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IT’S TIME—MINNESOTA REVIVAL! Strong move of the Spirit at the Josiah Center brought powerful services Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. Jon and Jolene both ministering. Please watch and enjoy!

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During our Revolution 2018 conference at the Trump International, Rick Ridings and Andrew Brunson both issued clear warnings about the emergence of a dangerous alliance between Iran, Turkey and Russia. It was unsettling. Because just the night before Chuck Pierce had prophesied a clarion warning for 2019 regarding demonic confederations. 

These words seem to be coming to pass right now before our eyes. 

The nations of the Mideast are now gathering. Iran’s Rouhani is meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan at a Black Sea convocation hosted by Vladimir Putin. This meeting is occurring at the very same time a long-planned Mideast summit is being convened by the US State Department in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting, entitled “Promoting a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East,” is bringing together 60 nations, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Israel and others to chart a new way forward. 

The Warsaw meeting includes many Arab dignitaries as well as Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Are we possibly witnessing the emergence of an Isaiah 19 alliance? I pray so! 

Conflict of Thrones 2019
But the reality of these two concurrent meetings seems to convey how the lines are being drawn in the sands of the Mideast. As we warned in our book the Midnight Cry, a regional or even global conflict of thrones could easily accelerate. Russia continues to warn Israel against striking Syria, even as Israel is ramping up efforts to drive Iran out of Syria. 

Meanwhile Israel just responded to Iran’s threat to obliterate Haifa and Tel Aviv as Iran celebrated the 40th anniversary of its hardline Shia revolution. It is estimated that Iran is less than two years away from developing nuclear weapons. Please note that Israel and America have both vowed never to allow this to occur. 

Appropriately, Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau during his visit. lets join with him in the remembrance of the past, and of our own vows to face down totalitarianism tied to anti-Semitism in our day. 

NEVER AGAIN. Rarely has there ever been a more important time for these resolutions to direct our path. Help Lord!

Isaiah 19 for 2019! Trumping Totalitarian Onslaught
Please pray for Secretary of State Pompeo and Vice President Pence as they lead the Warsaw summit. Pray for excellence in diplomacy. Pray for receptivity and collaboration among the nations gathered. Jared Kushner, who with Jason Greenblatt has been working on a comprehensive Mideast peace plan, is scheduled to brief attendees as well. Please pray for clear direction from Holy Spirit. Pray for the cause of peace to be advanced without any imposition on covenant boundaries. 

Above all, PRAY ISAIAH 19 FOR 2019! This is the greatest hope to TRUMP the emergence of Iran’s totalitarian onslaught and usher the Mideast into an era of genuine peace. 

A midnight crisis is at hand. Lets contend for God’s midnight turnaround. Looking forward to tonight’s call…