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“You’re not just entering 2020, you are CROSSING OVER INTO 2020.”

What a crossover moment we’ve experienced from Revolution until now. The word of the Lord has proven true! Breakthrough. Rapid turnaround. Victory. Looking forward to taking this journey with you through 2020 on God’s Revelation Road. It promises to be transformative to America, the Mideast, and the world.

Lets thank God for President Trump’s incredible leadership from the beginning of this Iran crisis. Here’s a word from Lynnie Harlow this October I feel is coming to pass. We’ll hear from her tonight. 

Lynnie Harlow, October 2019: Things will start to look very explosive between now into the first of the year. It will even look a bit chaotic! But watch how your President handles thing to come because that will be what puts him over for 2020.

Lynnie is joining us tonight, along with our friend Briskilla Zananiri. Don’t miss this timely and important call! 

I’m a little pressed for time today so I’ve included the post from Sunday below. Much of it has proven prophetic. Covenant blessings to each of you!

Removing a Regional Strongman
President Trump’s call to take down Quassem Soleimani was admittedly controversial. But when he gave orders to take him down, he wasn’t just removing a deadly terror mastermind. He was taking down a regional strongman in the spirit of Haman, Hitler, and al Bagdhadi. 

The timing of his takedown averted a much greater tragedy, the thrust of which was already in play. According to intelligence referenced by both President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo, Soleimani was meeting with leaders to implement a widespread slaughter of American diplomats when our missiles took them out. This plot was part of a broader strategy already in play to take over Sunni Muslim nations throughout the Mideast and slaughter Jews both in Israel and worldwide. 

Soleimani was a Haman of this hour. The Mordecais and Esthers of our intelligence world presented real-time evidence of a plot already set in motion. And Trump gained the resolve to take Haman down. 

Turnaround! Restraining the Prince of Persia
I believe it is no coincidence that President Trump decided to take down Qassem Soleimani at the beginning of the new year 2020. From January 20-21, 2019 through 12-12, 2019 we as the Lamplighter family were engaged in a perpetual prayer project which included breakthrough prayer regarding the Prince of Persia or Iran. 

Our pattern was Daniel 10. In the third year of America’s Cyrus, we pressed into God through fasting and prayer until the Prince of Persia was restrained, and angelic hosts of the Lord broke through. 

Beginning on 12-12 we saw the beginning of God’s turnaround. Amazingly, the Lord had told us two months beforehand to minister in Virginia Beach and then stand on the Yorktown battlefield on 12-12 and prophesy VICTORY. I believe this victory not only encompasses 2020 with elections etc but also victory over the Prince of Persia or Iran. An hour of deliverance has come. A Pharaoh-like governmental structure now holding both Iran and much of the mideast in captivity must now give way. LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Prince of Persia—Soleimani was a Strongman
Soleimani was directly responsible for the deaths of more than 600 Americans. He was instrumental in developing the IEDS which crippled and maimed our American soldiers during the Iraq War. He sought to take over Iraq and Lebanon through proxies such as Hezbollah, and greatly empowered Hamas. Always with the intense focus on taking down Israel and America.

In short, he was a strongman. An on-earth embodiment of a principality. Just as Haman of old, perhaps even the Prince of Persia. 

When Hugh Hefner died, a principality empowering him became restrained. Criminal acts of sexual coercion at the highest levels of Hollywood immediately began to be exposed after his departure.  I believe we will see something similar with the departure of Soleimani. Lets come into Throne Room agreement for the Prince of Persia to be covenantally and governmentally restrained. And for the harvest of the mideast to be preserved not aborted. 

Prophetic Word 2017—Covert Aggression to Open Conflict
Remember, in 2020 we are appointed for VICTORY! That said here is a prophetic word about conflict with Iran from our book “Midnight Cry.” This portion is from a chapter called Conflict of Thrones, covering challenges I saw by the Spirit for 2018-2020. It seems pretty accurate…

The Shia-Sunni Conflict—Iran is the primary representative of Shia Islam. As Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out in his renegade address to Congress, Iran is actually a greater threat to Sunni nations in the mideast than to Israel. This is especially true with Saudi Arabia, host of Mecca and Medina, Islam’s holiest cities. Iran’s recent aggression is now being countered by an historic alliance between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the United States. Watch how covert aggression becomes open conflict in the days ahead. Eventually the Lord will turn this for good, even for the emergence of the Isaiah 19 highway.

“Watch how covert aggression becomes open conflict in the days ahead.” We are now here. The good news is that the Lord has promised to turn this all for good. Looking forward to praying with you tonight.