This whirlwind year of 2015 came in with a bluster. As we’ve prayed together these 21 days, the course of the world has literally changed.

Whirlwind in Europe and the Mideast
All Paris marched in defiance of Islamist terrorism, after journalists, police and Jewish shoppers were slaughtered in her streets.

Oil prices dropped—and dropped some more. Yemen, highlighted weeks earlier by President Obama for its exemplary partnership against terrorism, fell into the hands of Shiite militias backed by Iran. At virtually the same hour, renown King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died.

And at virtually the same hour, the first known ISIS terrorist cell in Israel was exposed and busted.

Whirlwind in Washington DC
Capitol Hill shook as Republicans took over the leadership of both the House and Senate. In the State of the Union Address, President Obama defied their very presence by simply declaring victory.

Over everything. On January 21, Capitol Hill shook again as divisive tremors within the Republican party brought an abortion to the bill that was to prohibit late-term abortion. While up to 500,000 marched on the streets of DC seeking justice for the unborn.

Whirlwind in Washington State
The Patriots won. The Seahawks won in in a last-minute turnaround, no doubt propelled by a nearby tornado that touched down at Gig Harbor as the battle was being waged. Just a few weeks after Chuck Pierce prophesied to the “Whirlwind State” of Washington, prophesying that God’s eyes are on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and then calling everybody in attendance to watch the Seahawks.

Can’t make that up.

Enter the Whirlwind Watch
On a more personal level, we gained much resolution to watch and war to enforce God’s breakthroughs during our “Enter the Whirlwind” watch, which culminates today. During these 21 days, we saw how the Lord was releasing both a mantle and a movement for justice.

We received God’s summons to become forerunners of a fuller release of His Elijah anointing in this hour, turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. In response we began “Turnaround Tuesdays,” a year-long focus on intercession for our children, friends and family. Jolene focused us in on Daniel, and called us to embrace the process of refining so we too can possess an “excellent spirit.”

Prophet in the Whirlwind
During this time Lord also began to speak to me that He wanted us to keep pressing in watchman prayer from January 4 all the way to March 4. Therefore today begins phase two, which we feel to call “Prophet in the Whirlwind.”

From January 4-24, we entered the whirlwind. From January 24-February 14, it’s time to ascend before His Throne. And from Feb. 14 through March 4, we will continue watching with Jesus to see His “mantle in the whirlwind” released.

I believe during these next 21 days we are even entering a time where the “council of the Lord” (Jeremiah 23) will be open and accessible.

Together we’ve entered the whirlwind, and now it’s time to ascend. Jolene and I look forward to taking this next phase of our journey with you!