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FIRST—MORE THAN 120,000 have already watched the preview of our Sid Roth interview for his show “It’s Supernatural.” Keep in mind we filmed it almost three months ago. But even the preview has proven astonishingly prophetic, focused on God’s mandate for LIFE!

“One of the primary victories that God is intent on seeing established in our nation is the finality of the restraining and overthrow of government funded abortion!” I shared in the interview while recounting a supernatural prophetic encounter at the US Capitol almost a year ago where His verdict for our land was decreed. 

“And I saw the Lord bring His gavel down in a way I literally thought that the earth was trembling, I felt that magnitude of shaking. And the Holy Spirit spoke, “Covenant with death and hell annulled.” And I knew that this victory that God was declaring was going to shift us from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death, which in many ways we’re seeing right now, to a covenant of life that empowers a culture of life generationally.” 

Last week we saw God’s passionate faithfulness to this verdict. Jolene and I led a delegation of high-level ministry leaders for meetings and brief prayer at the White House Complex, followed by prayer at the Capitol and Supreme Court. As mentioned yesterday there is an extraordinary story to tell, behind the scenes, which brings hope and clarity for this new era. It was these experiences which inspired me to write Friday afternoon, as Rosh Hashanah approached, that “…The date is launching us into a new era of history. One of the most important aspects beginning this new era is the seating of His government, both in Heaven and the earth realm.”

This statement proved more accurate than we could have possibly imagined. The trumpets sounded. Heaven’s Court opened. Famed jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg transitioned into eternity. And as we move through the Days of Awe, America now faces a decision of extraordinary consequence—the seating of a new Supreme Court justice for LIFE.

So join us at 9pm tonight, with guests Matt Lockett, Robert Henderson, David Cannistraci and Yolanda McCune, as we share this journey focused on prophetic insights for LIFE. 

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