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IT’S A FULL CIRCLE MOMENT. Jolene and I are in the air, flying to the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. A decade ago I was alone on a similar flight, embarking on my first ministry trip after shifting out from the Department of Homeland Security. It was a last-minute trip, and Jolene stayed home to pray. Good thing too, because my airline ticket actually cost more than my first honorarium. Oh the memories 🙂

Shortly after, Jolene and I returned to Blaine together, and we’ve been going everywhere together ever since. God really prospered the ministry in Washington. We quickly met so many new friends, including Jason Hubbard, the Huffs, the Mitchells, the McMullins, Russ and Julie Zylstra… and of course Bill and Marlene Brubaker, now board members along with Martin Frankena and “ma and pa” the Lamplighter family! 

It’s been an absolutely amazing journey. As we’ve watched on the wall together we have seen covenant with Jesus Christ nationally restored. Governments have shifted, with key elections turning on a dime. Ichabod has been erased and glory released. A new chapter of American history, and perhaps even world history, has literally begun! And a million postings have seemingly been written, chronicling all this… 

Through it all God’s verdict prevails. Below a few landmark moments from our journey.

June 6, 2007—out of the wilderness, into the Spirit. Bob Jones prophesied to us an amazing word. “Pay close attention to where you are on June 6, 2007, the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. Because on that day the Lord is bringing His bride out of the wilderness and into the Spirit!” 

You can imagine what my first message was. Bursting forth upon an unsuspecting crowd at a small revival in Blaine Washington, on the border with Canada, I prophesied a prevailing word that has since become a theme for our ministry. From the wilderness to the Promised Land! From subjugation to the Spirit! God is remembering His covenant and restoring His glory!

We thought, of course, it was going to happen immediately. A decade later we can look back and see it was the beginning of a glorious progression. Line by line, precept by precept, God has been faithful to shift us and shift this nation. 

Divorcing Baal, 07-07-07, Call Nashville. A month after we launched into full-time ministry with Lamplighter, Lou Engle launched the “Second Call” movement in Nashville Tennessee. Dutch Sheets and friends introduced a global mandate to divorce Baal and restore covenant with Jesus Christ apart from all idolatry, patterned after Hosea 2. James Goll hosted the event. This landmark Call led to the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in our nation’s history, thanks to the ceaseless efforts of Dr. John Benefiel, Cindy Jacobs, and collaboration with prayer network leaders across our land. 

Uncapping a Well of Second Great Awakening, 08-08-08. We love preaching at the sacred altars of renowned churches. But some of the most tangible breakthroughs have come literally out of the middle of nowhere. 

On 08-08-08, at the encouragement of Wayne Anderson, we worked with Bill and Rita Gamela and many others to see a well of awakening uncapped in the small village of Lowville, New York. We prayed by the gravesite of Daniel Nash, a forerunning intercessor for revivalist Charles Finney, to see a well of forerunning prayer for awakening uncapped. There I saw a vision of a fountain bursting forth, signaling the release of this move. The vision shifted and I watched as an earthquake crashed into the Washington Monument. Keep this in mind as you read. 

Repudiating Idolatry—DC—December 2009. The specific effort to divorce Baal onsite came when Judy Ball prophesied to John Benefiel to convene 50 leaders in Washington DC to THWART A GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE INITIATIVE tied to global governance and idolatry. Katherine Watsey also shared a word that if we would go onsite to every Masonic lodge in the nation to divorce Baal, the Lord would respond by releasing awakening and revival. Out of the wilderness, into the Spirit! 

A 50 state HAPN network, joined by Cindy Jacobs and the RPN, thus engaged in divorcing Baal at more than 10,000 lodges, mosques, abortion clinics, and other defiled altars across our land. Again, the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. Setting the stage for America’s turnaround.

Amazingly, Jolene and I were invited to the White House this past week for a full circle moment. President Tump gave an historic speech announcing we were pulling out of the Paris Treaty on GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE! On Shavuot or Pentecost. Throne of glory to the Father’s House! 

You simply cannot make this stuff up. 

Lampstand, Herrnhut, Pentecost 2010 with James Goll. Through his landmark book “the Lost Art of Intercession,” our friend James Goll reintroduced the evangelical world to the 100- year Moravian prayer movement based out of Herrnhut, Germany. With 24-7 prayer. The Watch of the Lord. Prayer and missions. The fire on the altar must never go out—it must always be kept burning…

My friend Jason Hubbard and I got the crazy idea to bring James Goll back to Herrnhut for a Lampstand Convergence. On Pentecost. James actually ordained Jolene and me at this historic portal. Herrnhut, by the way, literally means, “Watch of the Lord.” 

Declaration of Covenant, July 4, 2011, Washington DC. On Independence Day 2011, Jolene and I convened a gathering at the Lincoln Memorial to present Heaven’s Court with the largely-finished work of divorcing Baal nationally. Dr. John Benefiel, Negiel Bigpond, Bishop Harry Jackson, and many leaders from across the nation joined in a united petition that God would marry our land again! 

We presented Him with a Declaration of Covenant. God grant us the divorce. Marry our land again! And as a sign You have granted our request, crack the hard shell of demonic resistance over Washington DC!

Fifty days later to the day, the Washington Monument cracked in an unprecedented regional earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale. Gargoyles toppled from the National Cathedral. And we knew the Lord had granted our request… Covenant with Christ restored!

Crown & Throne Prophecy, January 2012, Washington DC. Rick Ridings prophesied for 45 minutes about the emergence of the “Crown & Throne” movement as part of a consecration message for Jason Hershey’s Washington House of Prayer. The word was inclusive of everything Jolene and I had given our lives to see. To our surprise, Rick and Patti both called Jolene and me to move to DC to take part in this work. We literally moved within two weeks.

Davids Tent, Lamplighter Call, September 2012. Jason Hershey requested that we raise up a national prayer covering for Davids Tent from September through November 2012. What an honor to be part of the team launching the 24-7 Davids Tent in the backyard of our highest thrones of government! As part of this, Jason suggested I start a national conference call to connect with our intercessory friends.

Five years later, Davids Tent is now 24-7-365 on the National Mall. And the Lamplighter family has connected weekly ever since—for what has become the journey of a lifetime.

Crown and Throne Book, Thanksgiving 2013. Our book chronicling this new move of the Spirit was released on “Thanksgivukkah,” the historic convergence of Thanksgiving with the first day of Hanukkah. It is packed with principles to enrich your life, glory stories of tangible results, and prophetic words that even define this hour of history. 

No King but Jesus! Revolution, November 2013, Valley Forge PA. Our Revolution gatherings were launched in 2013 from a prophetic word given to Jolene and me by Jill Austin. She saw us as “spiritual Paul Reveres,” convening a Second Continental Congress to again engage in Revolution and shift the future of our nation’s governance. The yearly gatherings are hosted by Jamie Fitt, Abby Abildness, Jolene and me with a focus on the Crown & Throne movement, equipping the “ekklesia” towards kingly, governmental prayer. 

And “No King but Jesus” became the anthem of this revolution.

The Turnaround Verdict, July 22, 2014. Part of the 13 Colonies “Glory Procession.” We worked with Linda Clark on a gathering at Faneuil Hall Boston, the womb of the American Revolution, to receive His Daniel 7:22 verdict of justice in favor of the saints. Gary Beaton and I led in convening Heaven’s Court to see this verdict released. Dutch Sheets prophesied that God had brought us to the womb of the revolution to see the rebirth of America. Chuck Pierce prophesied a 100 day watch to shift our government. I wrote the “Reconstitution of the United States,” detailing God’s present verdict restraining an antichrist spirit, and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. 

We had no idea how profound the release of this Daniel 7:22 verdict would soon become, or the profound results as God enforced it in Israeli elections in 2015 and in America in 2016. 

Israel Election Watch, March 8-18. The Lord called us to stand for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election based on His Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict.” Again this verdict demands the restraint of an antichrist spirit and release of the saints to possess the kingdom. It seemed like there was absolutely no hope for this to occur. Yet against all odds, Netanyahu won. Turnaround!  

And at the Western Wall, the Lord quickened to me that as we stood for turnaround for the elections in His covenant land, He would stand for our turnaround in the 2016 elections.

Glory Train, March 4—November 5, 2016. Circling the nation by train, believing God for His promised turnaround for our nation. Amazingly, we ended up touching all 50 states as well as Washington DC, governmentally declaring the turnaround He wanted to bring! 

From the beginning, the Lord had us focused on Donald Trump as His choice for our nation’s highest office. The “Turnaround President.” On January 5, 2016 I had a dream where Trump had won a contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. We shared on this throughout the nation.

What we saw was exactly as the Lord promised. The most historic election turnaround in our nation’s history. Shifting us from the tracks of global governance tied to idolatry and subjugation, into the reconstitution of America’s intended destiny as a freedom nation. 

Remember that Bonnie Jones prophesied that we needed to focus on national turnaround for 2016, and the restoration of God’s glory for 2017. That is what is ahead! Come from the four winds, o Breath, and breathe on these slain that they might live!

Purim Verdict—Ichabod Erased, Glory Released—March 11, 2017. On the 40th anniversary of Bob Jones’ governmental prophecy that the glory of God was being removed from our land, a verdict from God’s throne defined the pursuit we have been engaged in for this entire decade. Amazingly, it was the first night of Purim. 

And as if to “crown the vav” of this governmental verdict, we were privileged to help lead the Crown & Throne Israel Tour, retracing the steps of King David as he restored the Ark of the Covenant and established a throne of glory for His Father. 

Heaven and earth are bearing witness to the historic move of the Spirit we are just beginning to experience. Out of the wilderness and into the Spirit.