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BLOOD MOON AT MIDNIGHT: The Challenges and Glory of America’s Midnight Hour. Is American exceptionalism right before God—or wrong? If right, why? And why should you pray for Donald Trump? Most importantly, how do we move through this midnight hour for America? These questions are explored in a vital new FB live session of White House Watchmen. Many of the answers may surprise you. With Jon & Jolene and special guest Briskilla Zananiri. To view CLICK LINK BELOW:

LAMPLIGHTER CALL TOMORROW! 9PM ET. Becca Greenwood is joining us for an amazing time! 


FIRST—PLEASE JOIN ONE VOICE TODAY! And make plans for tomorrow evening as we host our amazing prophetic friend BECCA GREENWOOD on the weekly Lamplighter call. Becca is carrying a clear word for the nation, and we look forward to sharing and praying together! 

TODAY A VIGIL BEGINS. Last week the Lord highlighted the dates between 9-11 and 11-11 for an unceasing vigil of watchman prayer. I felt the Lord gave the phrase “American Destiny.” And that’s an apt description. Because between September 11 and November 11, the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ covenant with the Lord for the humble community that would in time become the United States of America, America’s destiny will be secured. 

Will we align with God’s covenant of freedom? Or will we forsake it as a nation? One way or another, through this time period America’s destiny will be firmly secured. 

This is why we need WHITE HOUSE WATCHMEN on the wall. Not soon but now!

I personally felt to enter into this season of greater consecration and intercession now. The reason is to forge a personal on-ramp into the disciplines I want to embrace to give myself to the Lord in a greater way over this two month period. We all know that forming these lifestyle changes takes a bit of time.

Also, prophets we respect such as Chuck Pierce have warned that the next two weeks will be volatile. 

So please feel free to join Jolene and me in a “prelude prayer project” to the American Destiny Vigil now through September 11. 

And as we move forward lets keep this promise from the Lord ever before us. For 2020, MERCY SECURES GOD’S COVENANT!