Special Broadcast 8pm Sunday!

SUNDAY EVE—SPECIAL PENTECOST BROADCAST! Memorial Day eve intersects with the final night of the 21 day “Isaiah 62 fast” for Israel. Please join Jon and Jolene for a prophetic perspective on coming events, strategic prayer, and a plea before God for the United States of America. 

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Join us for a special Sunday broadcast! As we mentioned Wednesday, three major movements are converging into this divine doorway this Sunday, May 28. First, it’s Pentecost Sunday, the date the body of Christ celebrates the release of Holy Spirit and the subsequent birth of the church. Second, this year Pentecost also marks the culmination of the global Isaiah 62 fast for Israel. Millions of people across the globe have engaged. 

Third, Pentecost this year also marks Memorial Day, when we as a nation pause to honor the men and women in our military and intelligence communities who have given their lives to secure the freedom of our nation for their generation. 

As we wrote Monday, the Lord has shown us personally that the next two years, from Pentecost 2023 to Pentecost 2025, should be considered as a single block of time. 

Prophetically, as of Pentecost 2023 we are entering a tremendous time of upheaval, transition, opportunity and turnaround. Scanning the prophetic horizon it is clear that Israel and America are both facing down an immediate existential confrontation with the government of Iran. What would a strike look like? How would military action affect current geopolitical factors—such as Russia’s war with Ukraine, or China’s pursuit of Taiwan? Or our debt?

And why is all of this converging over Pentecost?

Please make sure to join us 8pm Sunday evening. Lets enter through the door of Shavuot 2023 into a defining moment in history!