SATURDAY NIGHT! Special Pentecost Prayer Call. 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

PENTECOST is an important time to present your offerings to the Lord. Lets honor the Lord with our harvest! If you’d like to sow into the Glory Train movement, please click here. 

THIS TRAIN IS BOUND FOR GLORY! We are headed back up north today, to Fort Worth and on to Oklahoma City tonight in preparation for Pentecost. Thank you for praying for the Glory Train. The Lord moved in power. Our friend Tom Schlueter and his team have brought incredible depth, clarity, resolve and delight to our entire journey. I’m so glad to report that the “Texas Turnaround” is now in motion!

And I guess our wheels are rollin’ in the quantum realm, because it seems like just yesterday we were boarding the train for the first time. Since March 4 we have connected with Hawaii and Alaska and circled more than half the nation by rail. The meetings have been incredible all along the way!

America, Married to the Lord
Turnaround. As we were planning this journey, I really wrestled with the Lord over the enormity of the project. That’s when Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly, “As you circle the nation you are presenting the Lord Jesus Christ with a wedding band—America, married to the Lord!” That was all I needed to hear.

I knew then the Lord wanted His Glory Train in Oklahoma City on Pentecost itself. The heartland. The altar from which the largest and most comprehensive move to repudiate idolatry in our nation’s history was mobilized. The altar from which covenant with Jesus Christ was nationally restored.

Pentecost—Covenant Established, Glory Restored!
Scripturally it is the divorcement of our idolatry, historic and present, that opens up the window to see God’s glory restored and His destiny reconstituted. You can see the reality of this in both the lives of individuals and regions. Throughout the chronicles of both the Bible and history the promised results have proven as consistent as gravity.

Now the unlocked wheels of this Glory Train journey have propelled us to Pentecost 2016. Most of us know how the ancient Jewish festival marked the precise time and date when God chose to restore His glory. “There came a sound like a rushing, mighty wind!” Appearing in Jerusalem for the first time in 600 years after the prophet Ezekiel saw the glory lift.

But here’s something most Christians do not understand about Pentecost or Shavuot. Because Pentecost is actually all about covenant.

The Feast marks the time Moses was visited by God’s glory on Mount Sinai, and returned with the Ten Commandments. Note the pattern here. Do you want a word from the Lord? Get up the mountain and into His glory! Let His fiery countenance shine on you as you receive His covenant promise for your life.

That said, most see the Ten Commandments as simply rules for mankind to live by. But there’s so much more! The Ten Commandments are actually God’s marital covenant with His chosen people.

You shall love the Lord with all your heart! You shall have no other gods before Me. Come on! You can hear the passion within each sentence as God called an entire people to Himself. His marital proposal was met with a resounding “yes” by all of Israel. And adhering to God’s governance from the heart, fueled by an intimate relationship with His manifest glory, is how the Lord would mark His covenant people forever as a kingdom of priests before His Throne.

This was God’s original intention. An intention that became deeply marred when so many of His own people rejected His ways, choosing idolatry and sin instead. The marriage covenant became so broken that the glory of God was actually removed from His people and land. “Do you see what they are doing, Ezekiel? And this is the least of their abominations, so that I would be far from My own sanctuary…” (Ez. 8:6).

Anniversary Gift
Beloved, to me this is what makes the cross Jesus Christ endured for us so extraordinary. It was in the face of our abhorrent betrayal that He gave Himself fully for us. Restoring God’s covenant, restoring His original intention for mankind.

Why did God choose Pentecost to display His glory? Very simply it’s the anniversary of His covenant with His people. A covenant broken by sin, but reconstituted through Christ’s own body and blood.

And because of Christ’s unimaginable sacrifice, Heaven’s Court was satisfied. Holy Spirit was given once again to dwell with mankind and manifest God’s glory to His people. Establishing the marital covenant that was redeemed with an anniversary gift of unimaginable, matchless value. In Jesus’ name!

Witnesses of His Glory
I believe this process is what makes Pentecost 2016 so sacred to the Lord. Once again, covenant with God apart from idolatry has been restored on behalf of an entire nation. It’s now time for His covenant to be established in glory! It’s time to see the restoration of the glory of God across the nation. Awakening, intimacy, power encounters, harvest, even corporate visitations of the Holy Spirit that mark an entire land and people. Pentecost. Sealing the promise of America, married to the Lord!

Glory Train. If you’ve followed our journey, you know that Jolene and I have been sent by the Lord this year to bear witness to the restoration of His glory across the nation. We are so grateful for His faithfulness to move in power in every meeting.

And because He so emphasized Pentecost to us this year, I believe this glory He has been revealing is only going to increase! As this train whistles and rolls toward Oklahoma City, lets take to heart again what the Lord has promised through the “Glory Train” vision by Bob and Bonnie Jones.

And then I was told to get ready for I would live to see the glory return… So we’re on that glory train and any time you hear a train whistle just say this in your thinking, “I’m on that train, I’m on God’s glory train! My future is in His glory train and that’s where I’ll abide with Him! And all of my time down here, that glory train will get bigger and bigger because when it stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father.”

Get ready for entire cities to be saved. And get ready for the glory to shine at night like streaks of flames; like fireworks to where you’ll visibly begin to see His glory. It’s a coming glory but I don’t believe we have to wait long for it to come. I believe it’s at the door waiting and shortly it will come through.