With Key Insights by Lori Perz

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MY BRIDE BECAME A LIONESS Sunday morning. And the slain of the Lord were many. 

It was such an honor to join at the Josiah Center in St. Paul, Minnesota for the launch of our first “School of Kings.” This great city intentionally became our first place of ministry after returning from Jerusalem, where we bore witness to the global launch of the Crown & Throne movement. 

And as Jolene prophesied Sunday morning, the release of a new womens’ prophetic movement. 

Our friend Lori Perz has done an incredible job putting context to the words released this weekend, featuring previous words by Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs and others. More on that in a moment.

Open Heaven, Open Scrolls
What we experienced was nothing less than amazing. Open Heavens, open scrolls! Friday evening we focused on Heaven’s scrolls and the “Purim Verdict.” Ichabod erased, with glory decreed. 

Many across the sanctuary personally received scrolls from Heaven, pivotal words which changed their lives. The breaker anointing was so intense that night. My spirit is still reverberating—trembling—as I focus on it.

Impartation and Healing
Our friend Martin Frankena did an incredible job ministering to our core identities as kings and priests, children of God. The wisdom, impartation and healing he brought was at a level I personally never before experienced. 

And amazing reports are still coming in. As one person commented, God drained the swamp of our personal lives. Preparation for harvest! 

Special thanks to Karen Krueger for making available the opportunity to impart this regional equipping with healing and transformation on a very, very personal level and being a forerunner and huge recipient of this word to raise up the prophets as well. Karen has done an exceptional job as a forerunner and in the region, and the Lord has chosen her as an important catalyst to steward this movement—including the womens’ movement Jolene prophesied about.  I believe a precedent was set for our future.

And here’s something more that blew us away. Host pastors David and Julie Carlson are making the Crown & Throne movement a primary focus of church these next few months! What this means is that the deposit entrusted to their church and city will be apostolically stewarded towards God’s intended impact. I deeply appreciate this.

Jolene Prophesies Womens Movement
So back to the womens’ movement. Early Friday morning, Jolene had a very powerful dream about the a release of a new womens movement focused on justice and the prophetic. We’ll recount it more fully soon. But in short, Jolene dreamed that a few longtime leaders and their wives had locked up the advancement of a womens’ prophetic movement by deeming themselves the only legitimate leaders. The movement stalled. Many true emerging voices were shut down and marginalized. 

Then the dream shifted to regime change. The Lord was prompting the “old guard” to begin to disseminate the anointing to a new breed the Lord had raised up.  The impartation that was locked up by a few was now being spread to many women in the body who will then utilize the anointing for the harvest, specifically targeting justice issues such as those who have been trafficked and abused.  

On Sunday morning Jolene shared the dream—thundered it is a better word—I don’t recall that I’ve ever her like this before. She then imparted to Pastor Julie Carlson and Lori Perz. Jolene’s idea was that Julie and Lori would continue on with the impartation to others. But they went down under the power and didn’t get up so quickly. So hands brought the impartation across the entire sanctuary.

That’s my girl! I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Birthing A Womens’ Movement—Lori Perz—with Chuck Pierce & Cindy Jacobs
Below is a profound report from Lori Perz on the weekend and especially the emergence of this Deborah movement in the region. I believe it is literally a scroll from Heaven, conveying the blueprints from past to present to future. 

From Lori:

Greetings All—All I can say is, WOW and thank you, Jesus!!  I’ve used the word “historic” to describe the Glory Train meetings at Josiah Center and the Positioned to Soar gathering, but the Crown and Throne School of Kings surpassed even the “historic” category in my opinion!  True upgrade in many dimensions.  What a weekend of seeing the manifestation of the restoration of the glory of the Lord (and the Tabernacle of David) in such a full way! Thank you to each one of you for the part that you played in this heaven-to-earth symphony of scrolls and sound! What an absolute honor to be the first U.S. city and state to host the School of Kings after the global Crown & Throne launch in Jerusalem!

I wanted to share a prophetic weaving of threads that was happening in me today during the service, and share it with you while it is still fairly fresh. It started when I was having my “carpet time” after Jolene prayed for us. I felt like Julie and I were giving birth as this movement that Josiah Center (her home church) is carrying was birthed in a new way!  And prophetic women were birthed in a new way! How amazing that yesterday was Julie’s BIRTH day, too! 

Birthing—with Cindy Jacobs Word
I sensed that the “waters” that Jon prophetically spoke of on Friday night, which gained momentum with each day, were like a mama’s waters breaking. Once that happens, birth is unstoppable! I sensed this at Josiah Center about a year ago (April 2016) but this felt like a fullness of this reality. “The Lord has BROKEN THROUGH my enemies as the WATERS BREAK THROUGH” (2 Samuel 5:20). 

I believe this ties into the national word that Cindy Jacobs gave recently about the “womb of America” being restored. The place of LIFE and the LIFE GIVERS are being restored because God’s glory has been restored.

Deborahs Arising! Five Key Characteristics
What I heard today is that just as the Esthers are being crowned and are arising, so are the Deborahs in Josiah Center and Minnesota.  

Kingly Judge. Deborah, as you know, was not just a prophet, she ruled as a king/judge of Israel. This judge and justice piece was such a thread throughout this weekend. Deborah “held court at the Palm of Deborah” (Judges 4:4). God also promised to “restore judges as at the first” (Isaiah 1:26).  As I mentioned this weekend, I believe that we are going to see a unique kingdom expression of our judicial dimension as the ekklesia comes forth.  

What does it mean for a modern day Deborah to “hold court at her palm”?  I’ve pondered this with the Lord for about this for 2 years.  As Cindy Jacobs prophesied at Women of the Frontlines last summer, MN has a “justice anointing” and an “activism anointing” to set those in slavery free! And we are spiritual revolutionaries! I believe this ruling and judicial anointing that Deborah had is a key part of what women are stepping into in our state so this new freedom movement moves like the waters breaking through like a flood!

Deborah was also apostolic. I believe that the ministry that took place with Karen and with Dave as apostles today was key in all of this. These two (and of course many others) have been breaking open the way for the apostolic to arise in the Apostolic State of MN (and in the Apostolic city of St. Paul) and for both men and women to come forth in the full expression of the apostolic.  I believe that it is only as the reality of what Martin shared from Galatians about “neither male nor female” comes into expression will we see the fullness of the apostolic arise.  Men and women moving together in a synergistic, honoring way apostolically and governmentally. As James Nesbit shared with us in Israel, honor unlocks glory. 

Deborah was a spiritual mother. How we need true spiritual mothers (and fathers) in our day! I believe that part of the birthing I felt was not just the birthing of the women and the movement, but of course, what they are going to birth. 

Deborah was also a singer/songwriter. I was really captured by Deborah’s Song found in Judges 5:1-12. Verse 12 struck me:  “Then the people of the Lord went down to the city gates.  Wake up, wake up, Deborah!  Wake up, wake up, break out in song!” 

This is what we heard this weekend, too. An awakening happening in the Bride to who we are as kings and priests after the eternal Order of Melchizedek so that we can awaken the Church and GO to all the nations to bring the gospel of the kingdom to the lost and hurting! Of course, this is all connected to the word about the SOUND coming out of Minnesota. A sound that literally brings healing and deliverance. The Crown and Throne SOUND! 

Deborah was a deliverer. She teamed up with Barak and secured not only victory, but triumph over their enemies to completely deliver their nation! Then she released a sound and a song about it in a “new song”.  New songs like this are coming forth in this restoration of the Tabernacle of David. I heard Chuck Pierce prophesy about a year ago that God was delivering the deliverers–and that has been taking place. These freedom fighters have been getting their own healing and deliverance and God is even graciously accelerating this process (as Martin testified to with his ministry–praise God!) and now there is an army arising to bring forth this healing and deliverance in a new way with a new sound.

Ichabod to Glory—40 Years of Shalom! Jon, Chuck Pierce
In Judges 5:31 it reads: “The land had peace for 40 years.”  Hmmm.  We just came out of our 40-year Ichabod lockdown and are now unlocked as GLORY has been written in its place.  Amen!  I thought of the word that Jon said this weekend about this August/September setting the course for the next 40 years in our nation.  

I immediately thought of Chuck Pierce’s word from 2003. He prophesied about a speech being made in Minnesota by a legislator and this speech would literally set the course of the nation for 40 years!! 

“And I would say to you that there will be a speech made in this state that will change the course of this land. For this speech will be a speech that brings great division in this land. But this speech will be from Me, says the Lord.  And I will release from this state a message that will travel down from the Headwaters of the Mississippi that dwell in this state, down through this land, says the Lord.

“And this message will cause a decision to be made one way or the other in this land.  No more will opinions be between this or that, because I will release a speech in Minnesota that will come through a government official that will change the course of this land, says the Lord. I say to you that I will bring direction to this nation that will set its course for forty years from this state. I say open up the way for my head to be displayed and my mind to be declared to this particular state!”  

Ever since I heard that word (thanks to Karen and MnAPN recording all the prophetic words over MN from 2003-2013 in a book. I deeply honor you, Karen!), this has burned in my spirit. 

Covenant Brings Shift
Finally, I believe the central piece to MN seeing the women break the heavy weight of a religious structure off of them and break out to be Esthers and Deborahs is the reality that Minnesota shifted (as Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets prophesied in 2015) to being a COVENANT state. Mainly because we have chosen to love and bless Israel and the Jewish people and have come into alignment in this way.  This has set the stage for the breakthrough we are seeing today.  Praise God!

As a sweet “cherry on the top” from Abba today, when I was done at the Josiah Center, I checked my phone about 2:30. Danielle Frietag had sent out a group text in the morning and in it she included beautiful prophetic artwork of DEBORAH! James Nesbit artwork no less. She said, “Good morning, Deborahs…” 

Come to find out, the Lord has been speaking to her about Deborah and she’s going to be doing a message on this at her Awakening Justice gathering. I can hear those justice bells ringing now!

So, this is my very detailed, colorful weaving of prophetic threads that I am honored to knit together and share.  I realize that much of this isn’t “revelatory” to you all but the weaving together of the “old and new” (Matthew 13:52) is something I enjoy doing.  I am very eager to see what the Lord is going to do in and through us in this new MOVEMENT of Crown and Throne.

For the King and the Kingdom! Lori