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Breaking NewsFriends, I just heard from Gary Beaton and he has significant prophetic revelation to share regarding 9-11, the nuclear accords, etc. Gary will be sharing on the call tonight with us. I am putting out this posting now to compel each of you to immediately pray. We may follow up with another posting today or tomorrow.

Capitol Hill Last Line of Defense—By One Vote!
The Iranian nuclear accord is in the balance. Only one vote now stands between seeing a Congressional veto of the accords upheld and seeing the veto overthrown and the accords solidified.

Good thing we’re in a turnaround window. We need to hold the line. No prayer wasted!

Please pray in the Spirit—even now as you read this. Pray Daniel 7:22. Pray Isaiah 28, reaffirming the annulment of covenants with death and hell. Pray Psalm 125:3, that all wicked scepters be rescinded from the land allotted to the righteous.

The loyalties of so many politicians have now been bartered away like commodities on the Stock Exchange. Many politicos seem to have forgotten that elections are coming. And that most Americans find this deal abhorrent. Pray for the “last line of defense” to hold against the impending wave.

Prophetic Warning
Over the summer I’ve shared with you through tears the warning dream from the Lord about a “midnight wave” coming to Washington DC. From the moment I received this dream on July 13, 2015, Holy Spirit made clear this dream was His response to the Iranian nuclear accords, and that the accords themselves literally represented a covenant with death and hell.

The accords were announced the next day.

Washington DC was laid out on a gigantic hill, which led to the precipice of a cliff. And a tsunami wave was about to overtake the cliff. The timing of the wave was indicated in the dream—around 9-11, when Davids Tent begins. With Congress being given 60 days to review, the vote itself occurs around September 11. On or before September 17, to be precise.

Tangible, Actionable Warnings
I understand this dream is subjective and probably symbolic. So Lets focus now on tangibles, OK? For your review, here are five key aspects to consider:

Iran’s Commitment to Violence has Increased. Since the deal was signed, Iran has only increased its commitment to wipe Israel and America off the map.

Proxy War… Against America. The deal immediately releases $150 billion into the Iranian economy, greatly increasing the nation’s capacities to fund its proxy wars against Israel through Hezbollah and Hamas. But did you know that Iran has been engaged in a proxy war against the United States?

During the Iraq war, the Iranian Quds Force was dramatically engaged in war against our own soldiers! In fact, they were behind many of the IEDs that crushed our soldiers as they fought for Iraq’s freedom.

Let me put this another way, for emphasis. While we were fighting for Iraq’s freedom, Iran was actually fighting us.

That was while the sanctions were in full force. What happens when the sanctions are lifted, and their money flows more freely?

Sunni Nations Imperiled. We automatically see Israel as the nation most vulnerable if the deal is ratified. But what about the Sunni nations of the Mideast—Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc? More than Iran wants Jersualem, Iran wants to take over Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The holiest shrine in Islam for both Shiites and Sunnis. This deal potentially marks the dramatic escalation of a Shia-Sunni nuclear arms race.

Iranian Nuclear Capacities are Retained. The deal affords the Iranians the right and capability to retain their nuclear capacities, just at a lower level. Experts report that if the mandates of the accord were followed to the letter, Iran could re-up its capacities to produce a bomb within only three months. Further, the Iranians are actually tasked with oversight of their own reactors.


Congress Circumvented and Invalidated. After the deal was signed, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry immediately moved to circumvent Congress by compelling UN nations to vote long before Congress either affirmed or denied its passage. Securing that sanctions will be lifted by these nations even if Congress rejects the deal.

Obama played his ultimate trump card on the global stage before our own political process could even review the accord. This action literally cuts the legs out of any tangible leverage by Congress to direct its course.

The balance of power has literally been negated. Further, as Congress represents the voting constituents of our Nation, we the people have also been marginalized.

This “in your face” invalidation of Congress and the balance of powers mandated by the Constitution should be enough to compel Congress to act against the deal. If for no other reason than to rescue our nation from an apparent further slide into dictatorship.

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