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Praise the Lord! No news is truly good news. Thanks to all who joined for the Vigilant Wait night watch, protecting and defending Washington DC and our nation during this convergence of Pentecost and Memorial Day. Sara Ballenger did a great job propelling us all forward.

More than a hundred participated at very short notice. As I walked the streets on the call with many of you Saturday, the clash of kingdoms was tangible. But the Lord granted breakthrough!

Elijah Thrones are Emerging
And really, this breakthrough began to shift us into the true weight of Pentecost. While praying this weekend, I became very aware that a window has now opened for the prophetic potential God promised us to be released.

Elijah thrones are emerging. We first prophesied this for 2015 in our book Crown & Throne, and as a ministry we have explored and prayed into this potential for more than a year now. But there’s a real difference between perceiving the potential and receiving Heaven’s access to manifest this potential. And as of Pentecost 2015, a fresh authority from Heaven is now strengthening us to establish covenantal expressions of His Throne “on earth as in Heaven.”

Jezebel Thrones
Jezebel thought she had all of Israel under lock-down. She had usurped the very Throne of God’s covenant land, and all Israel had seemingly become subservient to her satanic spell.

Jezebel worshiped Baal. The prophets of Baal ate at her table, even while the prophets of the Lord were persecuted. She taught all Israel the ways of Baal worship, teaching the most heinous forms of sexual immorality as sacred acts of worship. Temple prostitutes openly engaged Baal worshipers in practices considered by God to be abominations. Babies were sacrificed on altars to Baal.

And food sacrificed to these idols was received into the innermost parts of God’s people. Remember the spirit of the idol was invoked into the sacrifice, so that when the food was consumed, practitioners believed that a demonic spirit was imparted.

But eating food sacrificed to idols meant more than just partaking of meat that had been ritually sacrificed. Jezebel was queen, and Jezebel’s table was a supply line controlled by government. At a core level, eating food from Jezebel’s table meant that God’s own people had to compromise their consecration to God and their God-given values, personally and as a nation, simply to receive their daily bread.

Sound familiar? It should.

Remember the heritage of God’s covenant people. He had literally fought a revolution against Pharaoh, against the gods of Egypt and the government of Egypt, to free His people from the slavery and subservience that came from a government tied to idolatry.

God brought them into His covenant land—the only ground on earth He cut covenant with Himself to claim.

Covenants legally establish thrones of governance. God’s dream was that He would rule with His people on Israel’s seat of authority forever. But the leaders of Israel succumbed to idolatry, sexual depravity and unholy alliances, literally yielding their thrones of governance by covenant over to Jezebel.

The Emergence of Elijah Thrones
Yet it is against this backdrop that the Lord unveiled Elijah the prophet. A man trained in secret by the Lord, hidden in the wilderness hills until God’s chosen time for breakthrough. Turnaround time.

Jezebel had her throne. But a Throne was given to Elijah that no devil or government could challenge. It was a Throne established by covenant with God to bring His governance to His covenant land. From this Throne God brought discipline and also restoration. “As surely as the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, no rain nor dew all these years except at my word!”

And as of Pentecost 2015, we are seeing the Lord entrust the same gift to America as He granted Israel. Elijah thrones are emerging.

American Pharaoh
Since before Obama’s first inauguration, the Lord has continually spoken to me that our 44th President stands between Moses and Pharaoh. The man who took his oath of office on the Bibles of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King has a choice to make—whether to embrace the legacy and covenant of Moses, as Lincoln and King did, or the legacy and covenant of Pharaoh. I have literally prayed ever since for our President to make the right alignment!

Further, while praying over the White House in 2008 I had a vision. Two chocolate-brown race horses were coming into the White House as two light gray horses were being escorted out.

So it’s a little disconcerting that, on June 6, a race horse named American Pharaoh seems poised to win the Triple Crown. God is conveying something prophetically through these races. American Pharaoh has already won two races, and all bets are on that he will win a third race.

And it’s not a coincidence that the Belmont Stakes, the third race, is being held on June 6 of this year. Because June 6 happens to be the 48th anniversary of Jerusalem’s return to Israeli jurisdiction. Israel fought the 6 day war in 1967, securing this holy city once again as the throne, or capital, of God’s covenant land. This was and is a prophetic sign before all nations. But as we’ve seen in Israel’s most recent elections, a certain race horse has also been contending for this throne, even demanding to divide Jerusalem and the Promised Land.

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that a primary definition of “Belmont” is Bel Mont, or Mountain of Baal. Interestingly, Belmont Park is in the heart of Queens, NYC.

How Are You Aligning?
Will American Pharaoh win the third race? What does this mean? Here’s what I know. Jezebel thrones have been in place for a long time in this covenant land, dedicated by our forefathers to the Lord Jesus Christ. But as of Pentecost 2015, Elijah Thrones are now emerging.

And from this standpoint, the race is already won. However, each of you need to review how you are aligning in this hour. The stakes are high. But on the mountain claimed by Baal, the enemy is going to be restrained, the altar of the Lord is going to be restored, and as in the days of Elijah and Pentecost fresh fire is going to fall again!

The Elijah anointing is a turnaround anointing. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers, so that God will not smite the land with a curse.

Entire regions of cities, states and even the nation itself will be known primarily for either Jezebel thrones or Elijah Thrones. Multitudes are going to return to the Lord Jesus Christ—here, in Israel, and in the nations.

It’s going to be disruptive, for sure, just as Elijah’s ministry was disruptive, and John the Baptist’s ministry was disruptive. But it’s time for the spell and delusion to break! For you and me, it’s time to prepare the way for the dream of God’s heart for His land and people.