Amazing call Wednesday night with Rick Ridings. Daniel 7:22 turnaround! Playback number: (641) 715-3598 Access code 552-690.

Turnaround fast called by Rick and Patricia Ridings! Sundown tonight through sundown 7-22 releasing LIFE AND FREEDOM. 

Blessing Esther! Please keep pressing for full restoration of Esther’s lungs right now. Breathe Your restoration, breath of God! Here is a link for giving.

Prayer for State Department! July 22, July 24-26. Please pray for Amb. Brownback and team. Pray for intercessors we are helping to lead onsite during this time. Holy Spirit brooding, darkness restrained at the gates, angelic hosts of the Lord convened!

VIDEO MESSAGES—TURNAROUND, TISHA B’AV, AND TITLE DEEDS! Understand the times and possess your covenant promise. Video messages at Remnant Church July 14 and July 15. Video link CLICK HERE. 

We are moving out of confinement—from the circle of Baal into the circle of Christ’s covenant with us! As disciples of Jesus, part of our advancement depends on knowing the truth. Very cool that the entryway into CIA Headquarters in Langley bears witness to this. Etched into the lobby wall is the quest which epitomizes the call of the intelligence community as a whole. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  

This is so critical right now for this turning point in our nation. And ultimately, truth can only be found in Jesus.

Prophecy Fulfilled—Spies Exposed within Four Weeks!
“Watch how in the next four weeks I begin to expose the spies in your midst, America.” On June 20, one month ago tomorrow, we released this prophetic word “In a Time of Spies” with this clear timetable attached. It was amazing to watch as FBI special counsel Robert Mueller exposed the actions of 12 Russian spies to breach our security and attempt to influence America’s elections.

Another Russian agent has been arrested and charged with seeking to trade sex for secrets. And just today, Fox News broke the story of an ISIS-aligned plot to kill 10,000 in San Francisco! Link here.

Integrity mandates that a delicate issue be addressed. Obviously many of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies knew in real-time about Russia’s relentless attempts to impose upon our elections. They did a great job in thwarting a greater breach. 

My guess is that some within these communities presumed even then that Donald Trump was “colluding” with Russia on these efforts. Perhaps judged as guilty of these accusations until proven innocent. The FBI’s Page—Strzok text threads certainly bear witness to this. Further, it seems that when Trump won the election, a few within these communities—including former leaders—took it upon themselves to destabilize the Trump administration and leak their intelligence to the American people. 

This explains a lot. Especially when you view the intentional “leaking” to the press in order to influence society through the lens of Tisha b’Av. Historically, that’s what stopped a move of God in its tracks. Thank God for His turnaround verdict!

Ironically, in the end Russia’s worst intentions against the US seem to be taking hold. Since the election, our nation has been reeling in anger, distrust and division largely exacerbated by these leaks.

There is no doubt that President Trump has made MANY missteps, including in Helsinki—as he finally admitted. But whereas the press has mocked Trump for being soft on Russia, his most significant decisions prove the reverse is actually true. Gina Haspel now leads the CIA. Even the Washington Post calls her one of the fiercest, most capable, and most knowledgeable voices warning against Russia. Then there’s the promotion of “hawk” John Bolton to lead the National Security Council, tasked with establishing policy regarding Russia. Not to mention the re-strengthening of our military and intelligence agencies, etc. 

Despite many challenges and faults, I believe Donald Trump earnestly seeks to recover America’s potential. We can all unite and focus on this goal, no matter our political preferences or party affiliations. 

As we move into 7-22, let’s approach the bench with a sacred plea. Lord, render Your verdict of justice. Reverse the curse. Expose and restrain the enemy, mitigate damage across the spectrum of government and society, and restore America’s true potential!

Emphasis of Word—Take Possession of Your Promise!
Now back to the prophetic word. I have reposted it in full below. Because as we move into this Daniel 7:22 Turnaround weekend, you must grasp God’s invitation corporately, as well as for you personally! 

The Lord’s dramatic confirmation on this word is an invitation for you to believe and possess the promises within the word for yourself. It is time to take ownership of the burning scrolls of your title deeds. It’s time for YOU to overcome and possess your promise!

There is a force of divination coming against many of you as demonic watchers seek to disrupt God’s Kingdom advancement, particularly between now and Tisha b’Av or 7-22. There is a targeted attack to deplete your spirit and soul of visionary faith. This force seeks to intimidate you so you will draw back. This force seeks to cause the holy scrolls of your title deeds to appear to fade before your very eyes. 

And the Lord says, I am about to remove the shadow which gained access to stand between you and your burning scroll. I will restore its luminance to your spirit! Repent as I direct you, says the Lord. Take dominion over your own being. Take dominion over your home, your family line. And LOOK AGAIN! I am coming to you now with an impartation of My might and power. 

Watch how in the next four weeks I begin to expose the spies in your midst, America.  Watch as that which is right in front of you becomes uncloaked and exposed. For I will not allow the interjections of the enemy to sabotage the turnaround I have ordained for My covenant people!

Be My Joshua, My Caleb, My Gideon in this hour! See through the eyes of faith and prepare to take the land I have assigned you in a new way. Seek My divine intelligence as a rare jewel, which supercedes the intelligence of man in quality and authenticity. 

Now I call you to contend for the intelligence community of your nation as I shake out the few betrayers of America. I will cause My Joshuas and Calebs to see in a new way that accelerates your mission beyond the obstacles the enemy has set before you to halt your progress. I will unplug divination from its power source within these agencies, and clear the air from the fog of war which has cloaked these betrayers and drained you of life and substance. Seek for My turnaround to be enforced! For surely even as Haman was exposed, I will expose the Hamans in your midst says the Lord.

And in this time of spies, I will cause My Joshuas, My Calebs, My Gideons, My Mordecais to prevail!

Friends, this is your time to prevail. Seek God’s face. Heaven is open NOW for you to see the shadows flee and your faith revitalized. 

Tisha b’Av, Intelligence Leaks, and Intimidation
Remember, the horrendous generational cycle of Tisha b’Av began with a failure of intelligence which spawned from the enemy’s intimidation. Moses and the Jewish people received from the Lord the title deed to the Promised Land. Five months after their exodus from Egypt, the Lord spoke to Moses to mobilize and possess the land. 

Moses sent out his legendary 12 spies to scope out the land. They discovered two things—the land was full of potential, and there were giants guarding it! 

All perceived the same raw intelligence. Joshua and Caleb focused on the potential, and aligned with God’s covenant. They even brought back the harvest as evidence. The giants will become our bread!

The ten spies interpreted the same intelligence as an invitation to certain defeat. The giants are too big, and we are like grasshoppers in their eyes. They yielded to intimidation instead of believing the report of the Lord.

Here’s something often missed within the story. The 10 spies essentially “leaked” their intelligence to the broader community, to sway them against the leadership of Moses in taking the land. There was an immediate uprising against him. 

Based on this, Moses decided not to step out on his promise from God and take the land.

One of the strongest forces seeking to stop this move of God is very simply intimidation. It is tied to divination. You MUST resist the darkness which seeks to intimidate you and force you to draw back. Beloved, part of overcoming on Tisha b’Av is refusing to yield to the enemy’s intimidation. We will not move in presumption. But God’s verdict of justice this 7-22 is sure. Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy, releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom!

That’s you.

Title Deed Redeemed
The defiance of God by His covenant people was costly. It set in motion a cycle of 40 years of wilderness wandering. Do you see this? Further, the very date where this decision to disobey the Lord was enacted—the ninth of Av or Tisha b’Av—became a day of destruction through thousands of years. The first Temple destroyed, the Jewish people exiled. The second Temple destroyed, the Jewish people slaughtered and dispersed to the four corners of the earth in the diaspora. Holocosts, pogroms, expulsions from nations. 

Then came restoration. In 1948, a title deed buried like a seed in the ground of Israel was activated. The seed became the deed (see Jeremiah 32). And a dramatic turnaround began, ushering the Jewish people back to their Promised Land.

Now on 7-22, in the 70th year of Israel’s rebirth, something astounding is happening. The Lord is bringing a turnaround this Tisha b’Av! A freedom movement is at hand. His title deeds are again before us, and we are being summoned to possess our covenant promise.

And we together are moving from the circle of Baal meant to confine us and even define us, into the circle of God’s covenant. Amen!