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God is releasing a turnaround mantle! Yesterday we brought you into a little of the prophetic swirl surrounding Revolution 2014. Please believe God with us for the full restraint of the enemy’s hand, and the full release of His mantle to turn our nation and governance back to Him!

Over the past few years, our National covenant with God has been restored. Now we are entering a season of seeing His covenant established. As we shared yesterday, William Penn was cloaked in a mantle from God to establish godly governance in our land. He founded his state upon principles received by prophetic revelation from the Lord. Those very seeds, harvested a hundred years later in Philadelphia, framed the US Constitution.

Our heart at Revolution is to see God re-cover this sacred mantle of godly governance, and see the harvest of the seeds entrusted originally to Penn and Pennsylvania. As Abby Abildness shares here, the good news is the Holy Spirit has literally issued this very invitation. What an amazing prophetic experience!

Penn’s Mantle Unfurled—By Abby Abildness
God is releasing a mantle to take down giants, and restore our nation back to Him! On August 16, Pennsylvania Prayer Network leaders hosted “Unite To Restore America” in the “Giant Center,” a huge arena in Hershey PA. The event hosted national and international leaders, and drew people from many nations. We resounded together a united “pledge of allegiance” for our nation’s design to again be “One nation under God, a refuge of liberty and justice for all.”

We felt compelled that event should be a platform for Penn’s “Holy Experiment” to again go forth and impact our nation as a precedent to the nations. Our inspiration was Penn’s quote written in mosaic in the Harrisburg capitol dome:

“MY GOD will make it the SEED OF A NATION, a HOLY EXPERIMENT, for the nations want a precedent, that we would do the thing that is wise and just.” 

The Restore America event had an atmosphere of a holy Presence. Various people had a sense of our founding forefathers joining in what the Bible calls “a cloud of witnesses,” converging their prayers with our prayers today.

Vision: Penn in a Whirlwind
A vision was reported of William Penn. He was suspended high in the center of the arena, covered with a scarlet mantle over his clothes. In the vision Penn stood in the midst of a whirlwind. He raised his mantle over his head and whirled it around, unfurling his mantle in the arena and releasing it over everyone!

The scarlet mantle reminds us of the mantle he reportedly often wore. It is pictured in the largest mural in the Harrisburg Capitol, directly over the speakers podium in the House Chamber. Prominent  historical figures who played key roles in Pennsylvania’s history are seen with spiritual revolutionary leaders and William Penn standing in the center wearing with his large scarlet cloak. It was worn as a mantle signifying his position of power to exercise dominion.

The scripture written on the painting, just beneath his feet, is Deuteronomy 32:7. “Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will show thee, thy elders, and they will tell thee.” 

In the vision in the arena, Penn had a smile on his face, as though pleased to be unfurling a mantle from generations past. It was from His own vision while a student at Christ Church, Oxford, where he believed a seal of divinity was put upon him. A light came into his study and he heard God’s words, “He will build my city, and he shall let go my captives” (Isaiah 45:13).

Receive His Mantle
The holy seed Penn planted in Pennsylvania in 1601 has been unfurled for our generation to be taken to bring peace and unity to our nation and all nations, which was the fulfillment of His vision. That said, we believe He is offering this mantle again to Washington DC. Mantled by Christ Himself, bearing the legacy He so generously entrusted to our land, we can see the giants of hatred, discord and lawlessness defeated. We can see a turnaround in our land!