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Friends, the last days are upon us.

No, I’m not talking about the US government shutdown or the lingering Iranian nuclear threat. Something far more important is stirring my heart. As of today, we are in our final two days in Jerusalem before returning home to DC!

From what I hear, we are returning to a ghost town. Which short term is ok with me, because it means the line for Chipotle will be a lot quicker.

But it also means that the United States has been thrust into a place of incredible vulnerability on the world stage. Economic growth seems to be at stake, as well as our teetering influence with nations. Nationally, the government shutdown has become a thermometer of our health as the United States of America. ObamaCare is only one of many policy platforms that have polarized sincere Americans of late, and fear of government intrusions upon our foundational liberties has begun to haunt both liberals and conservatives.

Isaiah 6 & Davids Tent
All I can say is it’s a good thing God is beginning to move. We live in days similar to Isaiah 6. As governments shake, heaven is opening and the unceasing stability of our true King is being conveyed to His covenant people. Through this, God is thrusting us into a new dimension of Throne Room worship in this hour. WATCH FOR YOUR OPEN HEAVEN IN THIS SEASON OF SHAKING.

All that said, please pray for Davids Tent to be able to remain on the Ellipse during the government shutdown. I cannot think of a more strategic time for worship and prayer to resound 24/7, releasing Heaven’s atmosphere to our governmental seats of authority. Pray for President Obama and our leaders in the House and Senate. May the very counsel of heaven be released, provoking us all to repentance, fresh resolve towards righteousness, and renewal of covenant with Jesus our Messiah.

Netanyahu: Thunder at the United Nations
As governments shake, prophetic statesmen are emerging. I want to close this posting by sharing excerpts from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s to the United Nations yesterday. In my opinion nothing less than historic.

Jolene and I gained much inspiration by participating in prayer for the Prime Minister in two different Jerusalem prayer centers… and then seeing the response to their prophetic intercession with our own eyes.
Note that PM Netanyahu mentions the Macabees. Jolene and I have drawn much inspiration from their legacy, celebrated in the Feast of Hanukkah. We had a profound experience regarding the “well” of the Macabee legacy here in Jerusalem, which we will be sharing more about in a future posting. Suffice to say, spiritual revolutionaries after the order of Judah Macabee are again being released as part of this “Crown & Throne” movement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: I feel deeply honored and privileged to stand here before you today representing the citizens of the state of Israel. We are an ancient people. We date back nearly 4,000 years to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have journeyed through time. We’ve overcome the greatest of adversities.

And we re-established our sovereign state in our ancestral homeland, the land of Israel.

Now, the Jewish people’s odyssey through time has taught us two things: Never give up hope, always remain vigilant. Hope charts the future. Vigilance protects it.

Today our hope for the future is challenged by a nuclear-armed Iran that seeks our destruction. But I want you to know, that wasn’t always the case. Some 2,500 years ago the great Persian king Cyrus ended the Babylonian exile of the Jewish people. He issued a famous edict in which he proclaimed the right of the Jews to return to the land of Israel and rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. That’s a Persian decree. And thus began an historic friendship between the Jews and the Persians that lasted until modern times.

But in 1979 a radical regime in Tehran tried to stamp out that friendship. As it was busy crushing the Iranian people’s hope for democracy, it always led wild chants of “death of the Jews.”

Now, since that time, presidents of Iran have come and gone. Some presidents were considered moderates, other hard-liners. But they’ve all served that same unforgiving creed, that same unforgiving regime, that creed that is espoused and enforced by the real power in Iran, the dictator known as the supreme leader, first Ayatollah Khomeini and now Ayatollah Khamenei…

Ladies and gentlemen, Israel will never acquiesce to nuclear arms in the hands of a rogue regime that repeatedly promises to wipe us off the map. Against such a threat, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself.

I want there to be no confusion on this point. Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone. Yet, in standing alone, Israel will know that we will be defending many, many others.

The dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran and the emergence of other threats in our region have led many of our Arab neighbors to recognize, finally recognize, that Israel is not their enemy. And this affords us the opportunity to overcome the historic animosities and build new relationships, new friendships, new hopes…

Ladies and gentlemen, one cold day in the late 19th century, my grandfather Nathan and his younger brother Judah were standing in a railway station in the heart of Europe. They were seen by a group of anti-Semitic hoodlums who ran towards them waving clubs, screaming “Death to the Jews.”

My grandfather shouted to his younger brother to flee and save himself, and he then stood alone against the raging mob to slow it down. They beat him senseless, they left him for dead, and before he passed out, covered in his own blood, he said to himself “What a disgrace, what a disgrace. The descendants of the Macabees lie in the mud powerless to defend themselves.”

He promised himself then that if he lived, he would take his family to the Jewish homeland and help build a future for the Jewish people. I stand here today as Israel’s prime minister because my grandfather kept that promise.

And so many other Israelis have a similar story, a parent or a grandparent who fled every conceivable oppression and came to Israel to start a new life in our ancient homeland. Together we’ve transformed a bludgeoned Jewish people, left for dead, into a vibrant, thriving nation, a defending itself with the courage of modern Maccabees, developing limitless possibilities for the future.

In our time the Biblical prophecies are being realized. As the prophet Amos said, they shall rebuild ruined cities and inhabit them. They shall plant vineyards and drink their wine. They shall till gardens and eat their fruit. And I will plant them upon their soil never to be uprooted again.
Ladies and gentlemen, the people of Israel have come home never to be uprooted again.