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FIRST—Remember to connect with the One Voice monthly call, today at noon. Then in the evening, lets seal the breakthrough with a national communion call. 

Note the impeachment hearings, which began on Halloween, are being restarted tomorrow. These next two weeks will mark a defining moment for America. So vitally important to engage in forerunning prayer!

As I’ve been saying from the beginning this is not about right versus left, but right versus wrong. For three solid years, the Trump administration has endured what can only be termed a hostile takeover. The goal—to invalidate Trump’s presidency so he could be removed from office.

These subversive actions characterize the ruling party of a dictatorship, not a partner in American democracy. And after three years of relentless assault, most Americans are now fed up.

Friends, the good news is that Heaven’s gavel has fallen over the cornerstone of national governance. Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. The handwriting of this verdict is now on the wall. And by the word of the Lord, it is now time to turn the tables. 

Please pray accordingly. 

Many of you asked about my prophetic word from the call Sunday evening. As best I can capture it, here is the word as the Lord impressed upon me. 

Heaven’s gavel has fallen, even over the cornerstone of national governance. In this season a mantle is being transferred. I am imparting to My covenant people an anointing to possess. And even as your President authorized the possession by Israel of the land and promise I have allotted for her, I am now authorizing you to possess the land and promise of America according to her longstanding covenant with Me. 

Through this year I have given you many markers to define the year 2020 and the new decade you are entering, says the Lord. As I brought Jacob before My face at Phanuel to become Israel, so I have brought you before My face at Faneuil Hall, to become a covenant nation. Jacob crossed over as Israel into Israel. So I have brought you into the baptism waters to confirm My work, from Georgia through New England and even to Washington DC. 

Watch now the movement of My glory for your future. For mercy has indeed secured your covenant with Me. I have sevened Myself to you! And in redeeming you, O Jacob, I have redeemed both your legitimacy and your authorization to now possess your inheritance as Israel. The “pey” year and decade will now be marked by My anointing to possess. For I am crossing My people over to possess the inheritance I have ordained for them, which I promised to their forefathers. 

Watch how I manifest My glory to you even during Revolution. For I will visit My people with a crossover moment. I will bring them before My face into the summation of My work this year to release America into your inheritance. It will be widely known as a defining moment for My glory. From this time My ark will both secure your way and secure your possession of My dwelling for your future. 

See and observe My progression with Jacob. With Joshua. With Elijah and Elisha. With John the Baptist. Believe me for a “Face of God moment” which defines the future for My people. Legitimized, authorized, and anointed to possess!

You are now coming to this threshold. Therefore in this 21 day season of preparation allow Me to strip off of you the final wilderness garments still confining you from perceiving and advancing. I speak shalom. Let go of old limitations. Let go of the old to embrace the new. I will mantle you even as you continue to wait and watch with Me. 

And I say watch! Watch for I will visit you on your watch, even as I visited My servants of old. Watch even for a new wineskin to form that will cover My remnant people. Suddenly it will appear!

Watch even as the scrolls of My inheritance now appear for distribution. For as Israel has now been blessed, so my body will now be blessed and released into a greater expression of covenantal inheritance.

As with Moses so will I be with you, says the Lord. I will never leave you or forsake you. I say, watch, abide and prepare! “Be strong and courageous, for you shall give this people possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give them” (Joshua 1:6).