Covenant blessings to each of you! The National Day of Prayer is ushering in a momentous breakthrough for freedom today in Washington DC. During a special Rose Garden ceremony just moments ago, President Trump signed an executive order promoting free speech and religious liberty, essentially “trumping” the 1954 Johnson Amendment that seemingly restricted religious leaders from political activity granted in the Constitution. 

“For too long the federal government has used the state as a weapon against people of faith,” President Trump said. “You’re now in a position to say what you want to say… No one should be censoring sermons or targeting pastors.”

“Every president must work to protect hard fought gains,” said Trump, referencing religious liberties. “Here today to defend the right of all Americans secured by the Constitution, and to protect its sacred liberties, given not by any earthly power but by our Creator in Heaven.”

After signing the Executive Orders in a Rose Garden ceremony, President Trump handed a pen to Alveda King and a pen to Paula White, director of faith based initiatives for the administration.

ObamaCare Vote—Please Keep Vigil!
Later today the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on repealing and replacing ObamaCare. Pray for the united leadership among House Republicans especially, as debates continue to swirl. It is only appropriate that the bill mandating the overhaul of the health care mandate occur on the National Day of Prayer. As Dan Cummins, pastor of the weekly Jefferson Gathering at the Capitol, took to FaceBook to sum up the aspirations of us all: “Congress to vote on HealthCare bill on National Day of Prayer. I will heal your land!”