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THE COVENANT CONGRESS WAS POWERFUL. I know I will never be the same. Special thanks to all who attended, and all who prayed. Due to a flight delay we did not arrive home until early this morning. Apologies for the lateness of this post! 

The last night of the Congress, we saw many make a dramatic shift from a wilderness season to a move of the Spirit. We became “synched up” again in God’s timing! We then became seated with Christ in a new way. 

Much of what transpired was centered around a significant dream the Lord gave me on May 13. Aspects of the dream brought clarity to issues I was praying about personally, so for this reason it is edited a bit. But the confirmation of direction became unmistakeable. 

Destiny Doors are Opening for You to Take Your Seats!
Early in the morning on May 13–I awoke hearing the phrase, “Destiny doors are opening for many in the body to take your seats for the future.” I prayed into this phrase a bit then fell back asleep. Then I awoke to the following dream. 

Walking up hill by rolling verdant farmland, roadway paved with white stones, sidewalk some of the way along the side of the road, headed towards an open gate. There was a white picket fence around the gate and surrounding area, with a Farmhouse-type building to the right. The gate was very large, and was bright white, with gateposts and a crossbeam forming a framed entryway made of black wrought iron similar to what you see with ranch entrances. I knew the gate represented the “time gate” of Pentecost 2022.

A sign was hanging from beam of the gate which simply said, “Covenant Spirit.” And I saw how, when people go through, it is as though the dove comes down! This will be happening more and more as we connect at God’s strategic timing. 

The path about the same on other side of the gate, but went through woods. It seemed to lead to some sort of gathering.

In the dream, Jolene had gone ahead of me and I was walking quickly to catch up. Suddenly a leader appeared nearby, whom the Lord used in Jolene and my life to confirm His Isaiah 54 turnaround. She and her daughter were also walking towards the gate. 

Then another leader appeared to my right. The man is well known in the prayer movement, but in a very different sphere from Jolene and me. I watched as he worked in a nearby field to build a structure on the “wilderness side” of the gate. He was wearing a white construction helmet, seemingly having to take a foreman’s role on construction project, unrolling and installing some sort of steel fencing around farmland outside the gate. The work seemed to be draining him. I wanted to compel him to stop building in the wilderness and come through the gate, where the next move of the Spirit was being released. But I felt checked to do so. We nodded to each other and grinned politely as I walked past.

Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: 

“Many have settled their camps at the gate, but not through the gate. I am calling you to go through the gate, escorting My Isaiah 54 Turnaround through the gate, to the place and seat I have called you! 

The final thing I heard was that “Holy Spirit is the set-apart Spirit.” In other words, He is a COVENANT SPIRIT! And we must align with God’s covenant to receive what Holy Spirit desires to bring forth. And as we follow Him in this season, we are being seated with Christ in a new, tangible way.

Again, I knew the gate represented destiny doors the Lord is opening for Pentecost 2022. We had to move through these gates to secure the seats before the Throne that He was offering. At our HAPN Covenant Congress, we had an unexpected orchestration of this movement with an unexpected confirmation. One of the state leaders was unable to attend, but wanted her state represented. So she literally sent the very leader I saw in the dream. It was such a confirmation that the Lord is moving to manifest His Isaiah 54 turnaround in this season. 

And as an entire company, we moved through the gate called “Covenant Spirit!” I have to say, the Dove moved powerfully. Many were actually given visions of their new seats of authority. 

Note that Elijah was seated by God over nation in time where corrupt rulers tied to idolatry seated themselves, seeking to take over government of God’s covenant land. He received a seat from Heaven that neither man nor devil could take away. In his ministry, Elijah restored God’s covenant from Baal to Jesus. We are being summoned higher for a similar mandate!

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