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TURNAROUND OFFERING! Passover! Lets honor Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and sow into the “Glory Revolution” He is birthing across our land. To make a contribution online please click here

CHARLESTON SC—Glory Train! 7pm Weds, April 27, North Community Church with Judy Jackson and more. 1738 Cross County Road, N. Charleston SC. Join us! 

BRUNSWICK GA Friday thru Sunday. Glory Train weekend at Remnant Church! Please make plans to join us. 

Passover—Freedom from Abuse
GET ON BOARD THE GLORY TRAIN… GET ON BOARD THE GLORY TRAIN! I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously, the horse and rider thrown into the sea…”

We are now on the Glory Train, moving towards historic Charleston SC. And this spontaneous chorus from Jamie Fitt and PTOD is keeping me on track. Get on board the Glory Train! God is sending a glory train, a freedom movement your way this Passover season! The manifestation of a political spirit and dictatorial governance is being confronted in this hour. The horse and rider thrown into the sea. And His covenant people are moving from bondage to freedom!

As you move into freedom, it’s important to gain wisdom from your forefathers. Pharaoh fought God’s people all the way through their exodus from his abuse. It’s no different today.

I strongly encourage you to be careful and you discern by the Spirit and respond by the Spirit when challenges arise. Because as the Lord shifts us into a new season, we are guaranteed to find sparks and friction, a shattering of hardened expectations and old mindsets that hold us in bondage.

Remember we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. A primary tactic used by controlling people is the weapon of accusation. Accusation can literally become a force of witchcraft against you. It is meant to marginalize or invalidate your contribution and keep you in a place of subservience to a person. Accusation is often employed deliberately as a form of control, and is the diametric opposite of genuine intercession.

And in order to become free, you need to recognize all forms of abuse for what they are, and stop tolerating them. I love Harriet Tubman’s commentary on the Underground Railroad. “I freed a thousand slaves, and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves…”

The good news is that God means it when He says, LET MY PEOPLE GO! Christ’s own blood was shed to redeem you. So when the window for freedom opens this Passover week, be the first to move forward. Repent. Receive the gift of His body and blood to cleanse you, cover you and free you (Acts 3:19). All aboard the Glory Train!

Special Audio—The Glory Revolution
Finally today, today I want to share with you a message on the Glory Revolution, delivered Saturday evening in Williamsburg VA. Jolene and I weave together prophetic revelation and clear biblical teaching. We hope it lays the tracks for you to move forward in confidence and clarity.

As I shared yesterday, nearby Virginia Beach is where I first saw the vision of the Glory Train. So it was really incredible that we were able to join with Ryan McAdams and the Agape Mission Church there, on the second evening of Passover, to call for the release of this Glory Revolution. A marriage of the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts!

The audio is below. Note our call this week is switched to Thursday. We are so excited that Bonnie Jones will be joining us  And all aboard the Glory Train!


GLORY REVOLUTIONARIES! Passover Message from Williamsburg VA.

Glory Train Schedule
April 27 North Palm Community Church, N. Charleston SC, with Judy Jackson
April 28-31 Glory Train Weekend, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA with Jamie Jackson
May 5 (National Day of Prayer), 7pm at Father’s House, Conyers GA with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, more.
May 6-7 Revolution Georgia, Cartersville House of Prayer with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, Rocky & Mary Abernathy, more. For info click here.
May 8 City Gate Atlanta, 5pm with Jacquie Tyre.
May 11 Rivers Edge Church, Montgomery AL, Pastor Eddie Mitchell