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Our first “Turnaround Tuesday” is now history. We have 44 more to go until election day. Turnaround Time!

Thanks to all who are joining in this “Light the Gates” prayer project. My biggest desire is that you press into God’s heart devotionally and see His fire light the gateways of your life. Eyes that see, ears that hear, a heart that understands.

As we are focused on a renewal of personal devotion, we are also intensely focused on securing the gates of our future. It’s such a key time for forerunning prayer to expose and overcome challenges at our gates, to preserve God’s dream for our future. And that’s exactly what today’s posting is about.

Nuclear Threat—Prophetic Warning for 2016
You might have heard that North Korea tested a nuclear bomb yesterday. I had just shared the urgent warning below, recorded in our 2016 prophetic overview, with our home group when the Washington Post alerted about the detonation.

Honestly it made my hair stand on end.

We posted the following warning in our Prophetic Overview for 2016. The post ran on November 18:

Turnaround window, conflict of thrones, heaven at your gates. Hopefully this resonates with you! Even with the promise, it must be emphasized that we are facing dire challenges through the year. Even potentially a nuclear detonation in the earth, an atomic bomb used against people for the first time since 1945. We must pray to see this stopped.

I actually shared the warning more comprehensively this past Saturday evening in Brunswick GA, again calling on intercessors to prayer over this. The Lord did not show me where in the earth this potential detonation could occur, nor did I speculate. He simply warned of the potential this year of a nuclear detonation used as a weapon for the first time since 1945.

How Valid is the Threat?
North Korea claims their nuclear test was actually a Hydrogen bomb, but western sources doubt their claim. Should we take North Korea’s nuclear test seriously? In light of the prophetic warning and the emphasis of the Holy Spirit to immediately share the warning, I would say yes, absolutely.

Keep in mind that the greatest threat from North Korea isn’t their intentions to strike another nation. Instead it’s their willingness and ability to supply weapons, engineering and technology to nations and terror organizations. They once helped Syria gain nuclear capacities, and have allegedly interfaced with Iran. You can imagine the potential if groups like ISIS or Al Shabab were to obtain their capacities.

Bill Gamela—Warning Dream of Nuclear Detonation
My friend Bill Gamela had an encounter with the Lord over Rosh Hashanah this year, during which he was warned to pray against a potential nuclear detonation in the US. He has agreed to join us tonight to share and pray.

Bill is a consummate intercessor. Bill and his wife Rita have devoted their lives to see a well of awakening prayer, forged by legendary intercessor Daniel Nash and revivalist Charles Finney, re-constituted in the earth. His greatest aspiration is simply to tap into this well and see multitudes come to Christ in a third great awakening akin to what Nash and Finney experienced. He is not prone to conspiracy theories, hidden agendas, or even frequent visions.

So when Bill talks, I listen.

And he had my attention from the moment he mentioned Rosh Hashanah. Because that was the weekend the Lord highlighted to me in a dream on July 13 regarding the Iranian nuclear accords. I saw a wave coming, seemingly around September 11 according to details of the dream. September 13 was Rosh Hashanah.

In the dream, Bill saw key leaders in government and finance seated around a conference table. They were considering scenarios that could threaten or destabilize the US economy. To make a long story short, in the vision they concluded that the each of their scenarios could impact our economy to varying degrees, but none could unleash longterm destabilization. They could still hold it all together.

Then a different voice came, warning of a nuclear detonation. All bets were suddenly off the table.

Bill has been in travail—not just prayer, but agonizing intercession—over this potential scenario ever since. “I woke up my heart was pounding,” Bill recalls. “I was really gripped deep inside my heart with fear for the homeland, for the safety of the people especially who do not know Jesus. But I came away with the feeling that this doesn’t have to happen, this is a warning issued from the Lord.”

I have an idea, lets join him! Lets light the gates and see the Lord expose any plans of the enemy to detonate a nuclear bomb—in America or any part of the world. Pray for exposure. Pray for our intelligence communities etc. Consider praying onsite in areas the Lord highlights. Above all else please pray in the Spirit, accessing the challenges known to God yet not perceived by man.

And lets make it through 2016 with holy fire in our gates, not the fire of sabotage or destruction.