the spirit realm that influence these seats. The thrones behind the thrones.

Ebola, ISIS, and Pharaoh Thrones
Recently I felt a new authority from God’s Throne to declare an end to the Ebola outbreak. That said, lets take a look at Ebola. During my trip over Passover to Sierra Leone, I was stunned to discover the influence of high-level occultic forces on the seven mountains, and especially the governmental sphere. In their minds, they own and rule Sierra Leone—as well as many parts of Africa.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the Ebola virus broke out in one of the most highly occultic regions encompassing Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. And that Ebola was carried across the border from Guinea to Sierra Leone by an occult healer who worked in both countries. Honestly, the very occult practitioners hired to “cure” the victims initially spread the disease the most.

Listen, the same principle that applies in rural Africa also applies to main street USA. You cannot invoke satan without opening a door to desolation in your life, your world, and in your generations.

Just take a look at ISIS. Every society they have touched has been broken apart by trauma, abuse, rape and plunder. Not a coincidence the army is named after an Egyptian deity that Pharaoh invoked upon his throne.

The principle is not hard to understand. Pharaoh is our best example. Thrones tied to idolatry bring subjugation and desolation.

And across the world, the Lord is now thundering—Let My People Go. In fact, this cry is the heartbeat of God’s new move in this hour. Judgment has been rendered in favor of the saints, bringing us to a turning point. Pharaoh is being quarantined, and a Moses company is maturing into full stature and increased authority across the nations of the earth.

With whom will you align? As for me and my house, LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Our book Crown & Throne explores these themes in-depth. To order a copy click here.