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Lets begin where we left off. Turnaround. No King but Jesus!

Yesterday we shared one of the most prophetic perceptions of our Conflict of Thrones project. We have entered a time where Heaven’s horses are now running free. I chronicled yesterday the “Trump baseball dream” where I first saw the horses released, followed by a dramatic confirmation we received last week when four horses escaped their stalls and began running free. Right past our car on a little country road.

I also shared a strong prophetic perception that I received during Negiel Bigpond’s “All Tribes Convocation” in Washington DC.  I saw an open vision of a massive herd of horses galloping through the crowd. And I knew God’s “turnaround horses” had been released.

We shared these perceptions on Turnaround Tuesday yesterday. I had no idea it was also the first night of the World Series. The Indians beat Chicago 6-0.

The Indians beat Chicago. Ponder it. You’ figure it out.

But I believe what God is conveying with the release of these horses is far greater even than the American elections. We are in a dramatic change of seasons, perhaps even entering a new season of biblical fulfillment associated with the end-times. The Conflict of Thrones is obviously raging. The nations are shaking!

Yet Heaven is at your Gates. And we are going to see God’s turnaround. With this in mind…

Dershowitz—Warning on Dividing Jerusalem, Dividing Israel
A few weeks ago I shared a dire warning. We had heard privately the Obama Administration was encouraging the United Nations to create a UN resolution dividing both Jerusalem and the land of Israel. This resolution could potentially be presented before President Obama left office. And it could potentially be approved by America in the UN Security Council instead of being vetoed.

This story actually became “official news” on Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur—the Day of Atonement, Israel’s highest holiday, the day the verdict of nations are sealed. We felt immediately there was enough confirmation that we could share the warning publicly with you.

As we shared then, such an action would also destabilize the fragile alliance between Israel and Sunni nations standing against Iran.

Today I was stunned to see an editorial by Alan Dershowitz in the Boston Globe. It is entitled “Obama Should Not Tie his Successor’s Hands on Israel-Palestine.” Please read:

AS THE ELECTION draws closer, the Obama administration is sending strong signals that it may make a major push to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the United Nations. Despite repeated attempts to jump-start the peace process — most notably, by Secretary of State John Kerry in 2014 — and despite repeated invitations by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to President Mahmoud Abbas to meet without preconditions, the stalemate persists. Some blame it on Palestinian unwillingness to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and to compromise to the so-called “right of return.” Others — including the current US administration — lay the blame largely at the feet of the Netanyahu government, for continuing to build in the West Bank, most recently with the approval of 98 to 300 new homes in Shiloh. Whatever the reasons — and they are complex and multifaceted — President Obama should resist any temptation to change longstanding American policy — that only direct negotiations between the parties will achieve a lasting peace — during his final weeks in office.

Let me repeat the author’s final line. President Obama should resist any temptation to change longstanding American policy during his final weeks in office.

Temple Mount—UNESCO Resolution Again Yesterday!
As debate over this resolution becomes public, it’s no coincidence that UNESCO just passed a resolution denying the Jewish—and therefore Christian—heritage of the Temple Mount. According to the UNESCO resolution, the legacy of the Temple Mount belongs to Muslims alone.

This is a purposeful repudiation of the Bible, where the Temple Mount is called the eternal Throne of the God of Israel and whose history is chronicled from Genesis through the Gospels to the last pages of Revelation. It also flies in the face of clear anthropological discoveries that confirm the Jewish legacy of the Temple Mount beyond any shadow of the doubt.

Despite the global uprising against this resolution, yet another UN resolution was passed just yesterday by UNESCO specifically to deny the Jewish heritage of the Temple Mount. According to the Times of Israel, A second UNESCO resolution, approved Wednesday, echoed last week’s decision in referring to the Temple Mount compound solely by its Muslim names, “Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif,” and defined it only as “a Muslim holy site of worship.” It also accused Israel of various violations at the holy site.”

Claiming the Temple Mount
Why is there such a push at this time? Here’s my speculation, perhaps with a little Holy Spirit inspiration. The push is on to deny the Jewish heritage of the Temple mount so that a new Palestinian state could claim it solely as their own.

Again, openly denying the covenantal heritage of the Temple Mount, the heritage that is at the very core of both the Jewish and Christian faith. Friends, we must repudiate this deception!

The Globalist Goal
Final point, and this is important. I personally believe that elite globalists tied to idolatry ultimately desire to provoke Israel and the Palestinians to an irreversible conflict. An open war.

Such a war would ultimately draw the entire Mideast into conflict—all the sons of Abraham. Aborting the Isaiah 19 harvest of the nations just as Jesus is moving so powerfully to awaken and save. Always remember the enemy equally hates Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Finally, doing so would also validate a takeover of Israel by the United Nations, or at least a coalition of nations. Perhaps with a peace accord that temporarily settles the conflict yet builds a seat for an antichrist spirit.

Such a war would validate taking over the Temple Mount—establishing a throne of global governance from which to rule the nations. The Abomination of Desolation as Daniel prophesied. “Many religions forming one altar to the Great Architect of the Universe,” according to their credo.

And it’s obviously not the one true God they are talking about. Instead it’s actually the enemy of all humanity who seeks this Throne. It’s this very Throne that Jesus comes to take over as described in Revelation 19:11, when the white horse appears. 

Pray for the Timetable to be Extended!
We believe these actions, or even a dress rehearsal, are way before their time. Jolene had a dream to that effect, where the Lord compelled her to immediately pray for the timetable to be extended. To be fair, she also saw in a dream the potential that a third world war could actually be ignited in this season.

So that’s my ultimate burden conveyed to you today. PRAY FOR THE TIMETABLE TO BE EXTENDED. The Isaiah 19 harvest of nations depends on this.