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“Sick and tired of the Church, talkin’ religion
But then they talk about each other, make a decision
No more racisim, two face-ism
No pollution—the solution

—Kirk Franklin, Revolution, 1998

FIRST… special thanks to all the Lamplighter leaders and intercessors who took the reins of the night watch for a second week in a row this Wednesday! You are my heroes. This is such a key time to watch with the Lord through the night!

SECOND… I want to briefly comment on the current controversies regarding racism right now. 

No Room for Racism!
The restoration movement in our nation is nothing less than a genuine move of God. It is overarching, but encompasses a governmental shift which is realigning with our covenantal roots and purpose. Which means that whether you’re in a top seat in a governmental office or a top seat of the prayer movement, whether you’re anchoring a news show or blazing trails in high finance or entertaining millions or ministering to the broken in a shelter, your heart must be clear and your standard of conduct clear. NO ROOM FOR RACISM. 

This movement is for all. At least the way the Lord showed that to me. On January 5, 2016 I awoke from a dream where Donald Trump had won the contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. As he worked on a neglected and dilapidated portion of the campus I saw black and hispanic women in an incredible procession, shouting high praises to Jesus as they entered through the gates of Homeland Security. 

I knew then this represented two things. First, Christians would be welcomed back into government. Second, President Trump’s administration would greatly benefit all people, accelerating God’s dream for this nation to reflect heaven on earth. With every tongue, tribe and nation worshiping the Lord.

Keep in mind I received this dream while Donald Trump was still just a face in the crowd among competitors for the Republican candidacy. Our 50 state Glory Train—Turnaround Tour, focusing on national governmental turnaround, soon followed. And we’ve been standing for the fullest expression of this turnaround in Washington DC ever since. I have to say, we’ve seen miracles.

Just today new statistics are out proving the veracity of this prophetic dream. Unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics is at a historic low. Truly all races and people are benefitting from the economic resurgence unleashed through the Trump administration. 

Trump… Racist?
And it’s my conviction America must now move beyond the exhausted accusation that President Trump is racist. From my own meetings at the White House I have seen Hispanics and Blacks taking the lead in influencing the President from a faith perspective. He’s attentive. He’s compassionate. And he genuinely wants to do the right thing. 

Remember, Trump is the guy who for an entire decade declared Oprah Winfrey to be his preferred running mate if ever he ran for president. To anyone who would listen. Including CNN’s Larry King back in the day. That doesn’t sound like racism or bigotry or even misogyny to me.

Obviously the politics of the 2016 presidential race would have made an Oprah pick a little awkward—for Oprah more than Trump. When Trump finally ran, amazing statesman Mike Pence was offered the position of Vice President, and the nation and the world have forever been impacted by his quiet strength, profound discretion, generosity of spirit, and unabashed love for God and for our nation. We are grateful for the leadership of Mike Pence!

Does the Trump administration possess a clear slate and perfect record? NO. Neither do you. Further, both the liberal and conservative media are bringing to light the incredible vitriol, malice and prejudiced attitudes openly promoted by leaders from both sides.

Friends, it’s time for a new way forward. More on that in a moment. 

But amidst the accusations, I want to highlight that President Trump is bringing tangible results to actually counter racism and bias in our nation and world. 

Including bias against Christians. 

Diplomacy Turnarounds
I’ve mentioned the amazing economic turnaround now being experienced by people of color, as well as the rest of our nation. Now I want to bring to light a more delicate issue—countering historic racism through diplomacy. Especially anti-Semitism, which Chuck Pierce refers to as the root of all racism. 

Current policies towards Israel have countered a historic, unspoken embrace of anti-Semitism by many Secretaries of State. Like, over decades. This is a huge breakthrough after decades of prayer on behalf of the State Department to break this cycle.

When Hitler was rising to power, clear intelligence warned of present and future atrocities against the Jews in Germany. But the mandate of appeasement was followed. Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of State refused entry to America for Jews fleeing for their lives. The Holocaust soon eliminated more than 6 million Jews from the face of the earth.

When the new State of Israel declared independence, Harry Truman’s Secretary of State fought vehemently against recognizing the newly-formed refuge for Holocaust victims and Jews worldwide. Truman made a courageous call. And history was forever redefined.

When President Obama sought to facilitate a deal with Iran putting Israel in existential jeopardy, his Secretary of State pushed the deal through. And when the United Nations sought to enact a resolution declaring the Western Wall, the holiest site in all Judaism, to be Palestinian territory illegally occupied by the Jews, John Kerry helped push it through—as the last major diplomatic action of the Obama presidency.

When President Trump sought to honor Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate its embassy, thereby finally honoring the right of this sovereign state to choose the location of its own capital, then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued vehemently against it. He was dismissed. New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo helped to oversee the transition of our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, with his full support. 

Again, this action countered decades of anti-Semitic bias and anti-Israel bias through diplomacy from before the time of the Holocaust. 

That’s quite an achievement. Thank God you’ve been praying. It is awesome to finally see a turnaround. And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s happening across the spectrum of government and the landscape of America. 

Vision—A New Way Forward
On August 25, 2017, not long after the Charlottesville tragedy, I received a vision. In the vision I was at a train station, above and behind the engine of a large train. As with my original vision of the Glory Train, the train’s engine looked like it was made of pure gold. But unlike my previous vision, this engine was not a locomotive. Instead it looked very modern and new. I knew in the vision the train represented the body of Christ. 

There was a platform on either side of the train. I looked to the right of the train engine, and saw a group of people literally with white sheets and pointed hats. I looked to the left of the train engine, and saw people dressed in black. All of the sudden smoke or steam shot out from under the wheels of this gold engine. AND THE TRAIN BEGAN TO MOVE FORWARD AND LEAVE THE STATION.

I believe the vision represents the Glory Train. And in a larger sense, the vision conveys how this movement is now moving beyond both the radical left and the radical right. The passengers on this train were all aboard. No room for those who remain with either group! And we, the body of Christ, made up of people from every tribe and tongue and nation, are now moving beyond their sabotage to set a new course for our nation. 

We are in a new season. This restoration train is leaving the station! We are advancing beyond the confines the enemy established to both confine us and define us. 

Instead, honor is prevailing. Dignity is prevailing. Love, strength, justice and freedom are prevailing. And that’s what this movement is all about.