Top: Watchmen on the Walls! Ramparts surrounding the Temple Mount overlooking the Silwan area of Mt. of Olives. Mid left: Unceasing prayer at Western Wall. Mid right: Tower of David. Below left: Orthodox Jewish violin player at sunset. Below right: Jon on ramparts. 


“Against all odds, a great victory for the Likud, for the nationalist camp led by the Likud, and for the people of Israel”—Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, 10:45 pm Tuesday, Israel time. 

We returned to the US yesterday, indulging in an early morning breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Two eggs sunny side up, turkey bacon and an oversized bran muffin if you please! Playing in the background of the restaurant was “Take it to the Lord in Prayer,” immediately followed by Dolly Parton belting out, “Jolene, Jolene.”

It was a warm welcome home.

We again want to thank each of you for your prayers. Turnaround Tuesday took on a whole new meaning this week as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gained a decisive victory in Israel’s elections. We had the privilege of ministering the night before, sharing on God’s turnaround at Succat Hallel. And we saw together judgement in favor of the saints!

And on this Turnaround Tuesday, Israel took back her land.

Two Election Turnarounds—Why?
Israel’s election almost exactly followed the dramatic turnaround that culminated the US elections in 2014. From my perspective the astounding results were not shaped merely by political paradigms of opposing parties. Instead, in each election the voters delivered a clear repudiation of extraordinary agendas imposed on each nation by this current administration.

Consider the astounding reactions to each election by President Obama. The US elections in 2014 proved historic, with Republicans taking both the House and Senate, as well as virtually every available gubernatorial seat. I personally believe America voted Republican to provide our nation with checks and balances that would restrain the current administration from violating the clear Constitutional boundaries that define the office.

Public Display…of Vitriol?
President Obama’s response? After the elections, he defiantly opposed the will of the people, threatening to bypass Congress completely and push the boundaries of “executive privilege” even more.

Now, after Israel’s elections, an angry and defiant President Obama is now threatening to dishonor the will of the people in both Israel and America in pursuit of the administration’s agenda for God’s covenant land. Sanctions against Israel are apparently again on the table. So is withdrawing support for Israel in the United Nations.

From my perspective, this public display of vitriol against the only credible democracy in the Mideast should have been reserved for those seeking our harm, not for our friends. Like ISIS, for example. Or perhaps Iran, countering the nation’s unyielding refusal to cease its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Purim 2015—Cycle of History Repeats
Remember Purim 2015, where the legacy of this ancient intervention played out again before our very eyes. Complete with a dramatic address on Purim eve—this time to a joint session of Congress. Like Esther of old, Netanyahu asked for preservation from elements within modern Persia who have again openly vowed to destroy the Jewish people. Even while gallows were being prepared both in America and Israel to negate his influence.

President Obama was enraged—and let the world know. He accused the Prime Minister of Israel of violating diplomatic channels, and called on him publicly to cancel his speech. Citing a “desire not to influence the Israeli elections,” Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu. Meanwhile Obama’s top campaign advisor for the 2012 elections was busy directing a political campaign—in Israel—to unseat this very leader.

The slogan of Israel’s “Victory 15” was literally, “Anyone but Netanyahu.” Led by the US campaign director credited with winning the election for President Obama. Allegedly resourced in part by US State Department funds.

No influence… really?

A Violation of Trust
Shortly afterwards, news broke that Obama had allegedly threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if Netanyahu ever launched a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear capacities. Even though Iran’s current leadership, which the US is negotiating with, has still vowed to wipe Israel off the map, and is still ardently pursuing weapons of mass destruction towards this end.

Please remember that Israel is America’s closest ally in the Mideast. And that time and again, failed bargains between nations and kingdoms have historically launched God’s covenant people into pogroms and holocausts. Just consider Neville Chamberlain’s imposition of “appeasement,” in which clear intelligence was ignored in pursuit of an agenda that tragically failed. Six million Jewish lives were lost, due in large part to this “miscalaculation” that restrained the intervention of nations.

Does Iran still represent an existential threat? You decide. And when you do, let your mind and heart perceive these unfolding events through the eyes of Jewish voters in Israel. Where their closest ally on the global stage now seeks to forcefully impose an agenda that potentially imperils their land and people.

Sacred trust had been violated. Through this election, the voters of Israel considered their options and decided to take back their land. From my perspective, that is why Prime Minister Netanyahu overwhelmingly won.

Watchmen on the Walls—Israel and America
Now comes the hard part. Precious friends, it is for this reason I wrote earlier that our work in prayer is not done—in reality, it has only just begun. The Lord judges, and makes war to enforce His verdict. In the end I am therefore confident that the verdict of the Lord on behalf of Israel and America will stand, and that we will both remain Heaven-rescued lands.

But this is also why we must remain watchmen on the walls at this critical hour—for Israel and for America individually, for the vulnerable relationship between our nations as we move forward, and for the protection of both our homelands from the existential threats that imperil us both.

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem, who will not hold their peace day and night. You who make mention of the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth” (Isaiah 62:6-7).