With Apostle John Benefiel, Andy Leong, Jon & Jolene, HAPN and OAPN leaders, more. Church on the Rock, 1780 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK
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Pentecost… Shavuot… Glory of God Restored!
Note: Special thanks to James Nesbit for the special artwork of the Glory Train moving through wheat fields. What a picture of Pentecost, the festival celebrating the harvest of wheat where the harvest of humanity was forever secured as God’s glory was restored. Do it again God!

This train is bound for glory! This Pentecost, God is summoning His people to come together for a unique and profound gathering. It’s time to see His glory restored covenantally in the heartland of our nation.

A few months ago I received a very clear word from the Lord regarding Shavuot, or Pentecost. That this Shavuot the Lord wanted His Glory Train to come to Oklahoma City, to the very altar where this national movement to repudiate idolatry began. Because as we governmentally received the Court of Heaven’s verdict on the divorcement of Baal, we are now going to receive governmentally the restoration of His Glory.

I’ll never forget a meeting in 2011 with Apostle John Benefiel on November 10, 2011. We gathered in an old black church in Anacostia, Washington DC where James Nesbit was holding nightly worship meetings. We were connecting with HAPN leaders in each state capital to receive and affirm God’s covenant with the land.

Apostle John was unusually quiet. Turns out he had just had a vision, which was a very rare occurrence for him. He spoke about how he had seen a bright fog coming into the coastline, then spreading across the nation from coast to coast. He had literally seen God’s glory coming in by way of the East Gate!

We understand scripturally that the primary key to restoring God’s glory is the repudiation of idolatry by the body of Christ. It’s what made Katherine Watsey’s prophetic promise so real when we all first signed up for the project. She saw how Heaven’s Court required this divorce before He would restore His glory and release His move of awakening. And she prophesied that this work would shift us into His long-promised awakening.

Friends, I believe the time has now come. We look forward to joining with you in this “Year of the Vav” to see Heaven connected to earth in fulfillment of His covenant promise. Because this train is truly bound for glory! Lets get on board and see His Glory Revolution.

Updated Itinerary
Southwest Tour—Dallas to Los Angeles

June 3-4 Tribe Quantum with James Nesbit, Chuck Pierce at Church on the Rock (attending)

June 4 Train OKC to Dallas TX

June 5 10:30 am Mountain Creek Church, Prayer Mountain, Dallas TX

June 6 Train to Austin TX

June 7 Capital gathering with Tom Schlueter, Austin TX

June 8 Service 7pm Prince of Peace Church with Tom Schlueter, Dallas TX

June 10 Shavuot Service, Glory of Zion (attending)

June 11 Train to OKC

June 12 Pentecost Oklahoma City! 6pm Church on the Rock
I hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind! What a time to see God’s glory restored as the Glory Train comes to Church on the Rock with Apostle John Benefiel this Shavuot.

June 13 7pm Transformed Church of God, 4300 Finch RD, Paragould, Arkansas

June 14 Memphis TN

June 15 7pm Jackson Vineyard Church, 5416 Lakeland Drive, Flowood , MS 39232, http://vineyardjackson.org

June 16 Train to New Orleans, Flight to Houston

June 17-18 Glory Train Houston

June 18-19 Train to Maricopa

June 21 Live-stream show with with Patricia King

June 22 Train to Los Angeles

June 26 11 am Hollywood House of Prayer with Jonathan and Sharon Ngai, 8967 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA

July 1-2 REVOLUTION San Diego with Dutch Sheets, more, Skyline Church, San Diego CA

July 4 Reagan Museum, Simi Valley

July 7 Sacrament—Capital Consecration
10 am Sacramento Capital—Prayer with Vicki Nohrden
7 pm The Rock of Roseville, 725 Vernon Street Roseville CA