Well, the world is still here.

After a really revelatory call last night, I decided to “ascend the Hill” to pray. The House had just voted to increase the debt limit and bring the government back to life. Anderson Cooper was shaking hands with fans after a live broadcast. Congressional leaders were still milling about.

I began to reflect on the Spirit-inspired phrase from a week ago. “What we have avoided is more significant than what we now face.” And I couldn’t help but worship.

Heaven-Rescued Land
In his last stanza of the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key proclaimed that we are a “Heaven-rescued land.” He compelled us to “praise the Power that has made us, and preserved us a nation.” This still holds true today—in a way far more comprehensive than we can now understand. Thank you Lamplighter family, prayer networks, and intercessors across the nation and world who have contended before God’s Throne for preservation for America unto a “new birth of freedom.”

I believe this is now the season where we begin to move from peril to promise, even as a nation. I want to be clear that prophetically, we still must deal with peril, and we need to continue to keep watch with vigilance.  But it is time for our primary focus to shift to the promises the Lord is bringing forth. Chuck Pierce has prophesied, an open door is now before us!

Friends, I’m not just sharing this because of circumstances. I am sharing this because I sense it in the Spirit. For months prior to 9-11 and the potential attack on Syria, Jolene and I sensed only peril and vexation in Washington DC. Literally. And even through this debt crisis, we sensed peace. Something has shifted, a kairos door has opened for our Nation’s Capitol for this season.

Which is why I am encouraging us to press on in vigilance for God’s breakthrough to be fully realized. Make the shift now from peril to promise, and lets see the Lord’s NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM fully manifested.

The Line in the Sand was Necessary
After the drama of the last-minute deal between Republicans and Democrats, many have been wondering what the point of the debt ceiling crisis was in the first place. I contend that the line drawn in the sand was as important as the reconciliation and last-minute rescue. For too many years, through many administrations, the Office of the President and the Executive Branch have been moving towards a place of dictatorial dominance over the other two branches of our government.

Power plays are guaranteed in the political world. For this reason, our founders wisely set in place a balance of power—literally to protect our nation from plunging into the very dictatorial tendencies we fought a revolution to overcome. What our nation and world witnessed these past two weeks was a branch of government mandating that this balance of power be respected.

Was it worth shutting down our government, or ushering our nation and world to the brink of economic destabilization? China and other nations might argue no. But in my opinion, those who would choose convenience and alleged stability over true freedom don’t really understand what freedom is all about.

And it is from this perspective alone I believe we remain a “Heaven-rescued land.”

The Borrower is Slave to the Lender
Despite last night’s rescue, at least one Chinese credit agency still downgraded America’s credit rating. According to a story on the France 24 website: “‘The fundamental situation that the debt growth rate significantly outpaces that of fiscal income and gross domestic product remains unchanged,’ Dagong said in the statement, adding Washington’s solvency was vulnerable as old debts were still repaid through raising new debts.”

That’s a really good point. The Bible makes clear that “the borrower is slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7). This cycle cannot continue on forever without consequences. Hopefully by now both parties agree on this, and will actually work together on a substantive plan for change. Otherwise we’ll face consequences far more detrimental than those we faced with the Tea Party’s recent line in the sand.

We Cannot Serve Two Masters!
That was the message thundered from the floor of the House of Representatives last night—surprisingly, by the House stenographer! She made headlines today with her warnings regarding Freemasonry and admonition to choose Jesus over any counterfeit gods.

Though the media portrayed her as mentally unstable, I thought some of her points were more sound and truthful than most of the rhetoric broadcast from Congress in a long time! Especially the warning to Congress and the political world that we cannot serve two masters.

Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt still lead to slavery. God made a show of these gods openly when He delivered His covenant people from their bondage. And He is still in the process of doing the same today in America, a land covenanted to Jesus Christ from our foundation.

As our forefathers declared, NO KING BUT JESUS. He remains the only source of true and lasting freedom.

“The Daniel Watch: From Peril to Promise” continues through November 1. Please keep vigilance!