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God is overcoming the “deficit of justice” in our nation! I’ve been reluctant to share about these things due to the magnitude of what’s at stake and the real-time spiritual intensity we are sensing. But more breakthrough prayer is needed at this time!

The good news is that things we have all interceded for are now coming to pass before our eyes. The ramifications will literally shake our nation into realignment with God’s intended justice. 

If you’ve been following the news, much redemptive exposure is being released right now regarding the intentional, illicit takedown of Michael Flynn by a few select leaders within the FBI. I don’t watch much news these days, simply because I am taking greater care to keep the screen of my prophetic vision clear. But Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and others have been doing a phenomenal job uncovering the actions of these leaders. 

These leaders were at the tip of the spear for the “Crossfire Hurricane” initiative which now appears to essentially have been part of an attempted hostile takeover of the presidency of the United States. We’ve shared on this a lot over the past few years. That said, Michael Flynn, then serving as President Trump’s first National Security Advisor, was targeted to become the first breach in the wall. 

As journalist Sara Carter noted, after extensive investigation the FBI had concluded there was no evidence he committed a crime. They had decided to close the case. Then suddenly the case was re-opened, again without any corroborating evidence. The trap was laid.

Overcoming the Deficit of Justice
Remember God’s promise to us that “the circle of My covenant trumps, triumphs, and prevails against the circle of Baal meant to confine you, and even define you!” Remember 2 Kings 17:38-9 shows how God delivers us from every adversary as we align with His covenant. 

“The covenant I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods. But the Lord your God you shall fear, who shall deliver you from the hand of all your adversaries.” 

Over years we are seeing how faithful God remains to His promise! That said, the Lord first stirred us to pray for the Department of Justice two years ago this spring, as we engaging in the “Circle of Covenant Prayer Project.” I had the following experience, as recorded in our June 15, 2018 posting:

“From about 4am on this morning, I could not sleep. My spirit was stirred. As I lay in bed and prayed, I sensed in my spirit the phrase “Deficit Of Justice.” Rolling around in bed trying still to sleep, my initial thought was, “Deficit of Justice. DOJ. That’s clever, Lord!”

“Couldn’t sleep. Just before dawn I stepped on to our perch overlooking a spectacular blood-red sky over Washington DC. Note that it is highly atypical for me to watch a sunrise. But the Spirit of God was emphasizing something. He is awakening the dawn of a new day of justice in America. Then I heard the Holy Spirit clearly speak to me, “I WILL OVERCOME THE DEFICIT OF JUSTICE!”

That’s a promise we need to hold to today. Pray in the Spirit over this. Declare the release of God’s angelic armies to assist in this movement to fully overcome! 

Lift the Cloud, Unravel the Shroud!
As I’ve been praying I have continually seen a shroud being unraveled over the DOJ in real-time. It’s a shroud of occult-empowered beguilement. And it’s covering over what God was desiring to expose. 

Immediately the Lord brought to remembrance a vision our friend Connie Wilson received back in June 2017. From our posting on June 8, 2017:

“Connie shared a warning dream she received just moments before calling me. She dreamt of a ‘dark cloud of slumber’ encompassing Congress and the White House. Within the cloud was an extensive fiber optic network—being used to communicate covertly, and also control.”

Amazingly, Connie saw this covert fiber optic network all the way along Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course the headquarters of both the DOJ and FBI are located halfway down the hallowed street almost halfway between the Capitol and the White House.

Also amazingly, a day before publishing the post, Trump literally asked then-FBI director James Comey to lift this cloud! As we noted in our post: 

“In former FBI Director James Comey’s written testimony yesterday, he recalled President Trump’s description of the pressures associated with accusations of Russian interference. Trump asked Comey literally to “Lift the cloud!” This clear confirmation of my friend’s dream stopped me in my tracks.”

As we move towards this Second Passover, lets complete this turnaround. Receive the Table of the Lord over this. Plead the blood of Jesus over the gates. 

And please make this part of your declarations today. LIFT THE CLOUD—UNRAVEL THE SHROUD! 

No King but Jesus…