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Please take some time immediately to pray for Jerusalem. Three people have been killed in East Jerusalem as violence continues to escalate. Lamplighter family, we’ve been on this journey a while now. And the warnings issued are coming to pass before our eyes, both regarding America and Israel.

As we shared Saturday, the Holy Spirit warned us of coming violence around September 11. Midnight Wave and the Third Intifada delves into the prophetic journey related to this warning. Covering the initial warning surrounding the Iranian nuclear deal, Gary Beaton’s intifada warning and much more.

The ultimate “conflict of thrones” is over the Temple Mount. What neither Jews, Muslims or most Christians really understand is that the enemy intends to use this current conflict to justify taking over the Mount and Jerusalem to establish a counterfeit peace.

More on this soon. For now, it’s important beyond measure to pray for the violence to be abated, and the forces of Baal restrained. Pray for the true peace of Jerusalem. No King but Jesus!

Gate of Consecration
Please also pray for Jolene and me as we work towards “Heaven at Your Gates” this weekend. We arrived with friend and intercessor Sue Ekenberg in Brunswick GA yesterday. This gathering is unique and very strategic. We are pursuing the real-time work of Holy Spirit at His direct command. If you’re in the area please join us. Because we firmly believe Heaven is now at your gates!

Sue Ekenberg discovered an extraordinary bit of history. It was exactly 450 years ago yesterday that Huguenot leader Jean Ribault was martyred in Florida, crying out in his dying breath for this land to be a “Dwelling place for the mighty God of Jacob.” We stand this weekend at the very gates Ribault first entered, from South Carolina through Georgia and northern Florida. Sacred ground dedicated by covenant with Jesus Christ. Even with the blood of martyrdom sealing this precious covenant.

450 Years… and then a King?
The Lord spoke to Sue the importance of these 450 years. That after 450 years of rule by judges under God, Israel sought a king to rule the land.

In the same fashion, after 450 years of evolving governance in freedom, America sought a king. And the rapid evolution of dictatorial governance from within the Executive Office these past few years has been barely slowed by either Congress or the will of the American people.

Some 450 years after this ground was consecrated to Christ, America is at a crucial crossroads. Will we preserve the freedoms under God our forefathers lived and died to give us, or will we bow in subservience to dictatorial rule with an emerging globalist alignment?

No King but Jesus!
You may believe this is an exaggeration. However the primary rift within the Republican party is exactly over this core issue. We really need to be praying for God’s choice for the next Speaker of the House. And lets continue to contend for the turnaround the Lord is offering our land and government at this time. The window is truly limited! And as Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and others including ourselves have shouted from the rooftops, 2015-2016 may just be the most important years of our lives.

It is no coincidence that we are at this gate of consecration at this time. As for me and my house— NO KING BUT JESUS!