Announcing the 13 Colonies Freedom Journey! July 2-22. Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce join us at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall to culminate on July 22. More details to come. TIME FOR AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN!

I wasn’t going to post today, but this is just too wild. Last night we gave the invitation for the 13 Colonies journey, and shared prophetic words related to awakening on the East Coast. While we were finishing the call, an earthquake rocked Virginia!

The quake, measuring 3.2 on the Richter Scale, hit just west of Richmond. Pay attention here. Because an extraordinary prophetic swirl is now in play…

Chuck Pierce on Earthquakes in this Season
Chuck Pierce recently prophesied that earthquakes in this season will have a special significance from the Lord. “We are going to start seeing certain earthquakes happen over the next three weeks.  You need to know that means there is an open heaven over that territory, and God is shaking down the old structures that are stopping the next move of God.”

Now to be fair, Chuck prophesied this on April 18, and the quake occurred on May 21, after the 3 week period he spoke of. Does this quake still count? By the witness of the Spirit, I believe so.

Not coincidentally, today begins the annual Awaken the Dawn Conference in Fredericksburg, gathering the prayer movement from Virginia and the region. OK an earthquake prophesies a move of awakening just as Awaken the Dawn begins. As we are announcing the 13 Colonies Prayer Journey. You just cannot make this stuff up.

Today—Chuck Pierce Prophesies About 13 Colonies!
This morning during the 5:15 Movement service, Chuck Pierce began to prophesy again—this time about THE 13 COLONIES! Looking forward to the transcript. But he called each state by name, and then prophesied, “Get ready for the gates of heaven and earth to open and align over the East Coast!”

Friends, you know what I’m about to say. YOU JUST CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

I believe the word Chuck Pierce gave is true. God is birthing a roaring, uncontainable awakening on this East Coast, where the primary roots of this nation were forged. His glory is being restored “by way of the gate facing east,” and He’s going to fill the house of this nation with His glory!

OK. If that’s not stirring enough for you, let me share the following testimony from Becky Greenstreet, the HAPN Virginia coordinator. Jolene and I are so grateful for Becky’s accurate prophetic gifting that conveys ahead of time God’s heart and purpose for the state!

Earthquake is a Prophetic Sign—Becky Greenstreet
“The Lord gave a word about 2-3 months ago that “When you feel the earth shake  do not get in fear but know I am realigning the state and then the nation back to the destiny I created her to be, do not get in fear for she will fulfill my plans and purposes!”

I then saw a hand come down, pick up the state and turn her ever so slightly back in line as Virginia had shifted  – in the vision the United States appeared as a puzzle, with each state a separate piece.

The Open Vision—Honey of God’s Presence
The Lord began first to cause me to shake, then He gave me an open vision. It was one that I literally saw musical notes go out of (Becky’s husband) Alan’s mouth, hit the ground, the ground broke open and then I saw what I thought was liquid gold being poured in. The Lord said “No. It is the quantum sound that is hitting the dry ground , breaking it open, then the honey of my presence is filling every broken crack and driving out the dark areas that have seemed to be impenetrable. From here, it shall go across the state then the nation. Shift the atmosphere”.

The honey was flowing vertically and horizontally filling every crack and pushing the darkness out…

Please Keep Praying
OK. This all adds up to good news for Virginia, the East Coast, and the nation. We are grateful for your watchful diligence over the 13 Colonies journey as we move forward together in this season. Please keep praying! I have included below the full “earthquake word” sent by Chuck Pierce. Covenant blessings to each of you!

Chuck Pierce Earthquake Prophecy, April 18, 2014
Last Friday morning (April 18, 2014), during worship, the Spirit of God met us and began to declare:

“For you have been limited in earthly service.  You have been limited and underneath that which is ruling in the atmosphere over you. But this day, and this Passover, I am beginning to remove the limitations that have been on My people in their earthly service to Me.  I am going to send an awakening shake to the last religious structure that will cause the earthly service of limitation to be lifted.  When you feel the lifting, when you feel the shake underneath you, know that the atmosphere over you is now lifting.  The earthly service of My people is now going to be liberated.  (I saw the earth shake where religious structures needed to shake!)

What is coming from heaven now will create a manifestation.  We are going to start seeing certain earthquakes happen over the next three weeks.  You need to know that means there is an open heaven over that territory, and God is shaking down the old structures that are stopping the next move of God.  I then heard the Spirit of God say, “Do not look and view from the earth. View what I am doing from your seat in heaven that I have prepared for you.” 

The prophetic released continued: “For I have brilliant colors that produce a manifold wisdom that can invade the earth. I have incredible movements that can set your body free to be all that I called it to be.  Look into Heaven and let Heaven come in and invade you! Feel the sound of Heaven … Feel the sound of Heaven.  Feel the sound of Heaven not just here, but feel the movement of My sound.  For My voice shakes the timbers.  My voice causes things to be birthed that would be in other timings.  My promises are yeah and amen.  Therefore, when My people align and say yes, I will shake loose that which is stopping the promise that I have said from manifesting.

“My announcement will not be stopped this season.  I am creating a Passover in the earth, and my people will abar and cross over into a new identity!”