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Looking out over Arlington Cemetery, a sea of flags wave in the wind next to some 400,000 simple headstones bearing witness to the fallen. Thunder rolls in the distance. Not from an approaching storm, but from tens of thousands of bikers who descend upon this sacred ground each Memorial Day to remember, to celebrate, to struggle, to ride. 

Intuitively they come to present themselves before a celestial courtroom most don’t even know exists. Heaven is open. Court is in session. Silent pleas sputter from roaring altars of chrome, oil, sweat and memories. Every word, of course, is heard. Let our sacrifice be remembered. Let legacy be perpetuated. Let honor be shown. Let freedom be preserved and expanded in this hour of history. 

Let war cease.

Yesterday President Trump spent several hours personally shaking hands and connecting with more than 1,100 graduates of the US Naval Academy. On Monday he heads to Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath. My bet is that the rest of his three day weekend will be primarily focused on the potential of a renewed summit meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. And Lamplighter family, that’s what I really want us to cover. Two main points here—first a prophetic perspective, then a diplomatic perspective. I hope both will be worth your time.

Trump, North Korea Summit—Prophetic Perspective
Prophetically, last fall the Lord showed me a breakthrough for freedom—literally a freedom movement— would be released over the Winter Olympics, even impacting North Korea. I believe this meeting marks a dramatic step forward in the pursuit of this freedom for North Korea and peace between all parties. 

Due to the stakes at hand with this pursuit, I am including here the full scope of my prophetic experienced.  In November 2017, I saw a council convened of the hosts of the Lord, with North Korea as a focus. As I wrote in our book “Midnight Cry:”

Heaven’s council concluded in an incredible way. I saw the angelic hosts standing on top of the summit of a huge mountain, with pathways on all sides connecting to each continent. Each were being launched from the mountain of His council to return to their respective nations. They were being commissioned to work with leaders from each nation, much as the Angel of the Lord worked with Moses. Preparing the way for a freedom procession as promised in Exodus 23:20. 

I knew the histories of nations were again being defined. Governmentally from God’s Throne, a new move of God was being released. A global Moses movement to counter a global pharaoh movement holding His covenant people captive. 

Then came the launch. I looked down one of the pathways and saw it was a winter Olympic ski jump. A skier in a white ski suit, which I knew was an angel, lunged down the path towards the jump. The acceleration was tremendous. A tremendous recovery of momentum!

But as I followed this angel down the slope, I realized the cost of obtaining this movement and its benefits. It required making a giant leap of faith!…

As the Global Prophetic Summit drew to a close, Cindy Jacobs led the crowd in praying over the tense situation between North Korea and South Korea. Freedom! During this time, the unction came on me to governmentally declare the release of this Moses movement I had seen. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

When I returned to my seat, I wondered if there was more to the imagery of the downhill ski jumper than I first perceived. Looking up “winter olympics” on Google took my breath away. Because in 2018, the winter Olympics are being held in South Korea!

What is God saying? On a global level, a new “Moses movement” is being released to turn the tide of this “conflict of thrones” in which many nations are engaged. Watch how the conflict defining the Koreas begins to shift even beginning in the winter of 2018. 

Further, I believe this global movement is poised to reverberate in the nations with the same magnitude as the Protestant Reformation. It could even define the reformation of this hour. The Lord is thundering from the mountain summit, Let My people go! (“Midnight Cry,” pp. 56-58).

Remember this was written in November, with our book published in December. There is no way we could have accurately speculated about the unprecedented diplomacy soon on display before the world during the winter Olympics. Seems like a great start to a great journey. But to continue, both sides will have to make several leaps of faith. More on that in a moment.

One way or another, I guarantee you this Moses movement will catalyze freedom, prosperity and greater security for North Korea. The prospect that this process could occur through a family reunion instead of the bloodshed of war or an atomic blast is worth every effort. 

And Kim Jong Un could actually go down in history as a Moses for his people. Forever celebrated rather than disdained. This is possible friends. It’s worth praying into. 

Why North Korea’s Welcome is a Leap of Faith
Now lets briefly delve into diplomacy. Actually diplomatic history, and its potential imposition on decision-making in North Korea. We are of course asking if North Korea can be trusted. Yet the hermit nation faces the same question. Can America be trusted? And that answer may not be as easy as you think.

True, or diplomatic record with North Korea’s neighbors are by and large on a positive track. Only 46 years ago, President Nixon helped to open up diplomatic and economic relations with China. The world forever changed. And 73 years ago, after Japan surrendered and closed out World War II, America immediately stepped into the breach to help rebuild the nation, just as we helped resource Germany’s recovery. Japan emerged as a global powerhouse in every way. Today China and Japan are both technological and industrial giants, with robust economies bringing the best of their nation and culture to the world.

The history of South Korea, of course, is very much the same. Light years ahead of their neighbor to the north. And the invitation to transformation and enhanced economic restoration, while retaining the hallmark identity and culture as a nation, with neighbors and the United States helping to empower them, makes for an unprecedented open door for North Korea. Kim Jong Un would be wise to seize the opportunity.

That said, there’s a challenging side to US diplomacy from the previous administration which blocked the tracks of this advancement at least temporarily. The mention by diplomats of the “Libya model” actually seemed to provoke the dramatic hostility from North Korea which led President Trump to put things on hold. It’s important to understand why.

When most Americans think of the “Libya model,” we think of the successful mandate given to Libya to de-nuclearize the nation and renounce terrorism before being granted restored diplomatic relations and US support. Strongman Muammar Gaddafi made an extraordinary turnaround in response to US and global requests, and followed suit. Libya stabilized. Further, unknown to many America, Libya became a reliable and vigilant longterm ally against terrorism. With Gaddafi even leading the way!

Which is why the policies of President Obama and Sec. of State Clinton to overthrow Gaddafi were taken as an absolute betrayal of this trust. The nation spiraled down, succumbing to the very terrorism it helped the west avert. And within eight short years of Gaddafi’s change of heart and policy, he was dead.

That’s not the aspect of the Libya model our diplomats sought to reference. But remember Benghazi. Remember the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember ISIS. The sad reality is that this policy of betrayal under Obama and Clinton plunged Libya, and really Iraq and Syria as well, into a level of chaos and bloodshed from which it has yet to recover. Nations are in shambles. 

North Korea wisely does not want this aspect of the Libya model as part of their summit.

As an aside, it is astonishing to me—yet not coincidental—that many of the architects of these policy disasters within the diplomatic and intelligence communities are now spearheading the relentless assault on Donald Trump. Lets thank God for Deep State deliverance!

That said, part of making America great again is restoring global credibility after this recent series of absolute disasters. President Trump has advanced the cause of peace with North Korea, and perhaps a new day of freedom for the nation, far beyond the shallow diplomacy of his predecessors. Lets back him in prayer. Knowing that success demands a genuine leap of faith for all.

And a reformational freedom movement is now at hand.