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Friends and watchmen, these are unprecedented times. Just as with Purim in Esther’s day, decisions made in the next few days and weeks will set the course of history, either for good or evil. We are calling this season from March 4-18 “The Purim Campaign.”

As we contend together for God’s turnaround, I thought it would be helpful to present you with a timetable of events combined with key prayer points developed by James Goll and myself. Please use this guide as a reference. Print a copy to place in your Bible. Keep it close!

Most of you know that Jolene and I have been asked by the Lord to pray onsite in Jerusalem through the Israeli election. Like never before, we covet your prayers at this time. We are praying in Washington DC through PM Netanyahu’s historic speech, then ministering in Albany NY, the capital of a state with the largest population of Jewish people in the world after Israel. This is followed by the Vermont Fire Gathering, convened by our dear friend David Rosen, and our journey to Israel.

During the Purim Campaign we are not only being propelled by your intercession, we have the honor of presenting your prayers and gifts before the Throne of God in Jerusalem. As we press towards the dream of His heart for Israel, America, and the nations, we are contending as one—on earth as in heaven.

Below is a timetable of events in this Purim Campaign, followed by prayer points.

March 1—Iranian Nuclear Deal. March 1 is the deadline for Iran and western powers to agree upon a framework for a nuclear deal, with the resolution to be accomplished by June 1. Both Iranian PM Rouhani and President Obama have agreed that the talks will not be extended no matter the outcome. Both have reported favorably on the process in recent days.

March 3—Netanyahu Speech. March 3 is the date Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on his perceptions of the Iranian nuclear threat. This speech is hotly contested by President Obama, who believes it could jeopardize the deal with Iran.

March 4—Purim begins. God’s scepter of favor was extended in the days of Esther, causing a literal turnaround in Persia that exposed Haman and preserved her people from a holocaust. Pray for the same today! The scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous!

March 4—Ministry in Albany NY. Purim this year also happens to be my birthday. And our journey towards Israel begins with special ministry in Albany (Berne) NY. Remember that New York is home to more Jewish people than any area outside of Israel.

March 6-7—This Winter Fire Gathering in Vermont. I will share more ahead, but it will prove to be one of the most strategic gatherings of the year. Please join us!

March 8—Flying to Israel.

March 9—Ministering at Succat Hallel, Jerusalem. Looking forward to joining again with our dear friends Rick and Patti Ridings.

March 17—Election Day in Israel! Will PM Netanyahu remain in office, or will another sit on the “Throne of David?”

March 18—Returning from Israel. We will then be ministering in Syracuse NY March 20-22.

As we recently shared, the Lord gave me a significant dream just a few days ago about praying for Israel and the Jewish people. In the dream I was working as a photojournalist for a newspaper that was shifting into video reporting as well. Night had fallen. On my dinner break I walked across a few streets and then made my way across railroad tracks, nearly stumbling.

A small white bus was before me, and I knew it was filled with Israeli soldiers and civilians. I spoke with them briefly. They were moving towards war, and I began to pour out my heart in prayer for their protection. My voice trembled with sobbing to the point I could barely get words out. I awoke closing this time of praying with them in the name of Shamar Israel.

From Psalm 121, Shamar Israel literally means the Watchman of Israel, who never slumbers or sleeps. He faithfully watches over His land and people—and He is inviting us to do the same!

The Lord often uses the imagery of my former occupation as a photojournalist to convey our current work in the prophetic. We are all called to see, to capture the revelation of His heart in real-time, and to report back what He shows and speaks. I am being faithful to this call in sounding this alarm. It is time to wake up and watch!

Here are a few key prayer points to cover during this time. Again, they have been developed by James Goll and myself from our recent conference call. If you’d like to listen to the prayer call, the playback number is 805-399-1299, access code 552-690.

Purim—Pray the Enemy Overplays His Hand!
According to James, “I heard voice of Spirit say the enemy is overplaying his hand. I want to bring us up a little bit. Our government may not be taking a right stand, and could pay consequences. But (in the spiritual realm) the enemy is overplaying his hand! And what was meant for evil can turn for good.”

Take a moment right now and ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you where in your own life the enemy has been overplaying his hand. Ask the Lord for a verdict in your favor!

Pray that the enemy now overplays his hand. Pray for God’s turnaround  personally, even as you set your heart to pray for Israel, Iran, America and the Mideast during this Purim Campaign.

For perspecitive, years ago the Lord spoke to James that in our day, “We would have an opportunity in church history to relive the Book of Esther. And unlike times of holocaust and pogroms where the church did not arise and take her place, we would arise and rewrite all the same history before throne of God as a corporate Hadassah!”

Hadassah, of course, is Esther’s original Jewish name. We are now in this very time.

Pray for Mordecais to Arise
James pointed out how Mordecai was a forerunner, preparing the way behind the scenes for most of his career before being promoted as the king’s top advisor.  In mentoring Esther, Mordecai exemplified what we call today a spirit of adoption. “We need Mordecais to arise in this spirit of adoption today, to prepare Esther to find favor,” said James. “There would not be an Esther, nor would there be Queen Esther’s court, without Mordecai.”

Pray for the Mordecais now on the global scene to arise and be heard!

Pray for Strategic Intelligence to be Uncovered
I also noted how Mordecai was given strategic intelligence by the Lord’s circumstantial hand throughout his career. This intelligence preserved the King’s reign and changed the course of history.

Pray for strategic intelligence to be uncovered during this month of Adar. It is time for hidden things to be uncovered! This is so key.

And please continue praying for our intelligence communities, for the Lord to expose hidden plots of sabotage and terrorism, and favor His Mordecais in this hour. Pray even for Israel to assist Iran with intelligence that exposes extremist terror plots in their land.

Call Forth Esther’s Court—Team Synergy
James also noted that when the King’s scepter was extended to favor Esther, it wasn’t just the Queen but her whole court that was praying and fasting for her miracle. They were behind her, praying and fasting when she had her appointment.

Friends, it’s time both to call forth Esther’s court and to invest yourselves as part of Esther’s court. In other words, please resolve to pray fervently every day through this Purim Campaign.

Netanyahu’s ‘Esther Moment’—Pray for the PM!
On Wednesday, March 3, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing a joint session of Congress on the Iranian nuclear threat. House Speaker John Boehner, representing the majority party of both the House and Senate, invited him to make this historic address.

In the Israeli elections, US officials, including President Obama’s top campaign manager, have been hired to undermine Netanyahu. But James noted that the PM “has been chosen by God for such a time as this to address governmental authorities of the USA as a John Baptist in wilderness, preparing the way, giving us a wake up call.

“This is one of Netanyahu’s greatest strategic moments,” James noted. “This is his Esther moment!”

Netanyahu—One Key Phrase
James prayed prophetically: “Even as Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear this wall down,” and by this governmental declaration the walls of communism came down, there will be a phrase that will come upon PM Netanyahu. Martin Luther King spoke spontaneously under tangible anointing, “I have a dream!” For Netanyahu, a similar phrase will come. It will cause controversy, talked about on every talk show, and it will cause there to be prayer in the believing church.

“(Lets pray together for a) prophetic mantle for a moment that will fall upon him, and he will release a phrase that will cut through the unpolitical correctness, releasing piercing word that will cause a line to be drawn in the sand. And people will have to make a choice.”

Call for the Winds! Turnaround Released
Finally, James shared publicly for the first time an extraordinary word about God’s intervention, even if a nuclear crisis arises.

“What if Iran did attempt to release a nuclear missile? Guess what? The shields of the earth belong to the Lord! I had a dream about about a strong windstorm coming that would literally pick up and blow that missile off course.

“I am not predicting here, but I saw the potential. If it were to happen, there is a potential for a strong wind to come and blow that thing off of its course of direction. Whether wind of prayer, or winds in the natural, a wind shall come! Hebrews 1:14 declares that God’s angels are winds. The angels will come and direct the course of the power of darkness off course! If even need be, such intercession shall arise across the global body of Christ that a wind of prayer shall be released that releases the winds of God’s angels.”

Pray for the winds of the Spirit to be released! Pray for the angels of the Lord to restrain and demolish the work of the enemy, according to His covenant promise.

Mantle in the Whirlwind
Finally, I am asking that you pray for the full release of God’s “mantle in the whirlwind.” The Lord has clearly spoken about a greater expression of the Elijah anointing this year. I felt strongly that a primary reason we are going to Israel is to somehow see this mantle released for us all..

Remember that Elijah’s mantle bore witness to God’s covenant with His land and people. Friends, it still does! This mantle is a turnaround mantle, turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, the children to the fathers, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous.

Pray for God’s turnaround mantle to be fully recovered and released. And in the midst of the storms this year, know that your mantle is in the whirlwind!

Many friends bless us with gifts around my birthday, March 4. This March 4 is also Purim! Your contributions towards our journey will really expand our capacities to bless God’s covenant land. I am believing God for $4,800 to cover our expenses and pour into Israel. If you’d like to sow, please click here.