NOW THEREFORE ARISE—announcing 21 Day prayer project through March 25! Conference Call Wednesday 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

RICK RIDINGS CALL TO FAST, PRAY—prayer for Northern Syria, prayer for prevailing breakthrough over ungodly alliances between Iran, Turkey and Russia, prayer for God’s covenantal realignment regarding the US Mideast Peace Plan, and prayer for Israel’s elections. For us this call to these priorities is just beginning, as part of the 21 day “Now Therefore Arise” prayer project. YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK HERE. 

Jolene and I return home to DC today after a much-needed week of rest in the state of Georgia. We were privileged to take part in a baptism revival birthed on 2-22. This “Midnight Mikvah” plunged God’s people into His depths as the Spirit of God brooded over the waters. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

In the midst of this revival we rediscovered a sacred reality. The greatest present the Lord can give us is the awe of His presence. 

Today happens to be my birthday! I’m praying that March fourth will bring both presents and presence into your lives and ours. Today also marks the third anniversary of the launch of the Glory Train, our 50 state tour in which we circled the nation by train, daring to dream with God for national awakening and turnaround. The restoration of His glory!

Looking back it seems surreal we actually made this journey. Especially considering all the sleepless nights plunging down the tracks. But what the Lord has brought forth is astounding. Despite great opposition, we are genuinely living out God’s prophesied turnaround right now! 

Glory Train Dreamers
We have long known that the Glory Train is a progressive movement in the earth. We are beginning to see turnaround. But we have yet to fully experience a primary dream which compelled us to ride the rails in the first place. That is the restoration of God’s glory in awakening and revival. 

Prophetic father Bob Jones painted a picture of this before he died in 2014. The Glory Train vision was his last overarching word to the nation. He saw multitudes coming to Jesus. He saw the governmental glory of God restored from region to region. He even saw entire cities saved!

Bob described the emergence of a passionate hunger for the Lord, but until the baptism revival last week I had never seen this level of desperation for the Lord in America. To my astonishment multitudes are ready, just waiting for a spark. And as we prepare for another run of the Glory Train this year, Jolene and I are once again dreaming of a nation ablaze with God’s holy fire. 

As in Ezekiel’s day, He is coming by way of the gate facing east. He is going to fill the nation with His glory! And the covenantal inheritance of this nation is going to be perpetuated. 

War Over Covenantal Inheritance
I don’t want to be naive. The war now being waged over the covenantal inheritance of this nation remains relentless. In many ways the resistance today is even greater, and stakes are even higher than they were three years ago. It’s like evil has come out of the closet. Countless leaders have followed Pharaoh’s path, and now openly align with darkness. Many remain as fiercely resolved as Pharaoh to openly defy the Lord. 

Remember Exodus 12:12. Like Pharaoh, they have even resorted to legalizing infanticide in pursuit of their goals.

And when two major leaders of the free world are audaciously destabilized by attacks from their own governmental authorities—on the very same day—you cannot but wonder if this magnitude of resistance is actually masterminded on a global level. The intentionality behind their deliberate precision speaks volumes.

But the Lord is saying, LET MY PEOPLE GO! On March fourth, a day God Himself has ordained for us to advance, the Lord has given me a clear prophetic directive to share. It is now our time to arise.

Angelic Visitation—Now Therefore Arise
During prayer Friday evening the Lord brought to my remembrance a life-changing visitation which occurred on 8-8-18. A high-ranking angel of the Lord came into our living room while I was receiving communion. This angel came from behind and enfolded his wings around me. I have never experienced anything like this before. But I was reminded of Psalm 91:4. “He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you may seek refuge”

During this time my former rank was stripped away, and I was commissioned into a new rank for a new era.The internal voice of the Lord spoke to me from Joshua 1. “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, cross this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land I have given them…”  

That said, on Friday three specific words from this encounter with the Lord were highlighted for this season. NOW THEREFORE ARISE.

Note that Joshua was commissioned to rise up and bring the people of God THROUGH THE CLEANSING WATERS to possess the land. Beloved, that’s what’s going on RIGHT NOW! A midnight mikvah is open, and a covenant nation is being summoned. It’s your time time to arise. Move through His cleansing waters and possess your inheritance! 

Hope you get this. Because until Friday I had not clearly seen the significance of the movement through the waters. And it is in this context the Lord is saying, NOW THEREFORE ARISE.

A Window has Opened
You’ve probably heard this before, right? To the point it’s almost rhetoric. Please just explore with me a moment. Check it out for yourself and see if there’s fresh weight on these words. NOW THEREFORE ARISE. 

The weight is there because this is more than just a summons of obedience. Before now it simply wasn’t the right time. The Lord has now opened the way. It’s like mom and dad calling their children to breakfast. You smelled the turkey bacon from the moment you woke up. But you are being called now because the food is ready, and the table has now been set. 

21 Days of Consecration
I “saw” on Friday a 21 day season of consecration and prayer in conjunction with this summons. Including 21 days of receiving communion, the Table of the Lord. I know. Once again it seems like we’ve been down these tracks before. Like all this year! 

In fact this 21 day season of consecration will mark the third prayer project in as many months. Maybe it’s just one overarching project with three distinct phases. A New Way Forward. The Midnight Cry. Now Therefore Arise.

 Lets evaluate our progression through each project. 

New Way Forward. “In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a message was revealed” (Daniel 10:1). We began the new year in Brunswick GA with a word from the Lord about a new way forward. “It’s now time!” Unexpectedly, we discovered how we have actually entered an entirely new era of history. With a blood moon at 12:12am on the third anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration bearing witness to this! 

Can’t make this stuff up. The Lord showed us to keep watch even as Daniel in his day. A message is being revealed. Revelation from the Lord will be poured out, and even angelic intervention and breakthrough will be occurring. 

We also saw how the prince of Persia or Iran intends to rise up in an attempt to thwart God’s intended breakthroughs in Syria, Israel and the United States. Rick Ridings gave us an initial warning on this during Revolution 2018, warning about an alliance between Iran, Turkey and Russia. He reiterates the warning in the YouTube video above. 

Note that it is all coming to pass right now before our very eyes.

The Midnight Cry 2019. As we moved forward, we saw how this 12:12am blood moon marked a season chronicled prophetically by our book “The Midnight Cry.” A midnight crisis. A midnight watch with a midnight cry from earth to Heaven. A midnight turnaround. A midnight cry released from Heaven to earth, “Behold the Bridegroom. He’s coming. Rise up to meet Him!” A midnight awakening. 

And, as it turned out, a midnight mikvah. Who knew when we started the year that we would soon return to Brunswick GA—for a “midnight mikvah revival”—because just as the Lord conveyed, it was time for a new way forward. On 2-22, the very date the Midnight Cry project culminated! 

And on this date we officially announced that the Glory Train is making another run.

It is amazing to me that even the artwork reflected this. I had no idea of this “baptism revival” when I created the image of the horses crossing the water. 

During the “New Way Forward” project we gained an awareness of the significance of the hour. We together received an invitation to gain breakthrough revelation, even impacting the end times. In the “Midnight Cry” prayer project our primary focus was actually to seek the Lord to access this revelation. Key revelation has now been declassified! Yet we learned that in order to receive the new, we had to let go of the old. In the words of Chris Mitchell, “Until you set aside what you know now, you cannot know what is now being made known! I HAVE DECLASSIFIED HIDDEN THINGS FOR THIS SEASON THAT HAVE BEEN SEALED UNTIL NOW.”  

It’s now time. And as we enter into this third project, the mandate remains the same, with one addition. Lets continue seeking just as Daniel. Lets receive the new. And now lets respond in a very specific way. 

It’s time for God’s Joshuas to lead their people through the cleansing waters once again. And it’s time to possess the inheritance God swore to our forefathers. Amen. NOW THEREFORE ARISE. 

“This time you will see fire. In a vision I saw the Glory Train, and fire was coming from the train wheels. And just as Paul Revere was in a hurry to awaken a nation, you will do an accelerated work!” Prophecy about the Glory Train given on March 3, 2019, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA.