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THE LORD OF HOSTS promised to open windows of opportunities in 2015. In the wake of horrific strikes by terrorists representing Al Queda and ISIS, fresh clarity and resolve has overtaken nations regarding radical Islam. And Paris has now become a pivot point for a global turnaround.

Remember how we began this prayer project. We felt clearly from the Lord that we have entered a new season of war. We shared how the Lord judges, or renders a verdict, and then makes war to enforce His judgment. That’s when a window of opportunity opens for a turnaround.

France’s 9-11?
Pundits are calling the incident “France’s 9-11.” You might believe this is disproportionate, considering that almost 3,000 lives were immediately lost during the strikes on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

But leaders in Europe and the Mideast have rightly perceived the scope of this coordinated attack and its extraordinary ramifications to the western world. The sites selected were arguably as strategic, targeting freedom of speech and Jewish life in a city representing the entire western world.

And the overall threat today is actually greater than that conveyed by the 9-11 jihadists. Why? First, because sleeper cells such as the Paris group are said to exist in cities across the nation and world. Further, guns are much easier to obtain and commandeer than airplanes.

Immediately after the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented that the motive of Islamist terrorists was to “destroy society and nations, to uproot human culture which is based on freedom, and the freedom to choose.”

“If we do not fight it consistently, determinedly and unitedly,” said Netanyahu, “these horrible acts that we have seen today in Paris, will not be the last, and they will be horrible and difficult.”

France’s Selma
It is true that these attacks will become a pivot point similar to September 11, defining our future for years to come. Still, prophetically I don’t believe that the Paris attack is another “9-11 moment” for France and the world.

Instead, I believe Paris has actually become more of a “Selma” moment. A justice issue, debated for decades, has just been made very clear. And just as with Selma, the masses are now resolving to stand.

Jolene and I saw the movie “Selma” on a date last night. And when I awoke this morning, it seemed as though history was repeating itself in Paris. With marchers in the millions, including more than 40 world leaders!

Re-Constitution of King’s Mantle
I do believe the Lord has begun to open extraordinary windows for His justice to be released. We’ll be sharing much more further in the project. But during our Revolution gathering this December, the Lord made it clear that the “Justice Mantle” He granted Martin Luther King has been re-constituted in the earth.

When we prayed for the release of God’s “turnaround mantle” outside the White House on December 5, we knew the Lord wanted to bring a turnaround this year, personally and for the nation. Significantly, we immediately saw results—directly favoring Israel and the Jewish people.

Keep Watch—And be a Window!
Let me close with two words of caution—first the obvious. First, we need to keep watch, empowered by Holy Spirit!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, vice chairman of the Sentate Intelligence Committee, spoke the following warning. “I think there are sleeper cells not only in France but certainly in other countries and, yes, in our own,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “This calls for vigilance.” Shields up!

Now a word of caution from me. Please remember that vigilance is not the same as suspicion. And that Jesus died not to accuse, but to redeem. The majority of muslims are not complicit with these attacks, and are grieved how radical jihadists have co-opted their faith. Many are at a significant turning point themselves.

As we shared, the Lord is opening turnaround windows this year—windows of heaven and windows of opportunity. He wants you not just to access these windows, but also to become a window yourself. So that when people turn their eyes in your direction, they can see right through you to Jesus, seated on His Throne.

So embrace security, strength and vigilance—but rooted in forgiveness and all-conquering love. That’s how they will recognize Jesus. And that’s how you will become their turnaround window!