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ROSH HASHANAH 2020 HAS PROVEN HISTORIC with the passing of celebrated Supreme Court jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Lamplighter Ministries honors her extraordinary life and legacy on the Court. She was a strong pioneer for women’s rights and civil liberties throughout her life, and especially on the Court. America has been greatly enriched by her courageous efforts, and our prayers are with her family and close friends at this time. 

We wrote yesterday a few statements which have now proven prophetic. “…The date is launching us into a new era of history.  One of the most important aspects beginning this new era is the seating of His government, both in Heaven and the earth realm. We saw this Tuesday and Wednesday, as we shared on the Wednesday evening call. Please listen and glean! The Lord is framing our future together. We feel the Lord is fulfilling prophetic promises He gave a year ago by opening a window for LIFE—even a sweep for LIFE. Many of the words are chronicled in our new book “White House Watchmen.” 

That said, there is an extraordinary to tell, behind the scenes from the White House complex to the Supreme Court, which brings hope and clarity for this season. This Sunday evening please join Matt Lockett, David Cannistraci, Chris Mitchell Jr, Jolene and myself as we explore unspoken, real-time events which have now confirmed the course of history.

THE LORD IS CONVEYING HIS HEART through Justice Ginsberg’s passing. In the few moments I have this morning before an important prayer assignment, I want to crack open the scrolls and  at least begin to share on the prophetic significance of her passing. What He is conveying is twofold.

FIRST, THE TRUMPET BLEW on Rosh Hashanah and in the opening moments of this Jewish new year Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed into eternity. She was the sole Jewish justice on the bench at the time. This morning I saw how the time of her passing was very intentional from the Lord to honor her life and aspects of her legacy. 

God as Father cherished this pioneer and her continual dedication to perseverance. In the midst of so much imprecatory prayer over the Supreme Court, I will never forget Jolene’s sudden mandate from Holy Spirit not to curse her but to pray for her, to bless her and to honor her. Yes she tragically stood for aspects of law diametrically opposed to God’s heart and word. Yet she also courageously stood FOR aspects of law that SHOWCASED GOD’S HEART AND WORD. Specifically the rights of women and civil rights for all. 

She was also fiercely dedicated to simple love and friendship which transcended her convictions. This was most clearly shown in her remarkable relationship with Justice Antonin Scalia. 

A seed has been sown in the ground. And if ever there is a harvest of legacy needed to define the future of Washington DC, this is it. 

Remember God is love. He loves… well… love. And in her passing the Lord honored the love which motivated many of Justice Ginsberg’s actions, convictions, and undeniable perseverance.

That said, the Lord has also made it very clear prophetically that this new Jewish year marks the beginning of a new era of American governance. As I mentioned on our Wednesday call, for the first time all year, at the White House complex as we led a high level delegation this week, I sensed the governmental weight of authority in declaring the seating of leaders He has chosen for our future. Including the seating of leaders for a SWEEP FOR LIFE, as shared in countless ways in our new book White House Watchmen. This was for President Trump, the Trump Administration, the House and Senate and the US Supreme Court. God met us at every step in this magnitude of grace as we prayed at these three seats of government. 

Time does not permit me to fully share right now. Please review the audio from Wednesday’s call to get a better understanding. And we will be hosting many of these leaders Sunday evening. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS.

As our delegation was crossing the street Wednesday from the Capitol to the Supreme Court, my friend Matt Lockett texted. Got a moment? I was really taken by the fact he was connecting at the very moment we were going back to the Court. So I called. 

Matt conveyed that four evergreen trees had been chopped down that day. They were oversaturated with water from summer rains. These evergreens were where both Dutch Sheets and Jolene and I separately placed “vavs” in 2016. Dutch on his DC journey and Jolene and me on the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour. 

And it was where our friends Ed and Lynn Alderson, national directors for HAPN, chose to place their vav last year. 

Astonishingly, as Matt and team kept praying, two bridal parties appeared—on Wednesday morning, on the steps of the Supreme Court! 

Matt sent pictures to me. These photos were also sent to Dutch Sheets, who passed them to Chuck Pierce. Astonishingly, Chuck prophesied the trees had fallen as a sign a new era had begun for the Court, with a new regime being set in place. 

Not sure what Chuck sensed about the two bridal parties. But I knew immediately it was a sign of God’s marriage covenant with America being established as the scourge of abortion is overthrown. We saw the exact same sign on Capitoline Hill, Rome two years beforehand. You might remember that Capitoline Hill was founded on an altar of child sacrifice. Not a coincidence that Capitol Hill was patterned after Capitol Hill. Just after we had prayed to sever all ungodly ties connecting Capitoline Hill and Capitol Hill in abortion, two bridal parties appeared! We knew then this was a sign of covenant restoration. 

And in a way only God can convey, He brought two bridal parties to the steps of the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill just as the trees were felled to signify the release of a new era for the Court. 

Can’t make this up.  Two days later on Rosh Hashanah Justice Ginsburg passed.

A final point on Justice Ginsberg’s passing on Rosh Hashanah. According to Jewish tradition Heaven’s Court is open from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur for people and nations to approach the Bench to obtain a better verdict than their actions alone deserve. It is profound how the Court opened the session this Jewish new year. Honoring the passing of a justice beloved by God and man. Yet also opening the window of opportunity we have long been prophesying to fully shift America from a covenant of death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of LIFE empowering a culture of life. 

America has a profound choice to make. As we wrote in White House Watchmen, this election sets the course of America generationally in a way that few elections have. 

What’s your choice? Together lets complete the turnaround! And lets believe God for a sweep for LIFE in all branches of government. Covenant blessings to each of you.