THANK YOU LORD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! As we launch into a second year year of the Trump administration, we as Lamplighter Ministries want to express our profound gratitude for the ground that has been gained. From Washington to Jerusalem, we have seen an incredible year of turnaround! Certainly there are many challenges yet to be resolved. Lets resolve to continue doing our part to keep the momentum of this turnaround moving strong.

“And through the hard places a CRY will come forth in this Nation and the flood of MY spirit will not cease”—Lynnie Harlow. 

Lamplighter family, thank you for praying through these incredible 22 days, especially for President Trump—for his leadership and especially his protection. Most of you know we launched the Midnight Cry prayer project 20 days ago because of warnings that President Trump was being targeted. I received two warnings from prophetic intercessors in different states on the same day. My wife Jolene received a clear warning dream about January 20 as a date where he would be targeted. Heeding a Gideon call, we have been in fervent prayer ever since. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, January 20 marked both the anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration and the date of the government shutdown. More on this in a moment.

L’Chaim! Shifting into LIFE
It was amazing how the first anniversary of his inauguration culminated with President Trump’s courageous stand for LIFE in a historic speech addressing the March for Life Friday. By this alone he is truly forging a new way forward for America—beyond the shadow of a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. This is the precisely the transition we have been through during this season of prayer. 

Jolene and I were honored to take part in a private briefing and prayer time Friday evening at the White House (Old Executive Office Building). By God’s orchestration, your accumulated prayers these past three weeks were ushered through the gates of the highest seat of authority in our land.

Midnight Crisis, Midnight Cry, Midnight Turnaround
Of course, Trump’s stand immediately followed by a government shutdown forced upon the American people by extremely divisive party politics. At midnight. Literally a midnight crisis. 

I believe we were the last group of faith leaders onsite at the White House before the government shutdown. Lets keep in mind we serve a God who takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it for good. This midnight crisis has already been countered by a midnight cry, and a midnight turnaround has been decreed! 

Now lets redeem the time. Over the “Schumer shutdown” lets declare “Shabbat shalom.” A time to pause, reflect, repent and renew. A time for our nation, and for many working within the halls of government to seek the Lord as we launch into the second phase of God’s work through the Trump administration. 

PROPHESY LIFE! As always, no King but Jesus…