9pm EST—
FREE REGISTRATION!  Lamplighter family please join us for a revolutionary time with Patricia King, a pioneer in glory and revival internationally. YOU MUST REGISTER for the free webcast—to register click here. 

Just a quick note to please join us for our time with Patricia King tonight. Patricia is an amazing pioneer who really moves with Holy Spirit. Please pray for a great flow in conversation and prayer. Pray for Holy Spirit connectivity and visitation. In short, pray for God to move!

Speaking of which… did you know the glory of God has wheels? When Ezekiel saw the Glory, he saw living creatures that moved with the glory. And somehow the Spirit was in the wheels! (Ezekiel 1).

Don’t you want to move with God’s glory like this? You can! The truth is, you are a fine-tuned “Glory transporter.” Christ in you, the hope of Glory, is getting you back on track so that you can roll on to His intended destination for your life. From glory to glory by the Spirit of God!

But right now you might just feel like the wheels of your Glory transporter really need an alignment. Take a moment now and lets come before the Throne.

Need an Alignment? Lets Pray
Father of glory, we ask that you bring us again into synergy with Your heart and Throne. Pull us out of every realm and dimension of the spirit the enemy has tried to trap us in or halt our progress, especially over this last day or so. Restrain the enemy, in Jesus Name. Align us again covenantally and governmentally with Your Throne!

Fill us afresh with Holy Spirit. Let Your Spirit be in our wheels! Lord we are moving forward towards our destination, but we ask that You actually be with us on the journey. Grant that we move with You and not just for You.

And please direct us. Grant us an increased measure of Your Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. Open the eyes of our understanding that we may know the hope of His calling in our immediate world. Real-time prophetic revelation Lord! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Covenant blessings, Jon & Jolene