Jon & Jolene ministering at the Gate! Saturday evening, 7:30 pm, Whole Word sanctuary, Oakton VA. We will be sharing a key word for the region. If you’re in the area, please join us! 

Today I want to continue recounting the “glory stories” that so clearly confirm the release of this Third Great Awakening we’ve all been contending for. There’s actually an awakening anointing on the testimony, by the power of Holy Spirit!

And I can tell you, these stories alone strike terror in the darkened corners of the enemy’s camp. Because for those who oppose God, it is sheer terror to realize that the enemy’s attempt to claim our nation and heritage has been trumped by the Lord of hosts Himself. In perhaps our darkest hour, Christ Himself has re-established covenant with our land. And line by line, precept by precept, He is arising to establish this covenant He swore to our forefathers.

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Daniel Nash: Releasing the River of God
OK. On Tuesday, I shared a prophetic experience featuring Dutch Sheets, which became a word and focus for 2008. The “Re-emergence of the Forerunner Spirit” was His commissioning dream for 2008—and actually for every year since.

I the dream, Dutch Sheets spoke to me about God’s release of apostolic authority in intercession to “release the river of God, and direct its path.” It is interesting to note that the message Dutch was carrying at this time was on divorcing Baal, and renewing covenant with Christ. As we will see later, this is actually a primary means of releasing God’s river of salvation. The obstacle of idolatry must be removed!

In this prophetic experience, the Lord then began to direct me towards the legacy of forerunning intercessor Daniel Nash. Along with Charles Finney, Nash through prayer literally unleashed the river of God’s salvation to his generation. The Lord clearly spoke to us how He wanted this well uncapped, and this river flowing again in our own generation.

When Jolene and I began to give ourselves to this mandate had no idea of its scope. As we shared yesterday, this story is still unfolding, and the fullness of what conveyed is certainly still being walked out. But in this 2014, His glory processional is beginning to flow in a new way to our nation. Not by might nor power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord!

Forerunning Prayer for Awakening
The body of Christ is now becoming awakened to the great legacy of Daniel Nash, as well as the great potential afforded to us through forerunning prayer. Many are being summoned and commissioned as forerunners of awakening in this hour. I want to briefly share three characteristics of Nash’s intercessory legacy that released God’s river in the Second Great Awakening.

  1. Covenant Partnership. Daniel Nash entered into a covenant partnership with Charles Finney to accomplish God’s work in the Second Great Awakening. His very tombstone bears witness to this. Engraved on it are the simple words, “Daniel Nash, laborer with Finney, mighty in prayer.”
  2. Forerunning Prayer. Daniel Nash was sent ahead of Charles Finney to “pray through” in the places where Finney was about to minister. He would often engage in travailing prayer onsite for a month or more, which included nonstop pleas and tears for souls. Then Nash and Finney together would reap what was perhaps the greatest harvest seen since the Book of Acts! God is commissioning many intercessors in this hour to engage in forerunning prayer for His third great awakening.
  3. Breaking through Baal. Nash and Finney both gained earned authority to break through the prevailing idolatry of the hour through prayer and action. Charles Finney was a Freemason before he was saved. God prompted him immediately to repentance, and to call for repentance in every service from this idolatry of his hour. He actually attributed the outpouring of the Second Great Awakening—which he believed was second only to the Book of Acts—to entire denominations repenting of this idolatry.

Breaking Through Baal
Our great assignment, given by the Lord for 2008 and beyond, was to partner with Christ and His body to see this great well of awakening uncapped. Knowing the legacy of Daniel Nash and Charles Finney, we were really stunned to discover how the site of Daniel Nash’s church in Lowville NY was actually demarcated by a Masonic obelisk!

Remember, this was the man who labored with Charles Finney all his life to break through the mesmerizing spirits of Freemasonry and idolatry, awakening multitudes to embrace Jesus Christ alone. The audacity of the enemy to erect a Masonic obelisk on this hallowed ground—allegedly as a tribute to this great intercessor!

Yet we have seen this pattern again and again, from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem. One of the primary ways the enemy “stops up” the wells of God’s salvation is to “claim them” by erecting altars to Baal. You will find that this occurs both in the hearts of men and on the very ground that God has claimed as His own.

All Hell Broke Loose
Thank God for the Divorce Decree from Baal! Back in 2008, we had very little understanding on how to deal with the enemy’s claims. We shared yesterday how our friends Bill and Rita Gamela were commissioned by God to purchase the ground where Daniel Nash’s church stood. Bill literally saw a vision of the well becoming uncapped as the title deed was in his hands.

I don’t think my friends would mind me sharing that, when the land was purchased, they experienced the exact opposite of heaven’s kind intentions. All hell literally broke loose. Both in the church and in the lives of families involved.

Why? When they purchased the land, they also inherited this altar to Baal. And just as with idolatry in the generations, until the claims of the enemy were dealt with covenantally by the Lord, a door of access remained open for the enemy to work.

Gideon is a great example of this principle. His father erected an altar to Baal—on God’s own covenant land. The enemy thereby laid claim to this very ground, “stopping up the well” of God’s work. In order for the river of God’s salvation to flow freely again, Gideon had to first tear down his father’s altar to Baal, and build an altar to the Lord!

Obelisk Down! The Lowville Miracle
It was by this Lowville obelisk, at the 08-08-08 gathering, that the Lord gave me the vision of the “awakening earthquake.” As the earth shook, a geyser erupted, signaling from heaven that this well of awakening—and forerunning prayer to release awakening—had indeed been uncapped. I continued to watch as the earthquake roared from the Lowville obelisk all the way to the Washington Monument. Everywhere the earth broke apart, babies shot out of the ground and into the sky. In symbolic imagery, God was conveying how multitudes would be delivered even from their graves in the ground, and become born again!

I had no idea then how, on an August afternoon three years later, a literal earthquake would crack the Washington Monument. In language unmistakeable to this prophetic journey, God conveyed that His well of salvation was being uncapped, and that this awakening was now on.

Not convincing enough for you? Ok try this. In 2011, just before going to Washington DC to seek the Lord for His covenant restoration, a strategic team visited Lowville again. We prayed through the Divorce Decree from Baal, and asked the Lord for a verdict that the land be entirely consecrated to Jesus Christ, apart from all idolatry. We petitioned the Lord that this was Daniel Nash’s legacy, and it should be the destiny as well.

And we asked for this well of awakening, stopped up by Baal, to be fully released according to God’s covenantal purposes. Within two months, the earthquake cracked the Washington Monument. And within a year, the Lowville obelisk was down!

For months we wondered how it happened. Lightning? Another earthquake? Eventually we learned that a “Gideon” had been quickened by the biblical mandate to “tear down the altars to Baal and smash them to pieces.” And so he did.

Glory Restored as Altar to the Lord Established!
And in its place, an old rugged cross was erected to finally give proper honor to Daniel Nash’s legacy. We were privileged to attend the dedication ceremony, where Bill and Rita Gamela established this altar to the Lord Jesus Christ. And as we were all praying, the literal glory of God swept over us like a river, and saturated the land.

We knew that the well of awakening had finally been fully and tangibly released. And we also knew that the journey we all unexpectedly undertook was absolutely vital for the body of Christ to understand. Breaking through idolatry was a primary aspect of Daniel Nash’s legacy of releasing awakening. And finally, this legacy has been released as destiny to again impact our world.

Lamplighter Ministries wants to honor John Benefiel, Cindy Jacobs, Jay Swallow, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Negiel Bigpond, and every HAPN/RPN state leader who courageously took up the mandate of divorcing Baal, praying onsite at more than 10,000 altars of historic idolatry. Like Daniel Nash, you have prepared the way for the full release of God’s awakening! 

We also want to honor and thank the Gamelas, the Baileys, the Godliewskis, the Rosens, the “glory girls,” and so many others whose sacrificial dedication and unyielding perseverance accomplished the uncapping of Daniel Nash’s well. The body of Christ owes you a debt of gratitude that is immeasurable.