SPECIAL CALL SUNDAY—9PM ET—RESTRAINING PRINCE OF PERSIA. We will also share on God’s amazing work at Revolution 2019-2020, and hear from many of you. Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

REVOLUTION REPLAYS! With vital teachings, profound moments of worship, key prophecies for 2020, a marriage ceremony to Jesus for the nation, and even a dramatic move of Holy Spirit, the archives of Revolution 2019-2020 will sweep you into God’s move for the new year. Access to all archived messages. With Cindy Jacobs, Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene. Complete archive only $40 CLICK HERE.

“You’re not just entering 2020, you are CROSSING OVER INTO 2020.”

WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY WAY to welcome 2020. By God’s grace alone Revolution 2019-20, through New Years Eve at the Trump International Hotel, became a landmark conference defining a new era. The governmental glory of God touched the meetings. Throne room revelation was given, including breakthrough regarding Iran. And the year 2020 was framed in victory! 

Featuring prophetic revelation and profound messages by Becca Greenwood, Cindy Jacobs, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, and Revolution hosts Jon & Jolene Hamill. Special Revolution videos by James Goll and John Benefiel are also included, as are all worship sessions by Da’Neil Sharpe and the Remnant worship team. 


Sunday, December 29th
Afternoon Session 1 (2PM): REVOLUTION LAUNCH—“2020—Covenant Reset, Turnaround and Victory.”  Corporate flow with worship, prayer, opening message by Jon Hamill.

Evening Session 2 (7PM): “The Governmental Glory: Open the Gates” Jon Hamill shares prophetic word on “Completing the Turnaround.” Evening message by Becca Greenwood on “the Governmental Glory”– with teaching and prophetic words.

Monday, December 30th
Morning Session 3 (9AM): “Covenant and Visitation.” Chris Mitchell teaches about covenant releasing the governmental authority of the believer. Jamie Jackson shares a series of dreams conveying God’s desire for the release of His glory and personal visitation during the conference. Much of what he saw literally came to pass the next day, on New Years Eve.

Afternoon Session 4 (2PM):  “The Fire of Holy Spirit.” Becca Greenwood teaches, followed by a corporate commissioning into a Joshua movement. Legitimized, authorized, anointed to possess. You don’t want to miss! 

Evening Session 5 (7PM): Becca Greenwood, Jon Hamill share prophetic words. Jolene Hamill gives “secret service” word. Cindy Jacobs gives historic evening message “Pioneering a Move of Revival.”  

Tuesday, December 31st
Morning Session 6 (9AM): “Glory Revival!” Cindy Jacobs releases revival movement. Powerful prophetic words followed by a move of Holy Spirit. Experience His presence!

Afternoon Session 7 (22PM): “Glory Visitation.” Chris Mitchell brings powerful message on God’s purifying work to unlock destiny. Followed by Jon Hamill with “mid-term visitation” word from Zechariah 3. Judgement in favor of the saints. Jamie Jackson moves us fully into a visitation of Holy Spirit. 

Evening Session 8 (7PM):  “The Road Through 2020 is a Revelation Road.” Special videos from James W. Goll and Apostle John Benefiel. Jon & Jolene Hamill share on the “Revelation Road” including tour in September 2020 through Greece, Turkey, Israel. Jamie Jackson and Chris Mitchell deliver powerful messages and vision for 2020. Crossover into 2020 from wilderness to inheritance, corporate communion, building of altar to the Lord, and New Years Eve celebration marrying our nation to Jesus Christ.