Turnaround Tuesday 1pm ET 

Turnaround Tuesday Broadcast April 4, 1PM ET
with Special Guest Mario Bramnick! Along with Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, Jon & Jolene

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SPIRIT OF ELIJAH PROJECT through Passover. Ramping up through the final three weeks. Please receive the Table of the Lord every day! 

PASSOVER OFFERING. At the Spirit’s leading, we are inviting you to prepare a special offering during this Passover season. Please consider a generous donation today! To contribute CLICK HERE.

FIRST—RESURRECTION DAY—WOW. Hope your celebration of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection brought delight to our heart, and the hearts of your family. Covenant blessings be upon you as you move through the gates of this new season!

Remember that Passover continues through Thursday evening. Please continue to receive the Table of the Lord daily. Lets all press in for a greater intimacy and revelation of Jesus. And as you do, please continue contending in prayer for your sons and daughters! 

Today we are excited to be joined by Mario Bramnick, who has incredible insight to share with you concerning the “Spirit of Elijah.” The mandate of Malachi 4:6 has flooded his life and ministry. For us it is a perfect transition for our Israel journey next week, where Jolene and I will actually be leading a Spirit of Elijah Tour. By revelation, we have long felt that Passover 2023 marks the pivot point for the next phase of God’s release of this sacred grace!

Please join us tomorrow ready to receive, ready to pray, and ready to gain His awesome breakthrough. NO KING BUT JESUS!