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FIRST—PRAYERS CONTINUE FOR FRANCE after yesterday’s blaze virtually destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The foundations remain, but the covering has been all but destroyed. Amazingly, a crown of thorns—allegedly the very crown worn by Christ on the cross—made it through the fire. 

The wounded cathedral and its precious treasures have become a symbol of the state of Christianity in France and perhaps Europe. Pray this nation return to her covenant roots in Christ!

Passover and Revolution Converge—FREEDOM MOVEMENT!
We are moving towards Passover! Today I’m looking forward to sharing a few secrets. It is amazing how Passover and Good Friday converge on the same day this April 19. This is beyond profound!

Here’s another profound convergence. This year, Passover and Good Friday actually converge with the release of a freedom movement which has forever changed the world. Because April 19 marks the beginning of the American Revolution… the night after Paul Revere’s ride! Our Revolution was actually patterned after the Passover miracle. In both cases two freedom nations, forged through covenant with the God of Israel, became dramatically birthed.

Speaking of which… last year, April 19 marked the convergence of the American Revolution with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth. Which means that for two years consecutively the Lord has conveyed—with great intentionality—the synergy He has invited Israel and America into for this defining hour. Two covenant nations birthing His freedom movement. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

I prophesied last year over Israel’s 70th that the Lord was going to release an expansion of the borders and boundaries of the Covenant Land. This has already proven true. It will be exciting to watch and pray through the unfolding events of the days ahead. Note the Lord is sending us from Washington to Israel again May 7-22. We will have the honor of visiting the US embassy to celebrate the year-anniversary of its opening.

With all this at heart, today it is with great excitement I am announcing that the focus of the Glory Train will be God’s freedom movement. Encompassing God’s turnaround, awakening, cleansing, and release into inheritance. We will share more in tomorrow’s posting and on tomorrow’s call. Covenant blessings to each of you. LET MY PEOPLE GO!