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Spokesmen for one prominent political party have actually threatened a revolution if Roe v Wade is overturned. Of course, from the speeches I heard at the Supreme Court yesterday the actual revolution is perhaps within their own party, because more and more are gaining the courage to go public with holy convictions on preserving LIFE. 

But the greatest REVOLUTION going on today is a revolutionary turnaround that is getting us back on course as a nation. You are such a key part! 

Pray Today! Deliberations and Vote
Remember a key definition of “revolution” is “turnaround.” Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing is proof that God’s revolution is impacting not only the nation, but also the nation’s Capitol. It looks like the 48 year-old Roe v Wade decision, bad law from any perspective, is finally going to turn. 

Note that the Supreme Court justices are meeting for deliberations on the Mississippi case this morning, and then casting their vote. All of which means your intercession today is as important as Wednesday. Pray! 

This mighty turnaround, along with the Ahmaud Arbery verdict in Brunswick the day before Thanksgiving, is making huge strides towards healing historic breaches that have kept God at a distance from our land. 

Remember the “Back to the Future” mandate. Through God’s grace we are repairing the past to redeem the present to secure His dream for the future. This is actually happening now!

With each victory comes fresh momentum. And this momentum is now carrying us into to Revolution 2021. I will say that from Washington DC to Brunswick GA we in a new season of the Holy Spirit. There are simply no words to convey to you the weightiness of breakthrough we are all feeling in the spirit realm. 

By the way if you have not yet signed up for Revolution, please do so now, either to join us onsite or via live stream. 

Restoring the Covenant Covering—
Beginning with the Womb!

Let me share one more incredible piece of revelation for you to pray into. The Lord showed this to me Wednesday night on our weekly call. Remember that through our prayer project we have been contending to restore God’s “covenant covering” over the nation. Not coincidentally Chuck Pierce and others have conveyed how it’s the year to build His house. 

Wednesday night I saw for the first time how the first and most important “covenant covering” is actually a mother’s womb. It’s really the “holy of holies” of humankind. And when government mandates violate this covenant covering, God’s covering of a nation itself becomes comprised. 

But watch this now. When the violation becomes repaired, the window opens for the restoration of His covenant covering over our land! “And over all, His glory will be a bridal canopy” (Isaiah 4:5). 

Hanukkah—Season of Visitation that Defines Your Future!
This brings us to the purpose for this year’s Revolution. Why are we meeting in Brunswick GA, in a heated tent, the very week after these justice breakthroughs? Why was the Lord so intentional in showing us prophetically that His very hand will be with us, bringing down His signet ring to seal His directives with His own blood?

I believe the Lord is granting great grace to define the future. He visits us every Revolution in a way that impacts the coming year 2022 as well as many years ahead. We are facing extraordinary challenges that must be met with His grace. The good news is again that, as we have been repairing the past, we can NOW redeem the present and secure God’s dream for our future. God’s very hand is coming to move us into this dimension. And I believe that Revolution 2021 becomes a window for us to enter into this incredible grace. 

The greatest example of this is the conception and birth of Christ Himself. How did God move to usher all humanity into a new season of redemption? When?

It was actually over Hanukkah. The Lord moved upon a young servant girl named Miriam or Mary. A prophecy given by the angel Gabriel was fulfilled to her. “The angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; for that reason also the holy Child will be called the Son of God” (Luke 1:35).

What did the Lord do? He moved upon a womb that was sanctified to Him. And Miriam’s conception brought the covenant covering for all mankind into the world. 

What is the Lord going to bring forth in this season? Will you allow His Spirit to impart His dream for your future? Because a season of visitation is upon us right now. 

So again pray for the Supreme Court justices as they convene today. And ask the Lord to visit you and impart to you His covenant dream. You might also consider joining us for Revolution 2021 in your pursuits.