ONE VOICE CALL! With Harry Jackson, Negiel Bigpond, Chris Mitchell, others. Hosted by Paula White, Todd Lamphere along with Dave Kubal and Jon Hamill. Conference Call Number: 712-775-7430 with no code, or 712-775-7431 with access code 2452#.


CALL TOMORROW—PENTECOST 2O20—GLORY ON YOUR ALTAR! With Kelsey Bohlender, Jamie Jackson. Conference Call: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Invite your friends to join us!

CALL REPLAY—SIGN OF THE LAMPSTAND. Clarion prophetic words and powerful intercession, with prayer against the backdrop of fires by the White House. With James Goll, Chris Mitchell Jr, Yolanda McCune, Jamie Fitt, more. “This Pentecost God is joining the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts to birth a freedom movement.” A turnaround has been secured. What the enemy has meant for evil God is turning for good. The Sign of the Lampstand has been released! Playback number (605) 313-5155

WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY DAY for a One Voice Prayer Call! Be sure to join us at noon. The call is broadcast live and you can join both by audio and video. 

Also we are so excited to make available to you Sunday’s “Sign of the Lampstand” call. There are some weighty surprises on the call I am still pondering. It was nothing less than extraordinary. I’ll just say that by the Spirit’s orchestration, the sign of the lampstand was released at the White House and nationwide.

Consecration. Costly offering. Kavod on the altar. Our Sunday call marked the beginning of the third week of our journey when the governmental glory of God is released both in Washington DC and nationwide. Fire on the altar! 

Tomorrow we will have a special Pentecost call with this focus. Amazing revival friends are joining. You don’t want to miss!

No King but Jesus…