Our last two calls, with Sandy Newman and Jamie Jackson, were recorded. Both are so revelatory for this hour! To listen to them call 641-715-3598, access code 552690.

Today’s post will be brief but important. First of all, thanks to everyone who prayed for America during last night’s call. Impacting! Marlene Brubaker commented that she felt she was literally before Heaven’s council chambers as we received together collectively as a group. Love this!

Clear strategies came forth. It’s clear we need to pray over our waterways AGAIN! Possibly even renting boats and touring.

Not Another Pearl Harbor!
Yesterday I touched on a vision our friend Julie received while she and her husband visited with our home group. They are from Washington State, and when she saw in prayer a map of our waterways in metro DC I really took notice. What I didn’t know was how comprehensive the vision actually was. Lots of other folks were praying too, and she felt just to pray the main points in our group and touch base later.

When she prayed, my hair literally stood on end. And when we dialogued yesterday, I had the same experience. I really pray this bears witness by the Spirit with you as well.

OK. During home group prayer Monday evening, July saw a vision of a detailed map of waterways in our region, from Washington DC out to the Atlantic.  She saw how the enemy sought to elude security by traveling beneath the surface of the water.

Then she heard the words, “Not another Pearl Harbor!” Immediately Holy Spirit warned her of complacency among the watchmen guarding our seacoasts. From our dialogue I gleaned that the warning was against both unintentional complacency, such as lack of observation, and also intentional complacency. Folks either working secretly with the enemy or being bribed to look the other way.

Either way the Lord was warning His watchmen first—that’s you and me, by the way—against complacency.

No Complacency! Accurate Intel, No Agenda Attached
I don’t know the facts about Pearl Harbor, but Julie had seen a documentary where the Japanese Zeros had been picked up by American radar. And the data was dismissed, explained away as a flock of birds or something. Similar stories were reported about the time just before September 11, 2001. The warnings were all there, but the picture was too incomplete for the warning to be clear and taken seriously.

And God is saying regarding the protection of our homeland, “Not another Pearl Harbor!” In other words, an enemy strategy is at play which is far greater than what has been perceived. We cannot afford complacency, nor can we afford compromised intelligence or intelligence with political agendas attached. Lives are at stake, in our homeland and in the nations. Do not let this cycle of tragedy repeat itself.

Shields up, folks. NO COMPLACENCY!

Join Us for Freedom Watch! October 9
That said, next Friday evening we are hosting a regional prophetic meeting at Whole Word Fellowship. We are going to launch a year-long project called “Secure the Gates DC.” We will explore how to secure the gates of your home, your church, your region. All subject, of course, to the leading and flow of Holy Spirit! If you’re in the area, please make plans to attend.

What can we do immediately? Good question. Here are five mandates.

First, repent for complacency in your life. Note that taking offense will clog the pipes in a way that validates complacency. So take time with the Lord to forgive and release! Make a plan, maybe featuring 21 days of repeated action, to chart a new course.

Second, pray in the Spirit. Then pray in the Spirit. Finally, pray in the Spirit! Seek God for clear vision. As Homeland Security likes to say, “See something, say something!”

Third, pray over maps of the waterways. Ask the Lord to expose all hidden networks and hidden strategies of sabotage. Connect with other leaders and intercessors.  Pray for what is hidden beneath the surface to be clearly exposed and dealt with.

Fourth, pray for our watchmen in the natural! Pray the Coast Guard, law enforcement and intelligence agencies tasked with protecting our land, especially our waterways. Pray for Homeland Security. Pray for the DEA and Customs and Border Patrol, the FBI, etc. Pray against complacency, pray that moles or compromised gatekeepers be exposed.

Fifth, pray for the intelligence received to be conveyed to decision-makers uncompromised, without agendas attached! Recent news has borne witness to the importance of this.

OK. That’s it for now. Covenant blessings to each of you!