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APRIL 20-MAY 1 SPIRIT OF ELIJAH ISRAEL TOUR—with Ed Watts, Jamie Fitt, James Nesbit, Jon & Jolene. As of Passover 2023, a greater measure of anointing is being released to “prepare the way of the Lord.” Lamplighter family please pray!

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PASSOVER OFFERING. At the Spirit’s leading, we are inviting you to prepare a special offering this Passover season. It’s time to sow into your horizon! To contribute CLICK HERE. 

I love the cherry blossom celebrations in Washington DC each year. Because a blossoming tree is one of the first signs that harvest season is at hand! Especially as of Passover 2023, we are going to see an accelerated harvest. And God is activating at a higher level His forerunner calling to prepare the way of the Lord. 

Today we are presenting to you a very important prophetic word for Passover 2023 and beyond. Overall it is good news. We are including an invitation for a special Passover offering.

But fair warning here. The most important revelation of this posting, closing the posting, brings a clear warning that we feel must be heard and heeded. It is rare that I share this way. But the warning has everything to do with our response to Jesus even nationally at this time of Passover—in light of Jesus’ crucifixion, His resurrection, and His great redemption. One way or another, there are accelerated consequences we may face that are tied to the horizons we are pursuing.

The Horizon You Sow Into will Soon be at Your Doorstep
Last Wednesday evening Holy Spirit spoke to me a very key word for Passover 2023. At first it took me aback. Especially since the phrase was released through my vocal chords before I could even ponder it!

The word is this. “The horizon you sow into will soon be at your doorstep.”

The first application of this prophetic perspective, of course, deals with a promise from the Lord regarding your giving during the Passover season. We are absolutely entering a time of accelerated harvest. We’ll get to this promise in a moment. 

But I soon discovered there’s so much more being conveyed from God’s heart here. Including a jaw-dropping warning. You and I urgently need to evaluate the horizon we are pursuing and investing in, precisely BECAUSE it will soon be at our doorstep. Are you sowing into Babylon? Watch out then, because Babylon may be at your doorstep much quicker than you could ever anticipate, with dire consequences for your life and world.

Conversely, if you are pursuing God’s covenant promise for your life, watch how the Lord comes through for you at an accelerated pace beginning around Passover 2023. The horizon you’re sowing into will soon be at your doorstep!

Again, I am saving the most important aspect of this for last. 

Out of the Wilderness, Into the Spirit
Now lets gain some context. A prophetic promise often conveys what’s on the horizon—whether it is for your life, for your church or family, or for your nation. The forerunner prophet sees the potential at a distance that God is signaling us to embrace. He or she prays into the birthing of the promise, sows into the birthing of the promise in word, in deed, financially and otherwise, to build a highway between our present reality and the destiny God is calling us to embrace. 

Just like Joshua in the wilderness, the forerunner forges a pathway to usher God’s people from our current location in the spirit to the horizon of our destiny. This is a major aspect of “preparing the way of the Lord.” 

As mentioned, one of the primary ways that we prepare the way, for the Lord is in our giving. Here’s an example from our own lives. Jolene and I were called by the Lord to transition into full-time ministry back in 2006.  Jolene worked as a mortgage broker. I was working for the Department of Homeland Security at the time. Prophet Bob Jones gave us a date to make this shift—June 6, 2007. 

Bob prophesied specifically that on this date, June 6, 2007, the Lord would shift the body of Christ out of the wilderness, and into the Spirit. By this Bob defined for us a major dimension of the  forerunner calling of our forefathers in the faith, which we were being summoned to embrace. As with Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, John the Baptist, Jesus and the apostles, the Lord was seeking partners in transitioning His body out of a wilderness experience into a fuller dimension of His “promised land.” Including a move of Holy Spirit.

When Bob Jones shared this word, a vast horizon came into view—that was almost too overwhelming to comprehend, let alone attain. Even further, when the word was given we we knew this calling would somehow impact Washington DC. All we knew is that we needed to be faithful to His leading, and to prepare.

As part of this preparation, we of course prayed. And for an entire year the Lord directed us to sow into the horizon God had called us to attain. We invested in ministries that had already largely attained the promise, the forerunner calling we were seeking to see realized in our own lives. 

And on June 6, 2007 we took a major step of faith and moved into this transition. Fifteen years later, we have seen absolute miracles from the hand and heart of the Lord. Clear turnarounds which have impacted many lives, impacted Washington DC, impacted America and even Israel. We are so grateful!

And the best is yet ahead. At this moment we’re preparing for the “Spirit of Elijah” tour. We believe a new dimension of the very same call that Bob Jones defined so many years ago—out of the wilderness and into the Spirit, preparing the way of the Lord!

Invitation to Give
I hope you see how overwhelmingly faithful God is to His covenant, and to His covenant seed. He has been unequivocally faithful to us. Our passion and prayer is that the Lord grace you as well to embrace the new horizons He has called you to attain! 

And please remember. In this Passover season of 2023, a unique window has opened for each of you. The horizon you sow into will soon be at your doorstep! With this at heart, Jolene and I invite you give yourself to Jesus’ invitation by preparing a special Passover offering. We are coming into agreement with you for great acceleration to POSSESS YOUR HORIZON! 

To make a contribution please CLICK HERE.

No King but…Caesar?
Lets close this posting with the most important aspect of our prophetic directive. As mentioned there’s a key warning we all must take to heart—even institutions and governments. From John 19, lets examine key choices surrounding Jesus’ scourging before His crucifixion—when He took our sin and literally became the Passover Lamb. Please read through these passages with the reverence and focus they deserve.

So Pilate then took Jesus and had Him flogged. And the soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and placed it on His head, and put a purple cloak on Him; and they repeatedly came up to Him and said, “Hail, King of the Jews!” 

….And he said to the Jews, “LOOK AT YOUR KING!” So they shouted, “Away with Him, away with Him, crucify Him!” Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your King?” The chief priests answered, “WE HAVE NO KING BUT CAESAR!” (John 19:1-15).

No King but Caesar. The priests of the Lord gazed on Israel’s Messiah—and chose Caesar over their Messiah. Keep in mind these were the priests charged with the task of binding the horizon of Heaven to the earth. They were charged with keeping the fire of God’s covenant blazing in the Temple, of keeping the Torah, of teaching and stewarding the life, culture and governance of His covenant nation. They were entrusted with keys of governmental authority. 

Kind of like we are today as kings and priests to our God.

And the “horizon” these chief priests sowed into soon came to their literal doorstep. At the very point of decision over the Messiah of their covenant, they declared “No King but Caesar.” By their words they handed the dominion of their covenant nation literally to Caesar. 

Remember Caesar was the leader of the global governmental structure at the time. Sourced at the core by idolatry. Seventy short years later, at Caesar’s decree, ROME CAME TO THE DOORSTEP OF GOD’S HOLY TEMPLE—and destroyed it.

The tragic fall of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem’s Temple, at the hands of the Roman armies, marked the greatest persecution of the Jewish people that had been seen to date. It is known as the Diaspora. Driven from their homeland, the Jews fled to the four corners of the earth. 

And as the Titus Arch depicts, the chief citizens of Israel were brought as slaves through the gates of Rome, carrying with them the holy Menorah and other Temple treasures that were then confiscated by Caesar. 

For centuries the Jewish people were blamed for the death of Messiah, adding to the anti-semitic disdain that we see even today. But that is a blatant lie. You and I actually bear the blame. Because Jesus willingly bore the death sentence each and every one of us gave Him, as He bore our sins on His cross.

And further, the choices of these leaders were factored into God’s ultimate plan not only for their redemption, but the redemption of all mankind. But none of this negated the expedited consequences, personally and nationally, of key choices regarding Messiah. 

That said, as of Passover 2023 America is very much in the balance in a way similar to Israel at her point of decision. We as they are responsible today for our response to Messiah, and His invitation. Will we yield to dictatorial leadership sourced by an antichrist spirit, or will we continue to move with Him to see our freedom preserved? Because as of Passover 2023, the horizon you sow into will soon be at your doorstep. 

(1776 words)