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VIDEO—THE PARENTAL REVOLUTION! Isaiah 22 maps out exactly where we are in 2022. Complete with foreign missile threats and corrupt government leadership being called to account. Above all, Isaiah 22 conveys a parental revolution in play—one which is now shaping our world. DON’T MISS OUT! 

TURNAROUND DECREES—Prophesying, framing out the Isaiah 22 Parental Revolution! To order CLICK HERE. 


DEAR FRIENDS,TODAY VLADMIR PUTIN IS THREATENING TO USE NUKES—not only against Ukraine, but against the west. Putin is apparently listening to his top generals, who have long counseled that the only path to victory is to escalate the war dramatically, even against NATO, America and the west. Apparently they perceive a limited opportunity to act during the administration of a US president they perceive as weak—especially after his handling of Afghanistan. 

Putin’s most chilling quote: “I am not bluffing.” For news story and video, CLICK HERE. 

Prophetic Warning of Coming Storm
ON AUGUST 17 WE RELEASED AN IMPORTANT WORD regarding storms ahead, and the “Turn the Storm Tour.” We wrote:

A storm is coming. We are fast approaching a defining moment in history. I personally believe it will be similar in this regard to 9-11-01. But the good news is, we together can TURN THE STORM. 

Two mornings ago I awoke to a strong sense of God’s presence. Revelation began to flow, and a question was answered. For almost a year I have been seeking the Lord about a coming 13 colonies journey, including the name of the tour. 

“Turn the Storm” was the whisper from the Presence. I sensed the Lord saying, “You cannot avert the coming storm. But you CAN TURN IT so the winds blow you, and the waves take you, in the right direction. Turn the ship and turn the storm!”

In our book Turnaround Decrees I convey a similar warning. The spontaneous prophetic warning was conveyed to me by the Lord  about a year ago, while writing the chapter “Call 911:” 

“Prophetically, the Spirit of God is warning about the potential of another terrorist attack on our soil, of a similar or even greater magnitude than 9-11-01. It’s a sense I have not been able to shake. The Lord has shown me no timetable at present. But the attempted sabotage by the enemy seems sooner rather than later. A derailment of our free-market economy is targeted. And it may sound trite, but the bombs bursting in air will once again give proof that our flag is still there” (Turnaround Decrees p.121). 

Note that the prophecy references the Star Spangled Banner. It stunned me to discover our national anthem was actually written in the midst of a British bombardment which began on September 13, the very day we culminated the 13 colonies tour. Then and now America’s sovereignty as a constitutional republic is in jeopardy. But God is saying that now as in that time, we can TURN THE STORM! Join us tonight.