ANNOUNCING the Daniel Watch: From Peril to Promise! 21 days of prayer and fasting as led by Holy Spirit, beginning today!

Jolene and I have been back from Jerusalem a week now, and I for one am trying to figure out why I feel such a sense of peace.

I mean, the government’s shut down, politicians don’t seem to be able to find enough common ground to save the world, and the American people are fearful and angry. Meanwhile, prophetic voices I respect are saying we’re on the precipice of a harrowing financial meltdown, and that rebuilding afterwards is the only way we can save our teetering republic from all-out dictatorship.

At first I thought the peace I’m sensing here must be an afterglow from Israel. Jerusalem, after all, is the “city of shalom.” But this morning I awoke to a strange perception that there’s more to it. I felt a quickening in my spirit that “What we’ve avoided is more significant than what we face.”

Remember the Prophetic Warnings
Only when writing did I realize it was October 11. Friends, lets look at where we are now compared to exactly a month ago. Maybe you remember the tension surrounding September 11? Our phone call with James Goll brought on an unprecedented response due to an unrelenting sense of urgency many of you were feeling. We were feeling this sense too in the spirit, literally for months previously here in Washington DC. And it only heightened during this time.

James Goll and Cindy Jacobs issued some of the strongest prophetic warnings in recent history regarding intervention in Syria. They both perceived tremendous backlash and immediate bloodshed to both Israel and America if we followed through as planned. James also compelled America to stand with Israel to preserve her boundaries. Cindy warned of potential terrorist attacks on US Navy bases, including the Naval Yard in Washington DC. Which proved hauntingly accurate.

At that time, President Obama was poised to attack Syria. Our Naval fleets were positioned accordingly. The red line had been crossed, and it seemed our only alternative was war.

President Obama Responds
You prayed. What happened? President Obama rightly perceived the greatest need was to neutralize Syria’s chemical weapons. Terse and awkward diplomacy with Russia, amid the greatest tensions between our two nations in a decade, remarkably produced a joint proposal to Syria’s Assad. Amazingly, Assad agreed to surrender the chemical weapons and avoid direct US military intervention through war.

Politicians and commentators both in Israel and the Arab world have been trashing President Obama and the American military ever since. They say we are now perceived as weak because we didn’t follow through with war.

But the fact is, if the prophetic warnings from James, Cindy, and others—Jolene and me most definitely included—were accurate, we avoided an international tragedy that would have also unleashed bloodshed and loss on our own soil.

And President Obama actually proved a willingness to put the needs of the country, and of nations, above his own need to be perceived as strong. At least when “saving face” requires that we enter an international conflict that could easily have accelerated into World War III.

Further, President Obama’s actions worked towards the preservation of the Jewish people while mitigating the international crisis. Friends, those chemical weapons were ultimately manufactured to be deployed against the nation of Israel. For more than a decade, James Goll has warned about these weapons. That at a time when the world is focused on Iran’s nuclear intentions, the most dire threat against Israel will be chemical and biological weapons from Syria.

What We’ve Avoided…
For more than a year, since receiving this warning from James, you and I have been praying. Friends, I’m not saying these crises are over. But heaven and earth have absolutely been responding to your prayers! And…

What we’ve avoided is more significant than what we face. Your intercession has made all the difference! And it will continue to.

Who are you? Friends, heaven responds to your voice! In the very Courts of the Most High God, your pleas for mercy are being weighed. Verdicts from the Mercy Seat are being granted, and angels are being dispatched to back them up. Through this process, your pleas, travails and declarations have penetrated through the highest seats of authority in the land—from the White House to the Pentagon to the Capitol.

Daniel Watch: From Peril to Promise
That said, I feel to take the next 21 days for a special “Daniel Watch” for the continued preservation of our nation and the release of His covenant promises. Join with us from October 11 through November 1 as we again stand on the walls as watchmen “from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem.”

Daniel 9 records how the prophet, exiled in Babylon, perceived how his peoples’ captivity was coming to an end. He perceived the prophetic timing of their release from the scrolls of Jeremiah. “In the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, observed in the books the number of the years which was revealed as the word of the Lord to Jeremiah the prophet for the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem, namely, seventy years. So I gave my attention to the Lord God to seek Him by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth and ashes” (Dan. 9:1-3).

Together we will be watching and praying through the remainder of the debt crisis and government shutdown. We will be watching and praying through days of heightened occult activity. We will be watching against the enemy’s attempts to sabotage God’s work in our families and land, and watching for the breakthrough manifestations of God’s sacred promises.

And of course we will be keeping vigilant watch on behalf of Davids Tent, which culminates on November 5.

Please note I am not saying that the time of peril has lessened. What I am saying is that in the midst of peril, the Lord is breaking through to manifest His promise! So be encouraged, and be strong in Him. Lets stand together, with our Messiah Jesus Christ and with each other, to keep watch during this historic time. For His glory, amen!